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  1. Ya mahdi!

    Women in paradise - What do they get?....

    bismillah salaam its clear that there is no different between man and wonam in the paradise,just quran has uses the men verbs and othere things that is related to men. in paradise the mens servents r female and the ladies servents r male, in sura "toor",there calla the servents"gholaam",which is male and is 4 females.
  2. Ya mahdi!

    Super niqabi.. - On her supermobile..

    bismillah lol!!!!!!!!! i think hidrali is right!its molla omar or may be some one else :D
  3. Ya mahdi!

    Who here got married early....?

    bismillah Salaam to all i have a question from those who r married,may be it seems sooo nosy but i think its an important question: what did u asked the first days that u were engaged,which question u think is important to ask from ur future spouse?
  4. Ya mahdi!

    Pictures from parliamentary sessions

    bismillah looooooooooooooooool thax alot u r joking with the iranian deputis??? :P
  5. bismillah salaam bro sorry i was wrong, i couldnt beleive that a brother is writing such these things here,u know most boys r sexist :angry: thats so interesting seeing a guy saying these, so this time u r realy wellcome to this forum ;)
  6. bismillah thanx alot sis most guys need to lknow this,especially some of them ;) and wellcome to this realy beautifull forum :P
  7. Ya mahdi!

    Dhulfiqar jokes - What jokes do wanna share>

    bismillah sorry saing that whats "bro d jocke"means? is it mean anti bro joke?
  8. Ya mahdi!

    Who here got married early....?

    bismillah salaam to all congradulation sis gharibat_canada!!! i have a question: why u all love marriage? i cant even underestand why uh?? is it because god wants us to marry soon? may be something happends to me but i hate marruage cuz i think its scary,if ur husband/wife be a bad person ,if after marriage he became a bad guy or use drug or after marriage he change his mind and ull find out that he just wanted a servant at home to do the home wpork like a slave or many other things that can happen. i know that we should believe to god and his power but it realy scares me. i realy cant underestand why u like marriage this much.
  9. Ya mahdi!

    Nails - How short...?

    bismillah (salam) finally i found the book that the hadis was there.the hadis is in "heliyat al mottaghin"that has hadithes about mostahab stuff there. wa salaam
  10. Ya mahdi!

    Would you marry a..

    bismillah (salam) i can never imagine that my hosband had girl friend before and isnt virgin,cuz i believe that i cant trust such this person even if hes repented and being momen. in my country's culture its not right if a young girl(a virgin) marry a man who isnt virgin and had wife before.if such this thing happen there can be 2 reson: 1.the man is soooooo rich and the girl marry her bcuz of his money. 2.the girl is sooooo poor and was living in a small and far village before marriage.
  11. bismillah (salam) dear bro syed i thought u mean this band!! ;) i think u can find such these musics on some iranian sites the song"yaas" by "shadmehr aghili "is realy nice tooo,its about hazrat zahra(AS),but shadmehr is not a bood guy too but i love his song.
  12. bismillah (salam) first of all im a sister not a brother! :) then all of this groups songs is about LOVE!just this song is good,others r realy bad. last week in computer fair i saw their show,they were wearing like american music groups and were singing about love and sweethearts :angry: i dont know any website of them but if u want i'll write a part of one of their songs for u to prove that their songs isnot good for hearing.
  13. bismillah (salam) dear bro socrates thanx for ur help!!!!!!!! i told that my pc doesnt work well i just can see a black page there or on the adresses u gave,if i could read or see anything i wont ask this question!!! i thought it is the "mola ali jan" song from arian group(ei shaahe mardan ma'niye erfaan mola ali jaan,mola ali jaan),if its right i advice u not to add this groups song in this forum, cuz this group is one of the worst song goup in iran,most of their songs and musics seems to be haraam & its below this forums dignity to attach their songs.