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  1. Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb. Brother & Sister, In order to respect others and those want to contribute to this topic but has limitation in their Bahasa, let us used English. Please introduce yourself (do not incl. any personal information that can reveal your position or real identity, you know how we got treated these days). At least, A/S/L, just so we can respect you by calling you Brother & Sister. For everything else, let work something along the line. Let me introduce myself (as a starter and example). I'm a 33/M/Jakarta. I'm "converted" to the way of Ahlul-Bayt 5-6 years ago. But, starting to really learn about it 2 years ago. Since last Ramadhan, i'm knocking my pace up. Recently, i've been following Dr. Ammar Naskhawani's lecture over youtube, i think it's a great lecture. I joined an interesting majelis where i can learn about Christiology and Zionology. In fact, my introduction to the way of Ahlul-Bayt through Christiology. Nowadays, i'm interested most in learning about Khumus and Marja. So, my question to you, what marja are you going with now? I pray to Allah SWT. that through this topic, we can gather, fasten our iman, and learn more about The Ahlul-Bayt. Wa'alaikumsalam Wr. Wb. Brother & Sister.
  2. Salam to all, For those in Australia you might be familiar with Radio National, and will not be surprised this fascinating (yet repulsive) story was broadcast by them. If your in Aus and crave serious intellectual stimulation over radio garbage TUNE IN! :) http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/360/mystic-mountains/5328134 50min audio interview on RN website. "Most Indonesians who live on the island of Java are devout Muslims. However a cornerstone of their identity is their ability to blend contradictory ideas and belief systems that would leave most of us hopelessly divided. Rebecca Henschke takes us on journey to two mountains in Central Java where rituals are carried out that dramatically contradict mainstream Islamic teachings. At Gunung Kemukus, on an auspicious date every 35 days, strangers couple up for sex because they believe it brings them good luck. Many of them are small business people wanting their businesses to prosper, but they don’t tell their spouses they are there. Legend tells of a prince who ran away with his stepmother to this mountain and so it is believed that if you also perform an act as shameful as the adulterous sex that the prince had you will be lucky. The local government turn a blind eye to the practise but they have also set up STD clinics nearby. Many sex workers are drawn to Gunung Kemukus but not all the women are being paid to have sex, some of them are there for the luck. Merapi is a very active volcano and Pak Marijan was its keeper. A very devout Muslim he mediated with the spirit of the mountain and was revered for his mystical power. Three years ago when the mountain erupted he refused to leave and was killed by volcanic ash, along with 150 others, many of them his followers. His son Pak Asih is the new gatekeeper of the mountain and he says that while he will continue to practise the rituals of his father he will listen to the seismologists in the future and leave the mountain when it is too dangerous."
  3. I am not politicians, this is what happen in Indonesia. I am not trying to incite anybody, please comment as if Muhammad SAW. http://m.voa-islam.c...ib-zein-alkaff/ Bela Syi'ah, Prof Dr Umar Shihab Terdiam Dimarahi Habib Zein Alkaff JAKARTA (voa-islam.com) – Ada yang unik dalam pertemuan antara puluhan ulama Jawa Timur dengan pengurus MUI Pusat di Jakarta, Selasa (24/1/2012). Dalam pertemuan di kantor MUI Pusat, Jalan Proklamasi Jakarta Pusat itu, salah seorang Ketua MUI, Prof Dr Umar Shihab mati kutu terdiam seribu bahasa. Padahal selama ini dia lantang berbicara mengatasnamakan MUI Pusat untuk membela Syi’ah. Dalam forum resmi tersebut, Umar Shihab terdiam ketika dimarahi Habib Achmad Zein Alkaf yang mewakili para ulama Jawa Timur. “Umar Shihab itu kan sebelumnya mengeluarkan fatwa bahwa Syi’ah tidak sesat, jadi saya marah kepada Umar Shihab,” papar Habib Zein kepada voa-islam.com, Jumat Sore. Di hadapan puluhan ulama, Habib Zein yang dalam posisi berhadapan dengan Umar Shihab, menyatakan secara terang-terangan bahwa Umar Shihab itu jadi orang sesat kalau tidak mau mengakui kesesatan Syi’ah. “Saya menyesalkan ada pengurus MUI seperti Umar Shihab menyatakan Syi’ah tidak sesat. Maka saya katakan, kalau Umar Shihab mengatakan Syi’ah tidak sesat berarti Umar Shihab yang sesat, saya katakan langsung di depan dia, tidak peduli saya,” ujar A'wan Syuriyah Pimpinan Wilayah NU (PWNU) Jatim itu dengan logat Jawa Timur. Mendapat tantangan dari ulama daerah, rupanya Umar Shihab ciut nyali, hingga tak berani menjawab sepatah kata pun. “Saya tunggu jawaban Umar Shihab tapi dia tidak berani menjawab,” jelas Habib Zein. Tidak hanya menantang Umar Shihab, Habib Zein juga berani menantang adu argumen secara ilmiah kepada siapapun yang tidak mengakui kesesatan Syi’ah. “Saya tantang kalau ada yang membela Syi’ah. Al-Bayyinat siap berhadapan dengan siapa saja yang membela Syi’ah. Kami siap, kami ini berbicara bertanggung jawab kepada Allah Ta’ala, jadi kalau kami berbicara bertanggung jawab kepada Allah, apa saja akan kami tempuh, termasuk mubahalah,” cetusnya. Habib berani bertanding di forum ilmiah, karena dia sudah puluhan tahun meneliti Syi’ah. Bahkan belasan karya ilmiah tentang Syi’ah telah ditulisnya, di antaranya: Mengenal Syi’ah, Export Revolusi Syiah Ke Indonesia, Dialog Apa Dan Siapa Syi’ah, Fatawa Para Imam Dan Ulama Tentang Syi’ah, Tragedi Karbala, Aqidah Ahlussunnah Adalah Aqidah Ahlul Bait, Asyura, Fathimah At-Thohiroh RA, Al-Hasan dan Al-Husin RA, Imamah Dan Khilafah, Ummunaa Fathimah RA wa Ahlul Kisa, Ali bin Abi Thalib wa Ahlul Kisa', Al-Firqah An-Najiah, dan masih banyak lagi. [taz, ahmed widad] English Defending Shiites, Prof Dr Umar Shihab was silent reprimanded Habib Zein Alkaff JAKARTA (Reuters islam.com) - There is a unique meeting between dozens of clerics in East Java by MUI board in Central Jakarta, Tuesday (01/24/2012). In a meeting at the office of MUI Centre, Jalan Jakarta's Proclamation, one of the Chairman of the MUI, Prof Dr Umar Shihab helpless silence speechless. Though he's been loudly speaking on behalf of the Center for defending Shiite MUI. In the official forum, Umar Shihab was silent when scolded by Habib Ahmad Zein Alkaf representing the clergy of East Java. "Umar Shihab that was previously issued a fatwa that the Shia are not lost, so I am angry with Umar Shihab," said Habib Zein to voa-islam.com, Friday afternoon. In front of dozens of scholars, Habib Zein is in a position to deal with Umar Shihab, stated openly that Umar Shihab was so perverted that people do not want to admit error Shiite. "I regret that there are administrators like Umar Shihab MUI declared Shiites did not err. So I said if Umar Shihab told Shi'ite heresy not mean Umar Shihab perverted, I say directly in front of him, I do not care, "said Regional Chairman A'wan Syuriyah NU (PWNU) is a dialect of East Java East Java. Challenged by local clergy, Umar Shihab apparently were afraid, not daring to answer a word. "I am waiting for an answer Umar Shihab, but he did not dare to answer," said Habib Zein. Not only challenged Umar Shihab, Habib Zein also dared to challenge the scientific argument to anyone who does not recognize the Shiite heresy. "I challenge anyone to defend if Shiite. Al-Bayyinat ready to deal with those who defend the Shiites. We're ready, we are talking accountable to God Almighty, so when we talk to God in charge, what would we go through, including mubahalah, "he said. Habib dare to compete in a scientific forum, because he had dozens of years researching the Shia. Even the dozens of scientific papers have been written about the Shiites, among them: Know the Shia, Shia Revolution Export to Indonesia, Dialog What And Who Shi'ite Imams and Ulama Fatawa On Shiites, Karbala tragedy, Ahlussunnah Stealing is Stealing Ahlul Bait, Ashura, At-Thohiroh Fatima RA, Al-Hasan and Al-Husin RA, Imamate and Caliphate, Fatima RA Ummunaa Ahlul Kisa wa, wa Ali bin Abi Talib Ahlul Kisa ', Al-An-Najiah firqah, and many anymore. [Taz, ahmed Widad] sorry, I am NOT trying to incite anybody, please comment as if Muhammad SAW.
  4. Devide et Impera is a principle applied to the now known as Republik Indonesia, somepeople call their place as Nusantara (among/between/many Islands), by the Dutch (Holland) during colonialization. During my school, History syllabus told me that there are a many wars again Dutch colonialization. Colonialization, i believed, is intended to utilized land and people for the prosperity of their people (i.e. Dutch). I heard the dam built in Amsterdam was coming from the wealth from the colonialization. We, who live in Indonesia/Nusantara, have many tribes, many principles, so knowing this condition, the Dutch applied those principle, Devide et Impera, to utilize it for their prosperity. They applied laws, and some people say (I am awwam in Law) there are laws which is still used even after Indonesian Independence, August 17, 1945. Reformation of law still occurs at People Representative of Indonesia (DPR=Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat). But I believe the reformation is not going to work as ignorance, stupidity, jahiliyyah, blind fanatics (whatever you call from initial word of jahiliyyah) still rooted on people's mind (Indonesian especially, people's world generally). We need real just leaders. People are waiting for Ratu Adil, Imam Mahdi, i hope they do not only waiting without doing anything but preparing each personel by themselves. I believe all Muslim countries all over the world (mostly in tropical regions) was colonialized/occupied by this way. Enough for now, I hope people from Indonesia will come to inform Indonesian condition more better than me. And I wish people in this forum will suggest for the goodness of human being in this dunya and akhirah by li i'lai kalimatillah. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
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