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  1. Correct. Many churches have a cross without Jesus on it, but every achurch has a cross. In my Church, Swedish protestant, Jesus is hanging crucifided on it. In this church I was taught to pray to God, and I continue doing so. Other christians, like pentacostals, I believe mainly pray to Jesus. This makes sense if you believe Jesus and God are one and the same. Some Christians pray to Jesus, others to God. I think all(?) Christians accept this. Something Muslims obviously have difficulties understanding. The OT is rather reliable when it comes to describing the religion and history of the Israelites during the first milennium BC. Of course, the OT was written during this millennium.
  2. In every church. The commands are 3.000 years old, from a time when Israelis still were polytheists and sacrificed animals to Gods on hilltops. In my understandng the idol ban was not a ban on photograps or sculptures, but a ban on worshipping Baal and other semitic Gods. Only the God Jahwe was to be worshipped by the Israelis.
  3. Of course the story of Adam and Eve was much better suited for them. The Bible and the Quran are far from the only old cultures telling similar stories.
  4. Dont know what you mean by 100% correct. But if I take your question 100% litteral: The Bible say God created man from dust on the ground. People with a proper education know this is not true, which would mean that only this info gives that the Bible is not 100% correct. But how would people 2.500 years ago know that this was not correct? Arab, Greek, Sumerian and other cultures believed God created man from Clay. Not that different. So if Dust makes the Bible only 99% correct, Clay makes the Quran only 99% correct. Now, demanding that Books, even those only 50 years old, should have the same scientific knowledge as we have got today, is totally unrealistic. Do you agree?
  5. Not only Jesus changes the religion. The Bible also tell that the religion of the old Israelites is not exactly the same as the religion of the Jews that followed. Religion changes. Islam has also developed into Shias, Sunnies, Alawites. Only one can be identical with the original. Probably none of the many are. The Quran say (2:106): "We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent?" Abrogations or improved revelations in the Quran were made during a timespan of a few decades only.The Bible was written during a timespan of 1.000 years!. Having this difference in mind, I find it hard to understand why Muslims wonder why some of the teachings of the Bible has changed.
  6. It is also very possible that someone else wrote it, and therefore it is written in third person. What seems obvious however, is that the part that tell about Moses death and burial was not written by Moses.
  7. Lots of Christians like me do not hold God accountable for every detail humans have written in the Bible. The Catholic Church accept that the evolution theory can be combined with a belief in God, even if this means that Adam and Eve are mythical persons. When I here speak about historians, I intend those specialised in the old Testament. Experts in Hebrew language that have spent decades studying and comparing the many Books. Here is a 20 min link to a youtube clip that may give a little insight in their methods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZECezMYug8c Oral methods are not totally unreliable, but they are far from as good as written documents. That was also the reason that our Gospels and the Quran were written. Only 70 years after the birth of Jesus, you find oral traditions as different as those that Luke and Mathew documented.
  8. The problem of evil

    Sexuality is not a choise. We are born male or female. Over here fanatics have a mission for new rules so that boys also can have girls names and viceversa. They are very few, and can be overlooked. But of course, it does happen that nature produces humans that are not one of our two genders. "Other" seems like a practical definition. No problem. Unless there are strong reasons to suspect the parents will not accept if their adopted child would turn out to be a homosexual, refusing a couple to adopt is pure discrimination. Normal parents will treat their children with love no matter their sexuality. The parents being against gay marriage, is not a reason to refuse adoption. Grown up children are not obliged to obey their parents
  9. The problem of evil

    Did God expect that his creation would not be all perfect? I guess so. But did God on purpose create humans that he knew would be tortured eternally in Hell? Or has God given us all a free will to choose to do good or bad? If so, God does not yet know our personal destinies. An old philosophical problem. Personally I do not like the idea that we all participate in a predestined play. I prefer a God that has given us all a fair chanse.
  10. I think there are many good reasons to say Marks and Mathews (very different) stories are myths they picked up 70 years after the birth of Jesus. Not believing they were right concerning this miracle, does not necessarily disqualify their reports of other miracles.
  11. The Virgin birth of Jesus cannot be tested scientifically. Only Mathew and Luke tell the story. Paul was already dead when the Gospels were written and does not reveal any knowledge of it so he did not make it up. The creation story in the Bible was written 600 years before the Gospels, by other persons, and from a very different society, so you can very well reject Adam and believe in Jesus. The crucial point is wether you believe God made sure all they wrote was 100% correct or not. Evolution is in my opinion a proof God did not tell the writers exactly what to write.
  12. Sorry. Not correct. Jesus story is based on the Bible. According to all known science, a dead man cannot come to life again. But there is no way for science to test if God resurrected Jesus from the dead. There are many clever Scientists that believe God makes miracles. The creation story from the Bible can be tested however, and the evidences that humanity did not start with the creation of two human beings is overwhealming. It has taken timr for Christianity to accept this. Today huge churches like the Catholic and Lutheran accept the evolution theory. Europeans by large do. In USA people seemingly are more sceptical. Only a total of 48% believe evolution is the best explanation. I was surprise to see 45% of Muslims accepted evolution. Lowest acceptance had evangelical Christians, Mormons and Jehowahs witnesses. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acceptance_of_evolution_by_religious_groups
  13. Jesus is a divine being. Adam a human, (but I do not believe he existed)
  14. According to Scientific evidence, Adam and Eve creation story is a myth and homo sapiens a result of evolution. If God started this evolution or not, Science can not determine. Scientifically it is not possible to give birth to a male if there is no biological father that can contribute with a y-chromosome. If Jesus was a divine being or not, science cannot determine either. But unlike Adam and Eve, few claim he never existed.