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  1. i think none of us have complete knowledge, every one is having partial knowledge.
  2. Ayatollah sestani

    salam, They take time to reply, u cannot expect a quick reply from them. if u have questions there is an app on playstore, "Ask those who know" u can ask ur questions there.
  3. Ask baby boy name

  4. Very sad

    There are many good people in this world, i have suffered same what you have. Its not a big deal i think most of the people have gone through this. you need to try to ignore this stuff and continue doing gud. There is a saying of imam ali a.s "The best revenge is to improve yourself", there are many other sayings by imam ali a.s you can google them, this will inspire you to do gud to others. Our ahlulbaith a.s has always done gud to everyone and never cared about others. YA Ali madad.
  5. Dream.

    if you could have at least posted what your dream was about, people might have helped.
  6. Ask baby boy name

    zainul abedeen, zaki, nader, zohair, zia,
  7. The Rise to Paradise

    ma sha Allah
  8. Unforgettable Memories

    Ma sha Allah, i cannot read urdu, but i have converted it by translator.
  9. Please help me

    i just remembered, recently in a majalis the scholar gave a simple dua for hajad, Recite Salwat 3 times then say ur hajad then again recite salwat 3 times.
  10. Imam Ali quotes

    Salam, You can find some of the quotes from the link given below. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/various-sayings-imam-ali-ibn-abi-talib-imam-ali-ibn-abu-talib
  11. Please help me

    Salam, You can do the following: 1. Recite Namaz e Shab, 2. Recite Namaz e ziyar e imam hussain a.s then recite ziyarat e ashura. 3. Namaz of moula abul fazal abbas a.s then recite this dua "YA KASHIFAL KARBI AN WAJHIL HUSSAIN IKSHIF KARBEE BIHAQQI AKHEEKAL HUSSAIN." 163 times before reciting the dua you need to recite salwat 3 times and after reciting dua recite salwat 3 times.

    We mourn for the suffering of our imam a.s and ahlulbaith a.s, even thought imam hasan a.s and imam hussain a.s are the masters of paradise. But the suffering and sacrifice they did was for us, because of them islam still exists. Every sacrifice they did was for us, you must have thoughts like this, in sha Allah by having thoughts like this u wont be stressed and Allah will guide you.
  13. Wedding

    You can ask alim in your local area or message your marjah, here at my place also we continue the tradition till 8th rabi ul awal.
  14. General

    salam, hear is what you can do, when u lay on bed for sleep, recite 11 times surah iqlas, nade ali and surah naas and tashih of bibi fatima zahra s.a, still if u cannot sleep then recite ya ali madad, i am sure you would get sleep while u recite ya ali madad
  15. @Shogun You must not buy any new items, also you must not work on the day, no income must be made of that day.