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  1. I watched the first episode. Then I couldn't stop. It is a very fascinating crime story. What are your thoughts? Is Steven Avery guilty?
  2. Qur'an Verse Of The Day

    "And do not gaze longingly at what We have given some of them to enjoy, the finery of this present life: We test them through this, but the provision of your Lord is better and more lasting" [20:131]
  3. This made me think. We have many ayats' in the Quran' where Allah mentions stories of Prophets. I chose Moses (a) as an example. Moses lived in Egypt, and in the Quran he speaks with Pharoah. Allah mentions the story in Arabic meaning their communication. But surely they didn't speak arabic. Does Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى "translate" their communication in arabic, or how should this be understood? Jzk. khayr.
  4. Jazzakallah khay brother for your very good work. I got a question. How come there are different interpretations on 1 ayat? I mean I know there is a mutashabih' and muhkam' interpretation, but how come the Imams give different meanings of 1 ayah?

    Jzk brother. Do you know where to find the videos where he recites the maqtal in arabic?
  6. Who is this reciter? He is really amazing. I hope someone can help me! This: https://streamable.com/epc45 Jzk
  7. Ziyarat Ashura

    Listen to the ziyarah while reading the transliteration. That helps massively.
  8. Is there any repentance from suicide?

    Why do people reply as if the sister intends to commit suicide (God forbid). It is (hopefully a fair and good question). To answer, committing suicide is a sin, a big sin in fact. Now, shirk is the only sin God doesn't forgive. Meaning that committing suicide is a huge sin, but not a sin which should be compared to shirk. A person who committed suicide is still a Muslim and should be treated as such (i.e. a Muslim funeral). Khayr inshallah.
  9. Wow. I wrote this when I was doing my second year in high school (we have three years in my country). Now, I recently graduated, and I laugh when I read this. Amazing.
  10. I'm struggling to find lectures about surat yusuf (found only 1 by S. Ammar). Do anyone know?
  11. Taharat in office lavatory

    If it is wet before, then clean it first and dry it with tissues.
  12. This does not change the fact that it is not permissible according to religious law. Now, surely some people may suffer and live in pain, but there are surely ways to minimize the pain.
  13. Taharat in office lavatory

    What's the deal? Just put tissues around the toilet seat. No big deal. I do this myself. Furthermore, did you know that according to Sayed al-Sistani (ha) a najis item cannot transfer to another item if it is dry? It can only transfer if it is wet. This means that your body doesn't become najis if the toilet seat is dry. But, as you know, one thing is that it is not najis, and another thing is that it is quite disgusting.
  14. I thought I'd share this page with you. It is very nice and informative. https://www.facebook.com/nakshawanimemes/?fref=ts