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  1. Predestination

    My last post was not a question, it was a logical statement that seemingly is impossible to discuss with (all?) Muslims
  2. Predestination

    If God has forseed everything, he logically cannot repent anything he created. So He does not repent having created Hitler. Everything would be predestinied. God made the entire story from the start. I dont believe so, I believe we have a free will.
  3. Predestination

    Never heard of Allah sending complete Books to Muhammed.
  4. Predestination

    Genesis was written around 500 BC. About the time when Jews were in captivity in Babylon. The floodstory for instance, had by then been known in Babylon over a thousant years so it was already a myth when "borrowed" by Genesis, a little altered, just like 1.000 years later from Genesis to the Quran. There may very well have been a flood, but not if the size described in the Bible. True or not, the story was to warn Jews from disobeying their God. There are many myths in the Old Testament, but also stories written by contemporary people from the very beginning of Judaism (around 900BC), giving a good insight in how Judaism developed.
  5. Predestination

    God created everything. A creator always has a responsability. If the creator knows the effects of his creation, he is even more responsible. I think Muslims will agree to this when it comes to humans. When it comes to God Muslims say, God has no responsability for his creation, because we all have a free will. Muslims believe God knows exactly what will happen, but how can this relieve God from all responsability? Was it necessary to create the loosers that God knew He would have to send to the eternal fire? Had God no possibility to make the future happy for us all?
  6. Hey Andres, hope and pray your doing well!
    Just dropping by to ask which do you identify yourself with? I hate to ask this question, but i noticed on a post that you mentioned Protestantism and the reformation of Christianity, so i have to ask in order to give you any 'relevant' answer, i read the Bible often and I'm familiar with the works of several Christian saints, and been through some commentaries as well earlier.

    So id rather not bring anything you wouldn't find relevant or acceptable.
    Thank you, and I respect and praise your efforts at discussion and understanding God through different lenses.

  7. Predestination

    I am not certain all Muslims agree on who the infallible successors are. Nor do they agree on how to understand the Quran. Still they all believe it is Gods infallible word, not influenced by human. Islam needs a reformation like Christianity has had. It would solve many problems beween the Muslim nations.
  8. Predestination

    I do not believe that sinners will be tortured eternally. Maybe the punishment of not entering heaven is enough punishment. But I do not know exactly. Do you?
  9. Predestination

    The question was if Airbus had sold planes that they knew were not safe. Would they still not have any responsability in case of an accident?
  10. Predestination

    If God knew what Hitler would do when He created him, how can God be innocent? If Airbus builds an Airoplane that crashes on its first flight due to bad construction and kills 100 passengers, who is responsible? Airbus, the pilot or the passengers? I say the passengers cannot be. The Pilot would be if he knew there could be a danger. Airbus factory certainly is responsible. If they knew they sold a plane that was not correct constructed, they would even be criminal. If God knee what Hitler would do, God as the creator would also be responsible for his actions.
  11. Predestination

    Gehenna (Hell) was a valley outside Jerusalem where Kings of Juda sacrificed Children in fire to the Gods. When Jesus say those that will not enter heaven will end up there, does he mean litterally that they will be tortured there in eternity for their sins? I dont believe so. The poor innocent childrens pain was short.
  12. Predestination

    Your answer produces more questions. If God needed to replace some verses due to changed conditions during Muhammeds short lifetime, is it not time for an entirely new Quran today? Much have changed and Muslims no longer agree on how to understand the Quran. All claiming that the Quran is Gods infallible word, with no human influence.
  13. Predestination

    Christians and Muslims all try. But the instructions are not always so clear that we agree on how to understand them. Maybe this does not matter to God, as long as we try our best.
  14. Predestination

    Of course. God can also make a Quran better than the one we know.
  15. Predestination

    In my opinion the Quran clearly states that God may think a sura once sent could have been better. Quran 2:106. If God can change his mind, like he also does many times in the Bible, he can also wait to decide our verdicts until judgement day.