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  1. Is Jehovah Witness A Mushrik?

    Thanks for the remark ("Haha") to my last post. Even if short, I finally got an answer (after having tried many times). Most likely you would like to answer "yes" to the first question, and "no" to the second below, but of course I understand if you do not wish to express such doubble standard. I have no choise but accept that you do not wish to present evidence that Jesus and his fellow Jews did not have the same Torah as the Torah we know today. I can assure you they had the same Torah. I can also assure you that Uthmans Quran is not exactly identical with the words Muhammed heard from Gabriel.
  2. Is Jehovah Witness A Mushrik?

    There is no question that the Torah belongs to Judaism and not to Islam. You have shown yourself able to write some long posts. Yet you have not been able to answer these two my questions: If I claim that Imam Alis version of the Quran is not identical to the one Zaid published, is it not my duty to prove this? If you claim that the Torah Jews used 2.000 years is not identical to the one we know today, is it not your duty to prove this? A YES or a NO will do for each of the two questions.
  3. Christianity

    The Quran does not say they wrote new corrupted Torah versions. If they did in Medina, where are those corrupted versions?. The Torah we have got in our Bible is the same as the one Jews have had before the birth of Jesus. This was also the Torah Muhammed speaks about. Your claim s totally baseless.
  4. Christianity

    You really believe high ranked Jews in Mekka and Medina corrupted all Torahs and burned te original ones? Also in Rome, Constantinopel, Ireland and France????? Who told you so? Certainly not the Quran. The Quran say the Torah was not always recited correctly, sometimes even deliberate. Could be, but it did not change the written text of the Torah.
  5. Christianity

    The Quran explicit say the corruption is by the tongue, not in writing. This does not change the 5 Torah scrolls text. Neither has the theology of ISIS changed the text of the Quran. It is true that most Jews had not an example of the Torah in their house. Maybe there was not even one in Muhammeds neighbourhood. Those that had no Torah, or could not read, very easily could recite uncorrect, but they could not possible change the text of Torahs if they were illiterate, or if they had not a Torah at home. Furthermore the Quran does not say who those corruptors were. High rank Jewish Scholars in the Arabian desert?? Probably not.
  6. Christianity

    By saying that some Jews, not all Jews, distort the Book with their tongue, not by changing the written text, the Quran here confirms the Torah was still not corrupted when Muhamned lived. If Muhammed believed the Torah was consistent with his message, what other cause could there be than Muhammed not being fully aquainted with the Torah?
  7. Is Jehovah Witness A Mushrik?

    Did you study anything the origin of the Torah? Like when in history the original 'Islamic" Torah was replaced with the "fake" Torah Jews have got today?
  8. Is Jehovah Witness A Mushrik?

    Amazing. However most Iranian schoolchildren will, whe they grow up having studied world history, understand that Australian aboriginal, Eskimoe and Hawaiian polynesian ancestors were pagan. And that Islam starts with Muhammed, Christianity with Jesus and Mormonism with prophet Joseph Smith.
  9. truth

    If they dont claim they are intact, they need not prove they are. You claim Jesus and his fellow Jews had not the same Torah as the Torah we know today. Can you prove this????????
  10. Is Jehovah Witness A Mushrik?

    If the Quran was the infallible word of God, we should teach our children in school that humans (Eskimoes, Egyptians, Pygmees and every culture) orignally worshipped Allah! Do they teach this in Iranian schools?
  11. truth

    I am not shocked. Most Christians do not know how many horrible laws and stories there are in the Old Testament. (Hebrew Bible). Actually the Old Testament is much worse than the Quran. This must be seen in the light of the Old Testament being 1.000 years older than the Quran. The Quran is strongly influenced by the Old Testament, and really very little influenced by the New Testament Books (Christian Bible), wich even if 600 years older has a more modern ethics.
  12. truth

    What about trying to prove your claim that the Torah we know today is not the Torah that Jesus and his fellow Jews knew?
  13. truth

    Or maybe not exactly. Henotheism believes in many Gods, but they choose to worship one of them as their protector, and let other tribes have one of the others. Jews and Arabs were originally henotheists. Belief in "spirits" not being Gods, is more like beliefs in Angels or Jinns.
  14. Christianity

    Gabriels message to Muhammed, verifiable, does not exist either. Yet, some info in the Quran is beyond reasonable doubt, some is correct, some is wrong.
  15. Christianity

    Reliable=beyond reasonable doubt. The Gospels are not written by unknown sources. They were written by people which names we do not know. We know when they lived and we know they knew eyewitnesses. You do not know the names of thise that contributed to the compilation of the Quran either. We know Zaid, but does this help much? Was his memory and ability to choose the correct suras perfect? Most likely not.