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  1. Searching For A Marja

    I think it would be best if we discussed the rest of your post in private :) But this part here, is interesting. Somebody (you know who I am talking about, I hope) said that you were a fan of his. If I'm not specific enough, I'll PM you the person that said that.
  2. Arranged Marriages

    They're not really arranged "marriages". They are more of arranged meetings. I don't see the problem. Parents usually know their children better than anyone else, so they would be prime for picking a future spouse. Not in all cases, but sometimes it works for the best :)
  3. Searching For A Marja

    Yeah. Go read his books or watch his speeches. If you think that everything he says is perfectly fine, then I would be very very surprised. You're right, I did not respond to your last response. Why would I? You spent 20 minutes ranting because you disagreed with me. Oh look, you did it again below. And I never said you did Taqlid of Khamenei, but you are certainly a huge fan. You mentioned him, in your last response to me, as one of the most knowledgeable. He's not. He's just a political figure. The only reason people follow him is for politics. I don't care who you do taqlid of, honestly. Neither is Khamenei or Fadlullah considered a mujtahid by many others, but you don't seem to be saying anything against THEM. Also, why are you attacking only me? Look at two posts above yours (I'll even quote it, so you can't make a mistake about it). That person said basically the same thing I did, but you're not hating on them. Why is that, Mushu? Also, what of Shaykh Yasser al-Habib? You used to like him but not anymore? I'm confused. I agree with this.
  4. Searching For A Marja

    He wasn't yelling at you. :) I'll rewrite his post in a way that can better show what he meant.
  5. American Cell Phones

  6. Searching For A Marja

    No you didn't. Why would you get in trouble for my comment? He was responding to me, that's all. :)
  7. [Locked]Who Is Your Marja And Why?

    I didn't make takfeer on anybody. I said he was a heretic -- not a kafir. A heretic is someone that practices heresy. And heresy is "any belief or practice that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs." That is not the same as a disbeliever. Maybe I could buy you a dictionary for eid?
  8. [Locked]Who Is Your Marja And Why?

    Would you chill out already? You reported me, made a big deal about it in the other thread, and now you're dragging it over here. Just let the mods deal with it, okay? If I get punished, so be it. If I don't, whatever. But would you please stop spreading this garbage around? You already did enough by reporting me. Now grow up and leave it be.
  9. Searching For A Marja

    Sadiq Shirazi, Sistani, and Khorsani are generally considered to be the most knowledgeable (well, until Totem gets butthurt and comes in here screaming YA KHAMENEI). Sistani has a good English site. Perhaps try reading up on him :)
  10. [Locked]Who Is Your Marja And Why?

    Relax "Imam". My taking it back is as close as you're going to get to an apology. Don't press your luck.
  11. [Locked]Who Is Your Marja And Why?

    Damn. I knew you would find some way of repeating that. I take back what I said about Syed. I still don't like him, but my insults were a bit too much. :Hijabi: :yaali:
  12. Searching For A Marja

    Okay? I totally care what you think.
  13. Searching For A Marja

    Do not choose Fadhlullah. 1) He is dead, therefore it's forbidden to start doing taqlid of him. 2) He is a heretic.
  14. Delete My Accout Please

    B...buu.... buuut hee said it first!! :cry: