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  1. I am hope its not too late for me to reply to this. The USA were incapble of disabling iraq's 50s same technology even with it's air superiority in the gulf war. The scuds kept on firing throughout the conflict and one kill over a hundred US servicemen. No matter what USA did they could not locate the launchers, they sent out dedicated elite squadrons specially trained for finding scuds and only found decoys. Not one scud launcher was destroyed in the first gulf war. The same thing goes for hezbollah vs israel in their last conflict. No matter how deep israel pushed into lebanon the rockets still came on a consistent basis. The danger of anti ship missiles will keep the american carriers out of the scenario. They will focus on using long range attacks from land bases to carry out assault on iranian installations. The latest generation of long ranged missiles using solid fuel that the iranians have can shoot and scoot in less than 20 minutes, they are basically impossible to locate and destroy, just like the iraqi scuds. On the issue of them being shot down over israel; many of these missiles fly on a low trajectory giving the israelis very little chance of intercepting them until they are over israeli territory, falling missile debri from iraqi missiles shot down over israel in 1991 killed several israelis so its still a danger. The biggest danger is hezbollah I believe, if organised well they can pull the israeli army into southern lebanon, israel at this time will be using all it's firepower unlike what it did in 2006 which hezbollah will be ready for. The missile attacks on israel from Iran can help to further stir descent in Israel and could eventually bring about the collapse of the Netanyahu regime. Remember, not even the military wants this war, people were protesting against it, its the political head that wants it, its there for the purpose of drawing peoples mind away from the discontent they are feeling in israel and pull them from the truth that they are slowly realising - their leaders are liars and thieves.
  2. Salaam, doostha ye man. Esm e man Horace, I am 20 years old, I am from Jamaica and I am an aspiring aeronautical engineer. I love languages and have spent thousands of hours studying and learning them from my high school days to now. I currently speak fluent english, The Jamaican language, spanish, some german, some russian, some portuguese and persian. I have been spending a significant amount of time learning persian over the last 7 months and have gone into the advance stages now despite having a rather limited vocabulary. My love for persian was influenced by my love of history, specifically that of Iran's ancient persian heritage. I plan to visit Iran one of these days and hopefully I will get the chance to, however at this stage I have to remain content with what I have access to; the internet. In order for me to advance to the stage where I can call myself fluent in the persian language I will need native speakers to be friends with and converse with, this has been a significant challenge for me, I have not been able to find one such person over months of searching. I am hoping the forum can be of some assistance. Khoda Hafez.