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  1. Salaam So, a few weeks ago, I met a brother who was having a difficult time in life. We greeted and embraced each other. Later on, I went to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started picturing bright eyes of "demons" or whatever. I had a weird feeling that whatever following him were now onto me. I opened my eyes. I closed them. I started picturing a different "demon." This process continued a few times until I slept. And I have been having weird dreams. The one I just had...It was some kinda weird high school graduation-like field trip for the day. We went to a historic theater. I was around the back, where I decided to mess with an awning, which I ended up putting to the ground because I could not stand it up again. As I was walking back to the front, I saw who appeared to be the manager of the place walking to the back. I tried to speed walk to avoid him associating me with the downed awning. I left and walked around to the front of the building. Going inside, there were beds everywhere. Kinda like a hotel/theater combo if there ever was one. Everyone was laying in beds to rest for a bit in a giant room, I guess. People were inviting me to lay next to them as they were making room for me, but I declined. One person who was inviting me is someone in the decade after high school loves to seek pleasure, seeing it as a life goal I guess. By the window, there was a really skinny bed. I climbed out the window and onto the bed. It was some kinda "memorial" bed with a picture of a little kid (or even the head maybe, I don't recall) and a skeleton of the kid below the picture. I think I saw the shoe, maybe just one shoe, at the foot of the skeleton. It almost fell off the bed because the bed was skinny and the bed shifting due to my weight. I tried to put it back and climb out the window, but it was a struggle. I woke up. Thinking about it now, it reminds me of that kids movie, called Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. They would time travel in the movie, and a kid who died was rather well preserved in a bed, even becoming animated somehow. Which was a rather awkward scene for a kid's movie. That is one dream of many. What is going on with me? Am I dealing with magic/sorcery/witchcraft? Did something whack from that guy started coming after me? What should I do?
  2. I had a dream a couple a days ago which was very strange to me. It was in the morning time as well. About 20 lions were infront of me, and they were so huge. They were all trying to attack me, I would throw things at them and whip so they could go away. They all ran away expect one that will still trying to attack me no matter how hard i tried to make it go away. I looked up to the sky and yelled out "Ya Abbas" and turned my head and saw a man walking towards me. The lion saw him and immediately ran away, he then smiled at me. I felt so relieved and thanked him and i was so surprised as well. The man looked very handsome and was so kind looking. Does this dream have any meaning? Just about 2 days before i had a mental break down and just started giving up on life, any thoughts?
  3. Dreams

    Salam! I dreamt that a tree got cut down in half by someone I don't know, I thought it meant a new beginning, but im ussure.... Cause people usually cut down the trees to let them regrow... Peace!
  4. Dream.

    AOA, I want to talk somebody about my dreams. whom could explain my few dreams. I really HELP. Please HELP me if someone have knowledge about dream interpretation. Thank you.
  5. Lion dream

    Salam, I dream that i was in a place almost like desert with my family and suddenly a old weak lion was in front of me and started walking towards me and i was pretty sure that this old weak lion was hungry and wanted to eat me and i started self defending although he was saying i dont want to eat you and i want tk become your friend but when i was letting him abit closer to me his face was chamging and looked like his evil side was showing up to eat me(tried to fool me) and then suddenly i grabbed him from his neck and even though i didnt want to kill him but i was scared that he might eat me and my family so i twisted his neck amd killed him. So can i know whats the meaning of this dream? I did some researchs from other islamic webs they said your sadness will end and these stuff. Thanks Please email me what you think [Mod Note: Your email address was removed. Please do not post personal information that can be used to identify you or someone else. Whatever you post on the Internet will be read by scammers and spammers.]
  6. What does it mean when ya see someone ya know in yer dream reciting noha to a large audience?
  7. Why we shouldn't skip prayers!

    I know many of us (believers) have been through this, and I personally experienced my boat sinking and I know it is tough getting it back up. But if you won't understand why you have to get back up then you're definitely going to drown. My point of bringing this topic up is not to scare you away by telling you about the torment of hellfire or the agony in the grave, surely I'll do that by the end of our short exchange, but before everything else I want you to know what benefits and positive change prayers can bring to your life! BENEFITS OF PRAYING There are actually a lot; me and you could go on and on about how practicing Islam can benefit you and the people around you, but this once, let me just mention a few of those that I experienced first-hand. Health Prayer can be a source of exercise for most people. It keeps check on your physical fitness. All the obligatory acts in prayers benefit greatly to ones health. For example, going to ruku and sajda and tash'had saves one from back pain and knee-joints pain. Prayer also wards off many illnesses. Down to Earth When you go down in sujood, it gives you a feeling of how small and insignificant you are in front of all the blessings and creations of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. He made so much, and still blesses you and showers upon you from good. Prayer kills your ego and brings you closer to Allah and the reality. Focusing on how you're alone in this world, and how only Allah is your supporter and benefactor even in the time of adversity. Strengthens the heart and the belief Prayer gives you the strength that you are lacking when facing adversity. It becomes a driving force when met with a lot of short-comings. It strengthens ones resolve to keep moving forward and facing new challenges while knowing that Allah never burdens a soul more than what it can bear. Closeness to Allah When we recite the verses sent down to us Humans by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, we naturally feel close to Him. His words are the reflection upon our own-selves. When we make dua to Him and kneel down to Him, it shows that we are ready to give in our desires for pleasing Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. And that: He is the only "one" we can turn to in the time of adversity... There's nobody else, is there? Countenance and Spiritual Pleasantness Did you know that prayers make your face and spirit brighter? Who wouldn't want their face glowing with happiness and zeal. This not only allows others to look at you in good light but also brings a smile to their faces (especially your family). And it takes off a lot of tension from their shoulders (for some reason). Keeps you away from sins and keeps sins away form you Now this is note-worthy, because both sound just about the same. So where lies the difference? The difference is that there in you will come a sense of responsibility and a sense of accountability once you start praying. You will become more aware of your performance near Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, and you'd want to please him more and more. Who wouldn't want beautiful reward from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى?And alternatively, Allah will keep you away from sins with his authority over you if he finds your actions pleasing. And no doubt, he is the most merciful and the most benevolent. Along with oft-forgiving. Gets rid of laziness and grooms punctuality Most of the time we are extremely lazy when it comes to our responsibilities and obligations. But once we start being punctual in prayers habitually, we (Insha'Allah) will become more aware of the limited time we have and the utilization of it. Prayer somewhat grooms the instinct of time within you. When you start praying five times a day, you'll begin to realize if you're spending the remaining time the right way. You will have thoughts like: Am I fulfilling my religious obligations correctly? Is Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى going to be pleased enough with the current me? Have I been listening to every words my parents say? Have I done the job that I must in time? Sense of Accountability I know I am kinda repeating myself here, but I couldn't just skip this point. Because this one is very significant when it comes to prayers. In our daily life, if we skip a prayer, do you know how many things go wrong then? How many times we attempt sins and bad acts? Have you ever reflected upon them?Prayer gives you a chance of reflection. And in the future it keeps you intact and in-check that you don't fall astray to bad acts from Satan. Keeps you pure and clean Before going to prayer, you remember, that you have to be Tahir (pure from any impurity). Thus this single remembrance can keep you more than enough clean and pure. Also, performing ablution three-to-five or more so times a day, protects you from Satan and his devilish whispers. Takes away nightmares and bad dreams I am sure many of us had nightmares or dreams that were bad, something you wish you'd never seen. But if you sleep after doing a wudu, and with faith that Allah and His angels will protect you from such dreams (that come from Satan), you'll be protected. WHAT DOES THE QURAN SAY ABOUT PRAYERS? I hope this thread will open your eyes to the importance of prayers and will bring you closer to Allah. If I made a mistake somewhere in the text, then it is solely from me. Forgive me, as I am only human. P.s. Thanks to my brothers and sisters here, they gave me confidence enough to post my material here. lol. I have some serious confidence issues. :P Anyways, thanks to everybody for reading and supporting! Jazak Allah Khair. Hope it will be helpful to at least a single soul!
  8. Dream meaning

    Salam I have a dream on my mind that i had a long time ago. When i was about 14 i used to cut myself because of depression ( i know that selfharming is haram) and it once got out of control and the cuts became deeper and more serious. Then i dreamed that the skin on my leg was gone and i could see my flesh and bones. I do want to point out that i eventually stopped even though i still suffer from depression. (I am 18 now). But i never really Got this dream explained. So Does anyone know what it meant?
  9. Dream about an old man

    Salam brother and sisters I dreamed a dream for 1 year ago, and since that it is in my mind all the time. i tried many places to find an answer but no luck I dreamed an old man standing on a hill close to a beautiful big green tree but the hill was close to me i was looking up to the man, the man was poor and he had old poor arabic clothes on him. and he was looking at me but i could not see his face. the man had a stick/cane and he hit the tree with it and the place where the contact was begin to get black and die and it spread as circle to the rest of tree. what does it means?
  10. Need a dream interpretation

    I am sorry, if i broke any rule by asking this question, as i am unaware of any rules and i am totally new to this site. I saw a dream in the morning but after sunrise, where i saw someone (was unable to see his face) giving khutba on mimbar, and i was among the listeners. I was sitting beside Bashar-ul-assad and Putin. I shaked hands with putin only where he told me, i am happt to meet you and i told him "it is an honor to shake hands with you". I exactly don't remember the exact words. But it was very awesome chat. I don't know whom should i ask this. Can someone tell me, is the dream interpretation good?
  11. Exam

    Salam I have an exam tommorrow that I am soooo nervous about. I dreamed that a Got a 4 on that exam which is the same as a D. I live in Denmark so the grades are Different here. I do want to point out that my mom gave me a dua this other day and Said that if i read it and Pray i might see which grade i will get in my dream. First night i didnt see anything but this night i Saw that i Got a 4 (D). Does anyone know what this means? What Does the number 4 mean in a dream and am i really gonna get this grade?
  12. Dream interpretation

    Last night i saw a healthy baby girl in my dream as my daughter of 4- 5 months. I have the clear image of her in my mind still. Can anyone plz tell what it means???? Thank You
  13. In my dream i was saying salawat many times.

    I saw myself saying salawat many times in my dream. What does it signify?
  14. I need some guidance - (dreams and paths)

    AsSalamualaikum to everybody to who are going to read this. So i am a 17 year old Shia Muslim girl with strong beliefs and like any other teen, i too use social networking sites but i dont talk to guys except my childhood friends or my colleagues at highschool. A few months ago i recieved a msg from this unknown guy and i hadnt told him that i was Shia but he figured it out somehow. Then he started talking about dreams and i told him about how i get these isharas in my dreams just like my mother aunts and their parents. And he said that it was the same for him. After sometime, he said that if you dont mind me saying i had this series of dreams regarding you that you are this star and that you belong to me and that there was this guy in his dreams that talks to him and this guy told him that the time is near and that if the guy and i stay together we wont get away from deen and all and that we should plant a seed ( children ) and that one day i will save his life somehow and that to get the qurb to get close to the Lord i have to be with him or unless he will lose his life and my worships will be meaningless and will get lost. Something along these lines. Btw that guy is 24 y/o. I really need some help with this. I told my mother about this and she says that a lot of people are fake nowadays and that we shouldnt trust anybody and thats what i do. I dont feel like i should trust this guy but i dont know because what if its true ? But then Allah loves everybody equally why do i need this person to get close to Allah. Why do i have to keep talking to this na-mehram to stay on the right path when i know that my Lord will never let me go astray. I dont want to believe him and my friends have told me to block him because this dude is creepy. People with knowledge, please help me out. Knowledgeseeker x
  15. Imam Ali dream

    I had a dream regarding imam Ali. If anyone knows anything about dreams or how to interpret one, that would be great, as im really really curious what it meant. Its really long, i apologize in advance! My family and i were moving to iraq for my dad's business, and i was really saddened by this because iraq is not an ideal place to live. I cried the whole way there (we walked there from California in the dream). When we arrived, my sister and i separated from my family and were told one of the imam's shrine was near by. We went near the shrine, but it was covered with a cloth because no one was allowed to see it at that hour. My sister and i went near the shrine and i asked her who's shrine it was and she told me it was imam ali's. A man came up to us and asked me if i wanted to see the shrine, and i said yes. He told me i couldnt go near it or touch it though and i can only see it from a distance. I agreed and he told my sister this offer was only for me. He removed the cloth and i saw the shrine. i began to cry and the man told me crying wasnt allowed, so i stopped. I began reciting "Nady Ali" which means "Call upon Ali" and after i said that verse a big brown horse came from behind the shrine and stood next to it. I recited the verse again so the horse came near me and lowered its head allowing me to pet it,and the last time i said the verse the hoarse jumped, opening the curtain that covered the shrine. I walked in and saw the hoarse planting a pink flower near the shrine. Itold the horse i wanted the flower as a memory of that moment. the horse told me i wasnt allowed to take the flower because it was not "a flower from heaven." i took the flower anyway, pulling it from the ground, and the horse looked upset. I gave the flower back and said id just plant my own flower next to the shrine. I know its long and weird, but im really really curious as to what all of this means! if anyone knows or knows where icould find out that would be great!
  16. Ibn Qutaybah ad-Dinawari رحمه الله says in his book about dream interpretations, “There is nothing in which people deal with from the different sciences that is more obscure, delicate, exalted, noble, difficult and problematic than dreams because they are a type of revelation and type of Prophethood.” Narrated Anas bin Malik رضي الله عنهAllah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه و سلمsaid, “A good dream (that comes true) of a righteous man is one of forty-six parts of prophet hood.” [Sahih al-Bukhari] Some scholars tried to give explanation to this ratio of 1:46. We have no way to find out that if their explanation is correct or not. Prophet hood of Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم extended from 40 to 63 years meaning for 23 years. We know from Seerah that six months before becoming a Prophet, Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه و سلمwas seeing dreams that would come out to be true on a very frequent basis so much so that he would see a dream one night and it would come to be true the next morning. So the ratio of 6 months to 23 years is 1:46.
  17. Salam Everyone, I would like to find out a reasonable interpertation of my dream. I am at my college and there are many people standing casually, suddenly I see five birds circuling the sky. The birds resmeble white pidgeons but are quite big to be pidgeons. I had heard in the dream that the birds are related to Bibi Fatima (sa) and I wish one would come to me. Then one bird from the five, comes onto my shoulder and I am very happy. Then there is a sudden distress and everyone starts running, I am of those running too, but I have taken the bird in my arms and have cuddled it to my chest, as if I am protecting it. After all this is over I am at home and the place where the bird had sat on me, has a pink stamp with something Fatima (sa) written on it and a weird pink leaf pattern on my jacket which meant in my dream, "protection of Fatima (sa)". Well I thought maybe someone could provide a detailed interpertation. Thankyou.☺☺
  18. Dream meaning

    I had a dream that i was shot in the back and then i died as a shahide. Does anyone know what this means?
  19. Assalam o alaikum Im very confuse about my dreams plz someone guide me I recently lost my 1st premature baby one night i was crying for him and fell asleep while crying I saw a unknown baby/infant lying on a road and no one was there i was saying that kese maa baap hain jo apne bache ko ese chor gae thn suddenly a man came with long beard and dust on his face and his right arm was injured he said to me tm ye soch skti ho Hussain (A. S) se mango or wo na de agr tmhen beti ho to uska name Fatima rkhna thn i woke up. After some days again i saw myself in a dream and i was calling again and again Hazrat Abbas(A.s) listen to me for the sake of Hazrat bibi Sakina (A. S) help me fulfil my need become my waseela. And again after 3 days i saw a dream i was passing by the wall where a name Ali Ali is written on a wall and i was thinking why this name is written over here. Please help me want to know the meaning of these dreams im totally in a state of confusion
  20. Audhu Billahi Minash Shaithanir Rajee Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Assalamu Alaikom So, last night I had a dream where I was travelling with a group of people through some small towns, where we entered a library. There was a part where nobody else went, containing Islamic books. The writing was in some Arabic or possibly Farsi/Urdu alphabet. I didn't pay attention to the lettering, I just knew what they were. Kneeled down beside me, was the grey outline of a man, who introduced himself as a martyr of Karbala. He also said he knew Imam Husayn (alaihe salam). Then he left, and I believe he left a green ring near the bookshelf. I continued travelling, but didn't speak for the reat of the journey. I only listened to one man, who I knew was a musician and alcoholic, plus friend of my family and a devout Christian. He seemed happy, but a little worryless. He was the only one I saw until I woke up. When I did wake up, the only names I could think of were Ali Akbar and Abdul Aala. What could this mean??? Thank you.
  21. What is the meaning of my dream?

    Assalamu alaikum I dreamed that a lady who was dressed in White took me to a man. Both the lady and the man were looking kinda sad. Then the man looked at me and said that i am from ahlul shuhadaa. That is it. I do want to point out that my uncle and his wife and their son Haidar (my cousin) Were in their car next to a terrorist attack (done by isis) and then my uncle and his wife died but Haidar survived. You have probably heard about the story of Haidar and everything that happend to him when he lost his parents. But Does anyone know what my dream means?
  22. Salam Alaikum I wanted to ask weather anyone knows where I can get a hold of an arabic speaking sheikh og sayed who can interpret dreams (more like ro'yas) for me. Under Ashura, specifically the night after Abafadlul Abbas martyred, I had a dream about Imam Hussein (as) visiting me. But he wasnt sad or in war. He was like a beautiful king dressed in the most amazing heavy bordeaux red cape with light embroidery on it. Next to him was a person all dressed in the most beautiful white/goldish cape and the noor was clearly shining from him, but his face was covered with a white fabric just like the green fabric we see in those imam ali (as) pictures that are made - that's how he wore it. In the dream I wondered if it was Gibrail, but I questioned that, because why would I be able to see imam Husseins face and not Gibrails? What amazed me the most was the way they walked. They were SO majestic and strong. They were tall and handsome and walked like great kings. This is the best way I can describe it - but it does not make them any justice. I felt the dream was very real and that it was another world that opened up to me and I was able to see them in my home (my parents' home actually). They walked into the living room and I followed them. I saw them standing facing partially each other and a specifik wall and they were discussing something, trying to figure something out, and then reaching a conclusion, but I was just standing in the door completely amazed by what I was seeing. Then they dissapeared and on the wall next to them the blood of imam Hussein (as) appeared to me and the amount of blood increased and then a hand print made with the blood also appeared on the wall. The blood dissapeard and I looked over at the window shelf/sill and there Imam Hussein has left diamonds. It was the diamonds of Imam al Hussein (as). I took one up and pointed it to a light and I saw it project colours inside it like a rainbow and in amazement told my parents that those were real diamonds that the Imam had left for us. Everything was like how my home looks like in real life. This dream happend after the morning prayer where I went back to sleep. That night before the dream - I came home from the Abafadlul Abbas majles prayed the maghreb and isha prayers and my 9 year old sister came in and asked me to play with her. I told her I needed to read ziyarat Ashura first and then we could play. When I was reading it she was just sitting looking at me and when I was done she asked me if one could really see Ahlulbayt. I told her of course, if you are a good person you can even make dua and tell them whatever you want and ask them for whatever you want. Because Allah loves them so much he will answer your dua. We are all born in Denmark so especially her arabic isnt very good so she asked me what I would say to them formulated in arabic. I told her I would tell them that I loved them and missed them and that I wish I could have been with them to support them and ask them to ask Allah to keep my family healthy and so on. Apparently she got convinced that they would answer immediately and asked me an hour later if I had heard them yet. I told her no but maybe they will come to you in your dream and answer. Well the next morning she got dissapointed that it was me who saw Imam Hussein in my dream and not her Anyways if it is of any relevance I'm a 25-year old unmarried women. I practice my religion but not to the extent that I could be and should be - but al7amdulillah my iman and love for Ahlulbayt is big. I dont know if I even feel worthy of seeing Imam Husseins beautiful face though. I hope someone will help me or ask an a shia imam for me. I dont know anyone in Denmark who are able to do so. Maybe you have an e-mail adress for an imam? Wa alaikum alsalam
  23. Assalamu 3alaykum. On the basis that there is dream interpretation by Imam Jaffar al Sadiq (As) as well as there being real dreams (in exclusion to nafsi and shaytanic inspired dreams) if you are pure when Allah Swt raises the souls when we are sleeping (As mentioned in the Holy Quran), Is there a specific dua one can make to rely on Allah Swt to see a dream for guidance, the Imams (As), the Prophet (Sawa), a hint of the future or something symbolic? I personally have heard of experiences where people have had dreams that ended up being something true or two people having the same or similar dream of something that potentionally had meaning. JazakAllah kheir.
  24. I can't quite believe that this actually happened and the fact that I almost forgot about it! Last night I had a very disturbed sleep due to pain from a pulled muscle. I went in and out of sleep but had a snipet of a dream. There was a water pump, like you would see by a well, with water droplets dripping out and there was a male voice that said that you should pray that Allah (swt) protects the Imam's (af) from poison. When I woke up this morning I had completely forgotten about it and it wasn't until Zhuhr time that I remembered that it actually happened! The voice telling me to make du'a for the Imam (af) I can understand, but the thing that intrigues me is the pump and the water droplets. What could that signify? Could it have something to do with the fact I wanted to fast today or could there be a deeper meaning to it?
  25. Salam brothers and sisters, i had a dream last year that id also like to mention. There was three moons. One in the left was a full moon. The one infront was a crescent with multiple stars and the one on the right was a full moon. I, along with my little brother, had pointed at the left full moon. Any interpretations?
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