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  1. Question to Sunnis - Kerbela

    You have misunderstood the history. It wasn't a battle rather it was a tragedy and a massacre. Hussain didn't go out for a battle. His intention was to go to Kufa to respond to people's letters. However, he was intercepted on the way and the rest you know.
  2. Question to Sunnies

    Sorry, the preacher is spreading misinformation. Sunnis don't accept such Tasfir to be genuine. Shia sects themselves didn't and don't agree on the number of Imams let alone the Sunnis.
  3. How the tragedy of Karbala is well documented?

    The documentation of Karbala in the original and in the earliest sources: http://www.twelvershia. net/2017/10/11/did-al-hussain-willingly-sacrifice-himself/
  4. Praying in a Sunni mosque

    Waleykum Salaam, Sunnis won't take any offense. They might stare at your Turbah though, out of curiosity.
  5. Ghadir Khumm

    That is a misconception. Please see this article for the most correct meaning of Mawla that also fits with the context: http://ghadirkhumm.com/meaning-of-mawla/
  6. Eid al-Ghadeer an innovation?

    How significant is Eid al-Ghadeer among the Shias? This article say this Eid has no basis in Shia sources and the Ahlulbait never celebrated it. http://ghadirkhumm.com/eid-al-ghadir/ P.S. The website is run by Sunnis.
  7. Sunni/Shia How do you know your sect is on Haqq?

    Sorry but your first paragraph lacks any evidence. How did earlier people come to Islam in the first place? Through the very people who are the champions of Islam according to Sunnis and are revered by them but hated in Shiasm. It also seems you have restricted Ahlulbait to handful of people. FYI Ahlulbait were many - many of them had power and wealth. In fact, many Islamic dynasties were from Ahlulbait. Even the Abbasids who ruled for centuries were from Bani Hashim hence Ahlulbait and many more Islamic Sunni dynasties from Ahlulbait. "Rights of Ahlulbait were taken away" Yes, some Ahlulbait (many of whom are not even liked in Shiasm) were oppressed, I agree, but not the way you believe. Response to the above "contradiction": http://www.twelvershia. net/2015/02/12/prohibition-mutah-marriages/ Yes, I am 100% certain they were said by the Prophet (saw) and Ali. Abubakr's judgement was according to the instructions of the Prophet (saw). And please don't mention the so called "Khutba Fadakiya" which is nothing but a fabrication, even doubted by Shia scholars. Ali was on Haqq in both fitans (civil wars). And of course Hussain, the leader of youth in paradise, was on Haqq against the oppressive Yazid.
  8. Sunni/Shia How do you know your sect is on Haqq?

    Waleykum Salaam I believe Sunnism is on Haqq because it is superior to Shiasm in every Islamic field: the recitation and tafseer of the Quran and other works done related to Quran - the Hadith System, History, spreading Islam etc.
  9. Why I became Muslim (Sunni)

    Does your family know about your conversion?
  10. Lets get "AntiMajosProduction" banned on Youtube

    I think the brother means this :
  11. Lets get "AntiMajosProduction" banned on Youtube

    Waleykum Salam Their channel has been taken down tens of times but they always came back. The more they are targeted the more they get motivated to continue their work. Your post will likely encourage them further. See: https://en-gb.facebook.com/AntiMajos/posts/677815329080735 Even though I don't agree with the comments that they put in their videos because I believe they are harsh, offensive and unnecessary but other than that they are just translating the speeches and lectures of Shia scholars including the famous and major ones. The problem is with the beliefs of these speakers than with Anti-Majos who simply translate them into English. Brother just to add one more point: there are many anti-Sunni Shia channels on youtube that are threat to Shia-Sunni peace so if you are really concerned about the Sunni-Shia trouble then I would like to see you take similar action against them.
  12. Paradox of Sunni ilm al-rijal

    Who is the Shia companion? If you mean Ammar or Abu Dhar etc then keep in mind that Sunnis have taken more knowledge and narrations from them than the Twelver Shias.
  13. Highlight Video of Allahyari Evading the Debate

    Here his own reply: http://forum.twelvershia .net/general-sunni-vs-shia/farid's-analysis-of-hasan-vs-allahyari's-negotiations/msg17098/#msg17098 Please see your PM.
  14. Highlight Video of Allahyari Evading the Debate

    @jafari I already explained. Allayari gave a challenge and even said that he will accept any condition the "Omari" side give even if it is inconvenient to him. Hassan Shemrani accepted to debate him in person. During the pre-debate discussion he rejected this condition so Shemrani put his condition aside but still Allahyari was making excuses and contradicting himself. Please watch the pre-debate discussion. @Qa'im I never agreed with his harsh comments. However, there has been lots of baseless accusations against him and they are being repeated, why? Is this respect for Islam? Here is his own response to your comments: http://forum.twelvershia. net/general-sunni-vs-shia/farid's-analysis-of-hasan-vs-allahyari's-negotiations/msg17041/#msg17041 The two guys who disrupted the discussion have no links to him - and he explained the incident in detail here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-CDb78r8Wg
  15. Abu Bakr & Tranquillity (Sakinah)

    Please watch this video: