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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 2 results

  1. Who are the Alevi of Turkey?

    I've read that their is a Shia sect in Turkey called the Alevis' and that they account for 15-25% of the population of Turkey. I have read that they don't worship in a mosque. Although, they are considered twelver Shia, I've heard that they have unique practices. I am very curious why they don't pray in a mosque?
  2. In the name of Allah. Salam. Below is a list of shiite Islamic websites in Turkish. If you meet a Turkish-speaking person, you can refer them to these websites. Shia Islamic Websites (Websites Teaching Shia Islam): http://www.caferilik.com http://www.islamkutuphanesi.com http://www.ehli-beyt.org http://www.kerbela.net http://www.iqraa.de http://www.islamquest.net/tr/ http://www.kevseryayincilik.com (Shopping) http://www.velayet.com (Forum) http://www.alisiasi.com (Forum) Websites for Specific Audience: http://www.alimuhammed.com (Introducing the School of Ahlulbayt to Said Nursi followers) http://www.alevisesi.com (Introducing the Authentic Shia Islam to Alevis) Websites on Islamic Unity: http://www.nuristanbul.com http://www.islamibeyan.com http://www.islamifikir.com Websites for News and Analysis (Some of them are sunni, yet vigilant on current issues): http://www.halkhaber.org http://www.aktifhaberci.com http://www.islamaktuel.com http://www.gundemanalizi.com http://www.rasthaber.net http://www.islamidavet.com http://www.siyasetmektebi.com http://www.ydh.com.tr http://www.mihenkhaber.com http://www.on4haber.com Multimedia Websites: http://www.on4.com.tr (Live TV) http://www.mihrap.tv (Internet TV) http://www.ehlibeyttube.com (Shia Muslim Version of Youtube) http://www.yenikaynak.com (Upon Shia Islamic Cinema) I think that is enough for now. ma salam.
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