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Found 5 results

  1. Hugo Boss

    Chatroom bug??

    For some reason, I can't get into the chatroom. Is this issue happening to you guys as well?
  2. Wise Muslim

    [Escalated]Chatroom Discussion

    Who wants to join a discussion on that date, and that is EST time in Ontario, Canada? It will be fun and productive -- we can choose a hot topic and engage in friendly dialogue.. Just some ideas to bring this forum back from the dead. Who's in? If date is not convenient for you... we can plan another time.
  3. Ali Musaaa :)

    Chatroom Update

    (bismillah) (salam) all Recently I was discussing the new chatroom update with br. Abbas (co-Caliph of SC for those who aren't aware) and I suggested we create a poll to get our members feedback on it. More specifically, this is regarding the opening of the Chat on a new window. I've had several other members share their dissaproval of it with me so I thought I'd ask others for their thoughts as well. How are you finding the update and minor changes? What can we do to improve the chat in general? Please respond appropriately to the above poll. Any other comments or feed back pertaining to the chatroom in general will also be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you in advance.
  4. Salam I recently became a member on SC and had a few threads posted before. However, lately I have been wanting to visit the chat room but the system wont let me. Every time I click on the chat icon it gives me an error message saying " Oops, something went wrong" and below that it would say " you do not have access to our chat room". What is the reason behind that? Why Can't I join?
  5. Shian e Ali

    Silence, A Virtue

    (bismillah) (salam) Silence is a virtue of a Mo'min. Words are important; we should not waste our words in useless discussions, rather we should use them for the benefit of others & to make Allah happy. When you are wrong, be quiet & learn from your mistakes; don't go on proving yourself right. We have been given a tongue to talk with, but in the end, we will have to asnwer as to how we used it. Did we use it as an entertainment, loose talks, jokes, for back bitting, to make fun of others or for the good? Islam teaches us to maintain silent unless we have something of a benefit to say. Save your tongue from loose talks & save them during the time you spend in Chatting... "Increase you silence & your thoughts will flourish, your heart will enlighten, & people will be safe from your hands." Imam Ali (as) "Silence is the best reply to a fool." Imam Ali (as) "Excess of Silence produces awe." Imam Ali (as) "The one who indulges in jokes & loose talks, loses a part of his wisdom." Imam Ali (as) "Allah has made it(silence) a veil for the ignorant & an adornment for the man of knowledge." Imam Jafar (as) Rabi' ibn Khuthaym used to place a parchment before him, upon which he would write down everything he said during the day. In the evening, he would recall himself to account while he was still alive, seeing what he had said both for & against himself. Then he would say, 'Oh! The silent have indeed been saved." "Speech is like a medicine, a small dose of which cures but an excess of which kills." Imam Ali (as)
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