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  1. Salam alaikum When a father has a New Born daughter . Is he allowed to see her privacy when wrapping with diapers? In which age is father or mother allowed to see Privacy?
  2. salam i need taweez and tie-ing around things and all advises that you have for pregnancy the problem i have is that there is a good dua site but it has no hadiths in it. so anyone knows HADITHS (imam ali said..) about what to do during pregnancy. drinking safran and special duas to read and write and tie around?
  3. Salam alaykum my dears Anyone knows a Dua or Taweez which one can tie around? I found a site with advises for pregnant women and it was mentioned to tie something around which is written with saffron, BUT on this site i whether found that a Imam said this (for example: Imam Ali says: ...) nor did i found any book source (wasail us shia for example) behind it. So, anyone knows a taweez for pregnancy and good deeds and duas and things WITH HADITH? Thank you so much! ps.: yes im guilty of loving hadiths and mentioning sources = )
  4. cleric uniform, where to buy

    you also know any shop for it online?
  5. cleric uniform, where to buy

    Efficient answer, awesome!
  6. cleric uniform, where to buy

    i want to know how it is called
  7. salam you surely know our scholars wearing kind of wrap-coat around the shoulders. how is it called , is it allowed to wear, where can i buy it?
  8. salam i opened a thread about sex slavery and i wanted to hear some views than i was advised to read some threads but i already read them and thats why i was convinced that its allowed than the next comment was from a admin who said that my thread will be locked so all in all i see that shiachat is not able to deal with this so important question some senseless threads dont have an end but that topic which needs to find answers is blocked? so now i know two things. sex slavery is allowed and shiachat hides truth, am i wrong?
  9. salam as you all know there are verses which could lead to the opinion that when we have slave girls that we can have sex with them so islamic, is it meant that we can sex with them when ever we want or is it only permissible if slave-girl agrees to it? how is it interpretation or the hadiths about it? (quran and hadiths only as this section is about) thanks!
  10. Hadith On Giving Thawab To The Dead

    can i pray for a living person qada and nafila prayer and gift it to them and someone have hadith about this situation?
  11. Old edition of bukhari and Muslim required

    hi are scans from past different? and what are your questions
  12. book advice

    by the way are their further advices? (hadith book only, because im only interested in prophets word and aimmah and every word added which isnt from holy household is not what i prefer too much) so which books you already read and can be given as an advice? tuhaf al uqul or hayat al qulub its not only about what i already read but also to hear your opinions about best hadith books
  13. book advice

    brother thank you very much!
  14. book advice

    salam i know my question is kind of sad because i read more often but i need your advice. since my arabic is not so good i do not read that much in arabic. so the books which i not already read in other languages which i have in mind are either nahjul fasaha or ghurar al hikam couuld someone who read both can give me a brief summary ? would be so nice
  15. Yeah some say its about aqeeda so make Deep Research before wrong decision