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  1. Just travel X kilometers (see the exact number according to your scholar) out of your city. That will break your fast according to our religion.
  2. C'mon people, share your routines....
  3. Sheikh Zaman al-Hasnawi: FIRST RAMADAN [In this lecture, the Sheikh continues speaking about Ma'ad (resurrection), which he did the two previous Ramadan. This year he speaks about Qiyama.
  4. Is this only English lectures? Because there are many good Arabic lectures by e.g., Sayed al-Safi.
  5. Salaam alaykum May you all have a blessed Ramadan - what a great month. I thought of making a thread where we all can share their daily routines in Ramadan. Are there any mustahab things you perform every Ramadan? Or any routines you try to keep doing? Share them here - I need inspiration myself Let me start myself: If I don't have to prepare my exams etc., I thought of using 1 hour where I listen to a Islamic lecture, followed by some mustahab acts e.g., mustahab prayers, Quran and duas. So, yeah, that's what I have at the moment, what do you do? Sleep all the day? Lol
  6. Interesting, but at the moment I unfortunately have exams...
  7. I heard this story today, what a nice story - thought I'd share it. A certain man caught a bird in a trap.The bird says, "Sir, you have eaten many cows and sheepin your life, and you're still hungry. The little bitof meat on my bones won't satisfy you either.If you let me go, I'll give you three pieces of wisdom.One I'll say standing on your hand. One on your roof.And one I'll speak from the limb of that tree."The man was interested. He freed the bird and let it standon his hand. "Number One: Do not believe an absurdity,no matter who says it." The bird flew and lit on the man's roof. "Number Two:Do not grieve over what is past. It's over.Never regret what has happened.""By the way," the bird continued, "in my body there's a hugepearl weighing as much as ten copper coins. It was meantto be the inheritance of you and your children,but now you've lost it. You could have ownedthe largest pearl in existence, but evidentlyit was not meant to be." The man started wailing like a woman in childbirth.The bird said: "Didn't I just say, Don't grievefor what's in the past? And also: Don't believean absurdity? My entire body doesn't weightas much as ten copper coins. How could I havea pearl that heavy inside me?"The man came to his senses. "All right. Tell me Number Three.""Yes. You've made such good use of the first two!"Don't give advice to someone who's groggy and falling asleep. Don't throw seeds on the sand.Some torn places cannot be patched.
  8. I have a reading period (or as we call it 'holiday reading'). I should read, but I have plenty of time. Today I will relax, read some books, and read something about Trump and climate politics (which is what my exam is about).
  9. Which one of these two do you support? A: "God, by the truth of Fatima, help me". B: "Oh Fatima, help, help (al ajal, al ajal)".
  10. Alcohol being poured out of a window during the prohibition:
  11. The person above me is acting strangely.
  12. Listen, I'm from Denmark myself. To get a D (or 4) is given if you are not prepared well. Therefore: If you prepare yourself, you will, God willing, get a good grade. And, by the way, dreaming about getting a D is totally baseless. You can't use that to anything. Forget it.
  13. Instaharam? What about Faceharam or Twit-haram? Social media are not bad per se, you can use them in a halal way!
  14. Shocking how Ayatollah Shariatmadari (ra) allegedly was before his death. I'm reading a book, where it says that Ayatollah Shariatmadari (ra) was put under house arrest, and his son threatened with the death penalty). Ayatollah Golpayegani (ra) wrote to Sayed Khomeini that God would judge Sayed Khomeini due to his actions against an honorable mujtahid. I'm truly shocked if this is true, how come a self-proclaimed Islamic Government do this? La hawla wala quwata illah billah. May Allah curse those who oppressed him.
  15. I'm surely not the only person who is faced with these kinds of problems, and I think many young Muslims are pressured (maybe not to drink etc.,) to do things, they are unsure about. I've learned to say no when I don't want to do anything against my values, and yes, as you mentioned, I may find a common ground, eveb though my friends are dissapointed, but that doesn't change the fact that some times you can't compromise with your religion and values.