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  1. What Country Is The Mahdi In Now?

    Is he my Imam too?, can i meet him , where is he? who is the appointed Imam behind him, because this is the way of Prophet saw to appoint somebody to in his absence. please let know i can directly ask him one , only one question.
  2. Oh Shia Please Watch This Video

    the laugh is on your face you fool, because quran said dont divide and become shia. use your head or beat ur head you have ur choice
  3. Oh Shia Please Watch This Video

    Imam of muslims is the the Imam of all the Prophets , he is Rahmatulil-Aalameen, khatamul Ambiya, he is the beloved prophet of Allah, He is the one explained and brought people to the straight path. Prophet Muhammad (saw) imamul Ambiya imamul muslimeen. Shias just do lips service while they say they believe in quraan , because Allah says deen was perfected and shias says no it was not,Deen continued with an Exception(Imamat). Ofcourse proof Imamat is required (of hazrat Ali (ra) and his Progeny) because it is Usool-e-Deen. not fuur. Read my SIgnature the verse 9:100 you wont find one similar unambigious clear cut verse to prove the Imamat of hazrat Ali (ra).
  4. Can Jafri Shia's Eat Sharks?

    what about eating sunni's? sorry just for fun
  5. Quran-verses Against Central Sunni-teachings.

    Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become Shia - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do.; Quran 6:159 Allah in quran gave special intructions 1) dont divide religion 2) dont become Shia. lollzzz
  6. Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    not a single sunni hadtih which supports what u say. this is the confusion with shias , how do you know if permission which was not (supposedly) taken, it is permission denied ? so funny , grow up . you know what is contradiction;Deny the truth of (a statement), esp. by asserting the opposite. the hadith you r quoting how it is exactly opposite to the one i quoted. sharahta how it is contradiction? how can call me hypocrite , do u have knowledge of unseen? i do believe in the quran which Prophet(sa) left with his Companions(ra) and they preserved it exactly the way it was told them to. do u believe Quran ?lllooollllzz
  7. So Is There A Reason Sonador Is Not Banned Yet?

    this is nice idea ban the user and the problem is solved , lllooolllzzz
  8. Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    Are u referring to Nahjul Balagah ; not a single sermon is Authentic or with sanad. lllooolllzzz now say this again. I have already addressed this point somewhere. paste the link next time instead of blabbering. can i close the answer saying i have answered all this somewhere else? do not give thumb sucking idiotic reply, what is the contradiction? i speak rubbish lets see whose faith is rubbish, come on show me one verse in quran which names Hazrat Ali (ra) as the Imam after the Prophet saw Unambiguously , because this is an article of faith for Shia. if u cant then ur faith is rubbish. Anyhow u did not answered me why hazrat Ali (ra) buried Prophet (saw) in bibi Aisha's (ra) , because there wr other 8 to 9 more houses , why only this house?
  9. Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    Well in that case ,this confusion is because of all that you know about imams and their qualities( as per shia theology), they they know when & whr they are going to die. let us suppose hazrat abu bakr (ra) and hazrat Umar (ra) did took permission regarding burial place next to him, so in that case we have to accept that as if they knew(for sure) they will die after him (saw). so that shias wud come upwith new ideas llloolllzzz. Every shias present something, one thing contradicts the other. like we come to know(from shias) that Hazrat Abu bakr (ra) and Hazrat Umar(ra) wr not present during burial and it was Hazrat Ali (ra) who buried the Prophet (saw) , question comes why did the first Imam bury in her Bibi Aisha's (ra) room. All twenty five years hazrat Ali (ra) did not spoke a word against them, even during his own Khilafat he did not change or even spoke that their burial was wrong. Question is Did Abu Bakr (ra) or Umar (ra) knew they will die after Prohet (saw); Well regd inheritance: Narrated Abu Huraira(ra): Allah's Apostle (saw) said, "Not even a single Dinar of my property should be distributed (after my deaths to my inheritors, but whatever I leave excluding the provision for my wives and my servants, should be spent in charity." Bukhari, “Laws of Inheritance,” 721
  10. Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    after the death of Prophet Muhammad,explain how do take permission from the one who is not alive? i asked these two things , reply on this
  11. Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    are u referring to the verse quranic verse 24:27 Sahih InternationalO you who have believed, do not enter houses other than your own houses until you ascertain welcome and greet their inhabitants. That is best for you; perhaps you will be reminded. PickthallO ye who believe! Enter not houses other than your own without first announcing your presence and invoking peace upon the folk thereof. That is better for you, that ye may be heedful. Yusuf AliO ye who believe! enter not houses other than your own, until ye have asked permission and saluted those in them: that is best for you, in order that ye may heed (what is seemly). ShakirO you who believe! Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you have asked permission and saluted their inmates; this is better for you, that you may be mindful. ; ARE u SURE about this "Allah clearly says ask Rasullah only" ? Hazrat Ali ra was not sinless. if i have to believe you , then by allowing these mistakes happen and keeping quite about all this he did make mistakes. anyhow a question comes to my mind, all shias say that all shaikhayn wr not present at the time of burial it was hazrat Ali ra who did all the funeral stuff, now the question is why did he buried the Prophet saw in Hazrat Ayesha ra room. what made him to do this why only hazrat Ayesha's ra room Room?
  12. Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    1) if a husband gives something to the wife , does it still belongs to the husband(means husband property) or it is just for using and return it when he died? 2) What do His wives shud do when he died ? left homeless ? is this what shias do with their wives? waiting to know wat is the opinion as per jaffariyah fiqh
  13. To All The Wahabi And Sunni !

    STRIAGHT PATH : i am sorry what path !!! ;llooolllzz.
  14. I Think I Finally Understand Why Sunnis Do (ra)

    Finally somebody figured out , yeeppy you must be celebrating. 1) why do you put Alayhis salaam in front Prophets and shia Imams name , it means peace and Allah's Mercy be upon them does this means there is no peace and mercy on them ,or one full moon night Allah will get confused and will send peace and mercy on them finally? 2) i see a picture in ur profile , i suppose it is Hazrat Ali ra (i have seen it many places in shia majlis and Websites), well are you sure he use to look like this, or one fine day he will start looking like this because it must match your belief? i am just asking do you realize how stupid is your question