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  1. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    There is a very common misconception even among Americans...America is not and never had been a democracy...we are a constitutional representative republic.
  2. What Proves Christianity Wrong?

    Considering that Jesus (isa) is considered a prophet in the qur'an and that Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God not everything in christianity can be called wrong without calling God a liar.
  3. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    But when you ask average Americans about Iran and Iranians you will unfortunately not find half the openness.
  4. I Maybe Happy About This:

    The Moromon faith is nominally Christian but it is a group that Mohammad would have condemned. One of the essential teaching is that there are many Gods and that if you are a good Mormon when you die then you will become the God of your own planet. Yes I am serious. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormon_cosmology according to the Mormon cosmological system God was once a man!!!
  5. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    I said most you made a very generalized statement.
  6. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    America is too large be generalized.
  7. Just Said The Shahada!

    Thank you!!
  8. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    In this part of the country people of any nationality would be welcome and I live in a pretty conservative area. Most Americans have the ability to seperate the actions and policies of the iranian government form the Iranian people.
  9. Just Said The Shahada!

    What is a Naf?
  10. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    I think there is ample misunderstanding on both sides. Fixing those misunderstandings is one of the uses of the Internet.
  11. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    I agree that was a tragedy and those responsible should have faced a Court-Marital. But that still doesn't negate the act of war. anyways i wasn't trying to start a grand debate i was trying to explain why America is the acting the way it is.
  12. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    I know that CIA did bring down the elected prime minister in the 1950s and proped up the shah. And with or without Government support it was still an invasion of US territory (Embassies are considered the soil of the country that owns them) The media continues to do so because it grabs the typical American's mind and sticks there. and as for the number of hostages i had a dyslexic moment it was 52 hotages for 444 days.
  13. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    Ali all most American know is what they get off of the News and that isn't much. As for the 'wipe off the map' that is how it was translated for us, you see very few American speak farsi (which is a pity I am rather fond of the language) and we rely on the dubbed translations.
  14. How Do You Know?

    You are making the classic mistake of assuming the various Christian groups believe the same thing about salvation some say that belief is all you need while others, like the catholic and orthodox, say that repentance and faith are necessary and as for what happens if you sin again you ask for forgiveness.
  15. Uae To Build Nuclear Power Plant

    To the average American what we have is a lack of knowledge about Iran. All most Americans know is the in 1979 Iranian students with the active support of the Revolutionary Government stormed the US Embassy in Tehran taking 412 hostages, this is violation of US territory and international law. We also remember the calls of "Death to America" and President Ahmedinejad's statement that "Israel will be wiped off the map". These facts alone are enough to concern the American public about the idea of Iran enriching Uranium. To be honest with the current political climate in the middle east i am concerned with it. Add in the fact that Iran and the United States do not have diplomatic relations makes it even more worrying. The UAE on the other hand is an "ally" and i used the quote marks because i have a hard time trusting the wahabi/salafi power in the UAE.