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  1. Allah is what you think of Him

    This article is in farsi but an english [bad english] summary exist on the issue. http://pwq.bou.ac.ir/article_15283_1523.html
  2. Allah is what you think of Him

    Salam Alaikom, can you please continue to explain the question more. We say; have an opinion of God and let that opinion be good, [Hosn Zahn], it would be a virtue [fazael ahklaqi] for the human being, and fruitful for the one practicing it. رسول اللّه صلى الله عليه و آله: السَّخِيُّ إنَّما يَجودُ مِن حُسنِ الظَّنِّ بِاللّهِ ، وَالبَخيلُ إنَّما يَبخَلُ مِن سوءِ الظَّنِّ بِاللّهِ پيامبر خدا صلى الله عليه و آله : سخاوتمند ، از آن رو مى بخشد كه به خداوند ، گمان نيك دارد؛ و بخيل ، بدان سبب بخل مى ورزد كه به خداوند ، بدگمان است دانشنامه قرآن و حديث جلد یازدهم / محمّد محمّدی ری شهری / صفحه 370
  3. Qom Howza Information Please

    Alaikom as Salam Yes, with high school finished; allowed!
  4. Salam, may i ask what kind of reference is this, and whose fatwa, were we talking Sayed Khamenei Peace upon Him; verdict, because for some time i was not online and did not saw your quote.
  5. Chess yes but snooker, can you give reference for snooker that it is permitted even in phone!
  6. Regarding feeling a touch.

    Salam, Alaikom as Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakato There is momin jins also, but it could not be a momin jin because based on narration they have nothing to do with us even if we pray they have their own life's to take care of and do not care about us, even if they cared they would not be allowed to interact in any way with us based on laws set by God. And of course obviously bad jins have nothing to do with us also. Generally jins have nothing to do with us.
  7. Regarding Philosophy

    Thank you, nice reply, great you have studied some theological books. Wondering something, let us say you study philosophy, I study philosophy, what do we expect the end goal to be, where are we going to arrive! I mean if you do a journey you recognize the destination and not alien to it, it is because of the destination you journey and because of where you are and know you can take the weight of the journey on your shoulders and be able to get through it. What difference has it made for your mind and self before you study those theological books and after you finish them, as days passed? Of course some may say as days pass our minds advance and we get more basirah and awareness and ghaflat weakens and excuse themselves from reading and pursuing knowledge based on their capability God has given them. WHILST IT IS THE CONTRARY IF THEY DO NOT STUDY.
  8. Regarding Philosophy

    Alaikom as Salam wa Rahmatullah It is good that you think on studying it with someone else to save time and support you. But I have a question what are you after in studying philosophy and have you studied theology books, or even one book that may have some philosophical taste and notions in it?
  9. Hmm, this topic is not about infallibility issue, it is one of the reasons; i did say you can go read about the infallibility issue. Yes we can be infallible! Why do you think i write like 12 years old. It is okay i have not taken any offence, we have all to learn sometimes write mild and not harsh, and be kind in discussions, so brotherhood can grow, after all we are all in the same path with Ahl al Bait Peace upon Them as our leaders. What for, you cannot comprehend what i wrote, anything that bothers you, explain why and write an explanation, i will explain more in detail. What arguments did you present that i need to present counter arguments, are you sure! Can you list your arguments, it should not be so difficult? We are in a forum and this topic is for discussion, people spend time to discuss, if you do not want to discuss and write in this topic, you are free to go anytime, no one forced you to stay and write in this topic.
  10. Salam, am not out of my mind. So exactly how is Ahl al Bait Peace upon Them! Is this the only thing you picked from what i wrote, what about the rest! Am not writing here to convince you on anything, just simply stating we can become shias in its literal form and not just by name calling us shia. Where have i said the potential to be like Ahl al Bait, am stating we can be infallible like Them, and i wrote that you can research and read about infallibility issue by your own and i do not need to 'baby sit you' hope no offence taken.
  11. Salam, Yes staying away from sin is simple, but keeping up with it and continuing staying away is another issue, but it could be simple, depends on the individual, you know the 'within issue'! What has life to do with sinning, please explain what is in your mind. Being in this earth and living a life equals hardship, no denial, it is something normal. And am not your buddy... am your brother, and for keeping brotherliness strong and effective, being your close friend and buddy, i would not hesitate. Dude, seriously, the maraje does not sin, why bringing the maraje into the discussion, cut it. Anyone, all humans have the opportunity to be like Ahl al Bait Peace upon Them, and reach the level of growth so they do not sin, read more and research about the issue of infallibility. 'Nafs ammarah bi soo' you mean because there is 'nafs ammarah bi hosn'. 'Nafs ammarah bi soo' is a state of the actual nafs, why mentioning it so casually, take it easy. Nafs is not something bad, a horse is not something bad, you just need to train it to ride it later, you do not need to kill [spiritual killing] it and so on. Nafs anil Hawa maybe you mean [verse below]. This needs to be taken care off, chopped by yourself, so the hawa should be chopped and get rid of it, from your soul. As i said shaytan is less effective than bad friends to go stray, and make us stray. If you say shaitan why not say bad friends [in some cases human shaitans]. Surah An-Naziat, Verse 40: وَأَمَّا مَنْ خَافَ مَقَامَ رَبِّهِ وَنَهَى النَّفْسَ عَنِ الْهَوَىٰ Go through this discussion: Good points, but i can say from one perspective the inside plays greater role but from another perspective the outside plays greater role, we have to have connection between the outside and inside, both has its importance and place and plays a role. Whispers of shaitan is not something inner, is it!? Anyways having bad friends is much more effective than whispers of shaitan to continue the path of ghaflat if one ponder over the issue. Even bad friends could be more dangerous than nafs for us. You give two extreme example opposite each other, this basirah you gain through acquiring knowledge and understanding. You give the example to say the inner basirah is important than environment and friends. A wife is also outer let us skip a wife! FOR THE TOPIC: Getting married maybe solve the issue, but how do marriage bring immunity against other sins. It does not even guaranty the sin specifically mentioned in the topic to be left from nafs after marriage if the person is not knowledgeable and gain basirah with changed lifestyle. I do not get why we have a bad culture and people do not go to psychology doctors for help! Wait maybe they think it is simple to get ride of it because they are strong!
  12. What is the bad habit that you dislike in someone?

    Salam Alaikom, welcome here! I dislike people close to me not telling me my wrongs or mistakes even if they are small [something is in them], and i have to care that rotten thing maybe my whole life. So speaking about my negativeness in front of me i like it, because we all know [it is also in hadith] we know ourselves better than anyone else. We think if it is in me i fix myself if not i defend myself and no ghayba and so on happens. Second i dislike when people praise you in your presence that can make one bad [nafs issue], whilst it is written that 'praise someone in their absence in hadith', instead of example doing ghayba in absence. So in conclusion praise in absence of someone if he deserves it so his nafs do not grow negative and he gains more reputation in society and say bad things about someone in their presence if they deserve it, so they can defend themselves or fix themselves! If you say why these two, i say because these two are the common things to do with me and it affects me. It is a negativity that other people may have it, but if they come near you this negativity affects you more than other negatives, and the act to do, is with the tongue, not difficult at all to talk.
  13. عنه صلى الله عليه و آله: إذا أرادَ اللّهُ بِعَبدٍ خَيرا فَتَحَ لَهُ قُفلَ قَلبِهِ، وجَعَلَ فيهِ اليَقينَ وَالصِّدقَ، وجَعَلَ قَلبَهُ واعِيا لِما سَلَكَ فيهِ، وجَعَلَ قَلبَهُ سَليما، ولِسانَهُ صادِقا، وخَليقَتَهُ مُستَقيمَةً، وجَعَلَ اُذُنَهُ سَميعَةً وعَينَهُ بَصيرَةً پيامبر خدا صلى الله عليه و آله: خداوند، هرگاه خير بنده اى را بخواهد، قفل دلش را مى گشايد و در آن، يقين و راستى قرار مى دهد و دلش را نسبت به راهى كه مى پويد، آگاه مى سازد و دلش را سالم، زبانش را راستگو، اخلاقش را درست، گوشش را شنوا، و چشمش را بينا مى سازد For these verses i remembered this hadith. Notes: mizan.hadith.net If we can not be part of God, can we become part of Ahl al Bait Peace upon Them. I recognize that love for the world solely and lack of knowledge from another hand both are something negative and not good for us, but what is the priority here. How can we destroy love for the world or change it in a positive way for our hereafter if we do not go after knowledge first. Having knowledge is better than not having it. Example having senses is better than not having senses, but when you have senses, you use it for good or bad is up to you and is another issue. If we can write a note and make a list who our enemies are 1st, 2nd, who are we going to write first. Are we going to write Hub al Dunya or satan, human satans or ignorance [ghafla is like a soldier under ignorance] or nafs! Lack of knowledge is ignorance and Hub al Dunya, these two. Not necessarily knowledge act as barrier because knowledge is light and good and if the human do not stop his/her progress he can perceive beyond the curtains of light through perseverance and steadfastness. And for those that learn and do not act is another issue, their knowledge is like a corpse as time pass they will forget it because it is not connected to action. So he/she is not in truth a true knowledgeable human being. Let me give a simile, with eyes [senses] we learn knowledge and with limbs we act. Now there could be four cases some both parts work, some senses work [they have knowledge, fikr, andishe] but limbs are handicapped [they have no will, irada], and a fourth group both limbs are handicapped and senses blind. As you see irada and knowledge has to be together, irada is like the limbs of the spirit and knowledge the senses. If these two not properly connected training the nafs is very difficult, walking on strait path and continuation on being in the strait path very difficult. When we say balance or harmony or peace of heart, or maybe even god consciousness we mean having both of them working properly, and most of the time muhasibah nafs and Jihad nafs is for this issue, so it is not something alien, we see a lot of people acting without having basirah and knowledge, and some having knowledge but do not know why not acting upon it, very weird indeed. These people do not pay attention to the issue of muhasibah of the nafs, muhasibah, basically means planning and management of the nafs, you are for yourself the mentor, the manager. If one continues Jihad nafs [one of the issues is muhasibah of nafs] this moderation and order will prevail in us, one wakes up gradually from slumber as one continues Struggle [jihad, not fight] with the nafs. In Jihad nafs there is different categories: محاسبه and مشارطه and مرابطه and مراقبه It is struggle in perseverance in these categories, to continue doing it so a result is produced, it is what we call Jihad nafs, and not some kind of fighting, and killing the nafs, some may think like this. 15ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ عَلَيهِ السَّلامُ ـ في المُناجاةِ ـ: إلهي! هَبْ لي كَمالَ الإنقِطاعِ إلَيكَ، وأنِرْ أبصَارَ قُلُوبِنا بِضِياءِ نَظَرِها إلَيكَ، حَتّى تَخرِقَ أبصارُ القُلُوبِ حُجُبَ النُّورِ، فَتَصِلَ إلَى مَعدِنِ العَظَمةِ، وتَصيرَ أرواحُنا مُعَلّقةً بِعِزِّ قُدسِكَ. 15– Imam Ali Peace upon Him, in his intimate supplication said, ‘O Allah, grant me the perfection of devotion to You, and illuminate the sight of our hearts with the radiance of being able to behold You until the sight of our hearts pierces through the veils of light, reaching the source of Exaltedness, and our spirits become attached to the glory of Your Sacredness.’ [Iqbal al-A`amal, v. 3, p. 299] Notes: hadithdatabank.com Why should we not aim to attaining the 'unity with Ahl-al Bait' Peace upon Them and what do you mean "To reach to the stage where we lose our existence into Allah's existence." I do not know what you mean but let us say you mean and refer to the above hadith [dua] the part Imam Peace upon Him says: فَتَصِلَ إلَى مَعدِنِ العَظَمةِ This stage is reached after this: إلهي! هَبْ لي كَمالَ الإنقِطاعِ إلَيكَ، وأنِرْ أبصَارَ قُلُوبِنا بِضِياءِ نَظَرِها إلَيكَ، حَتّى تَخرِقَ أبصارُ القُلُوبِ حُجُبَ النُّورِ Whilst you say we have to do: "after passing through various stages of self-purgation and self-purification" Maybe it is like this [based on the supplication], that when purification; Jihad and all this is done, we have a peaceful nafs, a trained nafs, it means the start of the journey, you can not do a good journey over Sirat al Mustaqim whilst you have a problem inside you. So reaching this balance, harmony, peace, or awareness; whatever is green light that we are in the strait path [only]. Now persevering in the strait path is the actual journey and it is in your hands to persevere and of course God Almighty has done as much help as possible and so on. But to reach the destination is not up to you, but God gives it, and the prayed supplication is about this last step. When you love God and persevere honestly, God will love you back. So the last step comes from God and for different people it is different, because of this some people one day, and some years it takes to reach destination. Now here; above i have also talked about this fana and baqa and so on but without using these old words with historical backgrounds that makes it heavy, like an old tank but not as precise as new ones that are lighter. When people use these word; fana and baqa, they use also the description of these words that are not precise and oldish. And lastly in some ahadith it is said that the strait path is Ahl al Bait Peace upon Them. So in the old description about fana and baqa, the focus on Ahl Al Bait Peace upon Them is very weak, no mention. Yes the Sayed Peace upon Him, mentioned the essence of the issue, all this equals Jihad nafs; Allamah Tabatabai mentioned it part by part. One side is knowledge and other side action, the thing between the two things that connects these two is management, sirat mustaqim, balance, harmony, peace, awareness, maybe it is what you mean with 'presence of Allah'. When we say Spirit and Body and than soul [nafs], with nafs we do not mean a third thing rather the reality that is build by body and spirit we use a unified term for it; nafs. When we say night and day and time, with time we mean both night and day, both is time and one, two does not exist, three does not exist and so on, but yes change exist. Even a coin has two different sides, but still there exist between the two sides a barzakh and we call it one coin because of that barzakh and not two kinds of coin or [two coin]. Knowledge and action are one, thought [reflection] and irada are one! If someone acts without knowledge, it is like shooting on target whilst you do not see it, and it does not count, the action is not there, it is fake action. Now the thing is both irada and knowledge is there, it is there [jihad nafs, management], but it is malfunctioning and better said one is sick, a solar system not working properly and no order, this is a problem one should fix. عنه عليه السلام: رَأسُ الاِستِبصارِ الفِكرَةُ امام على عليه السلام: اساس بصيرت، انديشيدن است الإمامُ الحسنُ عليه السلام: التفكُّرُ حَياةُ قَلبِ البَصيرِ امام حسن عليه السلام: انديشيدن، مايه زندگى دل شخص با بصيرت است Notes: mizan.hadith.net
  14. How come houris get free Paradise?

    Salam Reference please, your telling me a marja that is alive, may Allah prolong his life said something without reference. The link is a forum discussion dear brother, i have seen such links in farsi also. Is there something unique and important translate that bit of info, i personally did not see anything. I do not disagree the feminine description and Allamah Tabatabai views does not mean all our scholars have that view. Why you disagree for male houris being available in paradise, and i have got so much from you that it is for males only because the males get many houris [not one] and only for pleasure of course and that is the case only. Whilst i presented a hadith that female believers will get houris also. Why you do not disprove and properly comment on each inch of what i wrote. يا رَسُولَ اللّهِ، أَنِساءُ الدُّنيا أَفضَلُ أَمِ الحُورُ العِينُ؟ قالَ: بَل نِساءُ الدُّنيا أَفضَلُ مِنَ الحُورِ العِينِ كَفَضلِ الظِهارَةِ عَلَى البِطانَةِ بهشت و دوزخ از نگاه قرآن و حديث: محمّد محمّدی ری شهری1 - صفحه 201 If a believing women and a houris difference is as such described in the hadith if a man had to choose 1000 times, even one time he would not chose a houri over a believing women to 'physically interact'. I put this because of an hadith to say, you mentioned that it is physical, like we eat there, same way we consume houris, great, but you did not made any clear prove and showed it that houris are physical like believing women. A believing woman and man get each other because of their deeds that are positive. But each have their deeds and the houris is the result of those deeds and depended on those deeds. Why do we call it zina in this world, does the cause of zina would be available in Paradise or not, what makes zina a zina in this world!? Why do you ask me the question when i have put a hadith that believing women will get houris for being kind to their husbands. We are not speaking about homo issues, very weird way and unnecessary, i have already said something about it in my previous posts in this topic. Why bring the issue of zina, because we get houris, and that many, if male houris exist, it becomes zina, because females will get many, they can not get one and so on hmm. IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS YOUR ASKING ME. Look i have not said anything in support of a female getting many males, it is you thinking just because if male houris exist, females will get many and that is zina [i do not know based on what negativity it is zina]. In this world all material we see is a ayat from Allah, is this so in Paradise also, whilst there is no test, and all are believing! Let me ask a question [this question is for you brother]: If zina does not exist in Paradise, does it mean it exists in hell, i mean hell and Paradise both exists in hereafter. So all good in Paradise and in hell all sins available to do, everyone says bad things to each other, acts bad, no peace!?
  15. Bodies Rising To Heaven?

    Which hadith says all Prophets and Imams or awliyah Allahs bodies is preserved in the grave. Those ahadith does not include all, by these ahadith one can understand it is not for all Prophets as some Prophets bodies are not preserved.