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  1. Thank you for the explanation. Your poetry is really good, I suggest you write such poetry for men also. You will be surprised to know how many men will only remember the part for women and forget that they also need to act like Imams or Prophets. I am sorry I have nothing against you personally.
  2. I am highly offended by last 2 verses. Do you really think desi shias have perfect families? The kind of families which are ideal in Islam? Most desi wives are abused, their families may be heaven for the men, but they are hell for women. And why is it only woman's responsibility to make home a heaven? Will you write such things about men ever? Are men like Hazrat Ali or Prophet Muhammad? Does anyone ever tell them to try to become like Hazrat Ali or Prophet Muhammad? And really why do men expect their homes to be like heaven for them? This world is a place of test and struggle. For real momineen, this world is like a prison. So why do shia men expect their homes to be like heaven and why is it responsibility of their wives to fulfill their fantasies? Are we reversing the role? If women are not allowed to be weak and expect men to save them, why are men allowed to be weak and expect women to save them?
  3. When plane crash happened in Pakistan, people were so angry and they protested and complained for months. Iranians are not even allowed to complain, they literally blame US and Saudi Arab for all their problems. US has not imposed any sanctions on Russia, why do they have so many plane crashes?
  4. We should all be social

    I have read this in numerous articles. In one episode Big Bang theory, 2 characters did this. I know it's very creepy. I have seen even western people getting uncomfortable. I saw 2 western people staring into each other's eyes during conversation, their faces were red, eyes were also red. Why would anyone go through so much torture unless there's some advantage. But all the articles say you will form a deeper connection if you do this. Islamically it's against 'haya' and you need to have some Haya when dealing with mahrams or same gender. But what about husband or wife?
  5. We should all be social

    I have read that many times that if you have to make a connection with someone, you need to stare into their eyes constantly for 3 or 4 minutes. I have actually seen people looking into each other's eyes for uncomfortably long duration. For me, it's hard to maintain eye contact for even few seconds, I can never do it for 3 or 4 minutes even if the other person is my close family member. What about other people? Have you ever done it or will you be willing to do it to form a strong connection with someone? Is this how people gain the ability to read each other's mind?
  6. I know about Junaid Jamshed plane crash. It was the same aircraft which crashed in Iran. I guess I expected better from Iran because of higher literacy and people are more religious. If so many crashes are happening in Iran and Russia, then there must be human error involved.
  7. Divorce grounds

    If she cannot get divorce without his permission, then what is the point of having such clause? This definitely means that if you are shia woman, you are stuck in an abusive marriage for life unless a scholar, who has no idea what happens in your marriage behind closed doors, decides that your husband is abusive. If your husband is a successful narcissist liar, then you can forget about your freedom. It's better to not get married at all. I was told by a scholar 2 years ago that my divorce was final. It's not my problem if he made a mistake. I won't get married again, but I will never tell anyone that my divorce is not valid.
  8. We should all be social

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/pacific-cruise-liner-brawl-sends-guests-fleeing-cabins-050549221.html The blessings of social and family-oriented people.
  9. Yes! I read that Iran has very old aircrafts. Pakistan also has the same problem. Isn't it better to tell people that we don't have safe aircrafts, you should travel by trains or buses or only travel when there's an emergency? The crash happened due to bad weather. In Pakistan, I think most people still travel by buses and trains.
  10. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaehe rajeoon! Another plane crash happened last week. When I didn't travel, I didn't pay attention to the plane crash news. But now I travel at least once a year, it seems like plane crashes are happening more.
  11. You do not sound American.

    I don't think her hijab is good. If she wasn't talking against America, people would have been criticizing her for her hijab. Also, she is smart, she has a really good degree, but instead of getting a real job, she makes money by sharing her pictures with thousands of people. She reminded me of my brother-in-law's niece. She was only a muslim by name, posted pictures in bikinis, married a christian, but recently she has been posting stuff against American and in favor of Iranian government. I also read that the bikini wearing and alcohol drinking kids on the Rich kids of tehran Instagram account were also posting praises for the Regime. I am surprised at why these non-religious people have suddenly become opposed to west and started praising Iran? And why is Iranian government welcoming their support as long as they say stuff against America? She is saying that all the propaganda of West against Iran is a lie, but is she willing to wear a chador all the time and more importantly, is she willing to get married and have six kids? If she is not living a life like Iranian women, what gives her right to talk on their behalf? If she wasn't young and so pretty, would she be able to get so many followers on Instagram?
  12. Divorce grounds

    @AmirAlmuminin Lover! I am sorry to say but you sound very immature. When I was little, yes I complained about my parents' fighting, but when I grew up, I realized that their problems and struggles were much bigger than my stupid little problems and all the "negative" effects I had due to their fighting. People say that sons support their mothers. I am surprised that how are you so easily blaming your mother? My mother also probably did most of the fighting, but whenever she goes somewhere I become target for my father's emotional and psychological torture. He is a sadist and really has some big psychological problems. I don't know how my mother protects me from him, whenever she is around, I never see his evil side. You will also probably realize the value of your mother when your wife will enter your life. Then you will suddenly realize how much sacrifices you mother has made for you and you will expect your wife to suffer like her. I can bet, after you get married, you will recite long khutbas about greatness of your mother and how she was such a perfect wife. To the OP! You are already doing enough, you don't have to put any extra effort to compete with his second wife. Most men are kinky, if he will see you being nice, his ego will boost and he will become even more abusive. When I was married, everyone told me that my husband would fall in love with me If I tried to be nice with him, but it always had the opposite effect. Remember my words, 95% of men are KINKY. They like to chase women, and they will only give you respect if you show them you don't care about them, or if you show them there are other men interested in you and you provide your husband with competition.
  13. Divorce grounds

    Even if I move, they would not leave me alone. My sister moved to another state and they are still controlling her. Also, I don't know anyone outside of community. If I have to move out, I will take help from a woman's shelter.
  14. Divorce grounds

    I don't know why are we discussing hypotheticals. 2 years ago, a scholar pronounced my divorce. If I had gotten married again and my divorce was not valid, who would be responsible? That scholar doesn't know the rule change, according to him my divorce is still valid. Also, I have civil divorce, and I live in US. How many times anyone could force me without going to jail for rape? In a world, where forced marriage is halal and divorce is haram, abortion can be halal.
  15. Divorce grounds

    I live in USA. Yes People in my community are pretty much like people on shiachat, they keep telling me to stay. Don't worry, he is not coming back. Even if he does, I will contact a woman's shelter and move out the same day. I will never ever have kids with that man. I am already too old, in 3 or 4 years, I will be 40, so there won't be any chance anyway. I have birth control pills ready, I will even go for abortion, if I am forced to become pregnant somehow. Alhamdulillah I have many options since I live in west. In first few years of marriage, due to everyone's pressure, I actually wanted to have kids. It didn't happen then, it won't happen now.