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  1. Birth of Sayyedah Faatima alZahraa(pbuh)

    In the Name of Allah, Salaamon Alaykum Quran and Etrat Internet University congratulates all the Muslims of the world and especially you dear friend the birthday anniversary of the complete exemplar of servitude and the utmost model of chastity, the daughter of the Prophet of Islam, Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (pbuh). when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), asks the commander of faithful believers, Imam Ali (pbuh), “How did you find your spouse?”, Ali (pbuh) does not waste a split second and answers immediately “the best companion and aide in obeying and worshiping Allah”. Regards!
  2. Where Are You Originally From?

    Salaams, i am from Allah and.... ,under this Blue Sky!
  3. Introduce yourself here.

    In His name Salaamon Alaikom and Greetings! I am astaff of Quran and Etrat Internet University : http://university.etrat.net. A Free and online university, Please join us to learn about Islam as academical ! Thank you very much Best Regards mahdi
  4. In the Name of God Peace be upon Mohammad and his Progeny “O’ Allah, set a relationship between us and him [imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him)], that grants us the honor of the company of his ancestors.” From Dua Nudbe Quran and Etrat Internet University proudly announces: Free and Online - Interactive Lessons - Flexible Hours http://university.etrat.net A golden opportunity for those of you who fancy to get acquainted about Islam authentically, rich, real and FREE without affording costs. We are pleased to announce that the Quran and Etrat Internet University (http://university.etrat.net) is now enrolling students for the Fall 2012 Semester. The university has just turned into the nine years of its activity and is proud to start its ninth year enrolment. Course Materials are available under these subjects: 1. Knowing Quran and related areas 2. Shia Beliefs 3. Life of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Imam Ali, Lady Fatima Zahra and Holy Infallibles (Peace be upon Them) 4. Narrations from our holy guides (history, narrators, authenticity, schools of thoughts, …) 5. History of Islam 6. History of the Holy Prophets (Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses and …) For further information and to register for the courses please refer to this page: http://university.et...view.php?id=242 Please spread the word about Quran and Etrat Internet University among all interested brothers and sisters in your communities, your mailing lists, your web sites and .... Quran and Etrat Internet University!
  5. Eid Mubarak

    A NEW FRESH LIFE BEGINS FOR US ALL .......................EID MUBARAK !! Eid Mubarak - I pray that your devotion during the Holy Month be accepted, your desires fulfilled, your sins forgiven and the reform that you have strived to achieve whilst we were special guests of the Almighty continue to grow through the rest of the year. Fi-AmaneAllah! Mahdi from http://university.etrat.net!