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  1. How to do eclipse prayer?

    Link does not work.
  2. Salaam Anyone know how?
  3. Uncle watches porn....

    Idk let the ones with no sins be the first to throw a stone. There are worse sins in life. Maybe he just wants to get educated by pros on how to love his wife. I don't wanna judge.
  4. Movie: The Big Sick

    I saw it. It portrays arranged marriages as families getting the potential couple to meet and if they like each other, it progresses. I'm pretty sure the family is Sunni. The guy in the story was trying to find himself and his views on God, religion. And find employment. The constant meeting of potential wives was just too much for him when he's just trying to figure out things. He could have met a really perfect woman for him, but because it was the arranged marriage, he didn't really want to. At one point, he asks his parents why they came to America if they don't want him to absorb the culture or become "American." It's not too different than what rich southerners do. If I recall correctly, athlete Peyton Manning and his wife were set up by their parents. It is what it is. Idk what you mean by "have fun." If my parents had good judgement and if my mom was not so gossipy/conniving/constant liar /feud instigator, I just might go the path of arranged marriage. I think most people who have parents trying to find them a spouse feel this way. Apparently, that's a common theme for mothers in immigrant families. There's no way I'm gonna give her that type of influence over me. I might do arranged marriage, but it won't be my folks choosing for me. Tbh I don't like the alternative either. It's hard finding a legit female this way. At least the arranged marriages are a nice option for those who would otherwise not find a spouse. I'm thinking of those women who hold weddings for marrying themselves. Not enough quality guys in a country of over 300 million, I guess. I feel like women in arranged marriages would be more loyal and actually put forth effort in seeing their spouse happy. I would love to find a legit sister on my own through the course of daily life. It's just that once someone honestly thinks that God, the Most High exists, and that the message is legit, there is logic behind "love." So, I really could not "fall in love" with a female doesn't feel the same way. At some point, as I'm trying to live like how one of the 14 masoom AS woulld live, it would be clear that the woman I "love" does not see the world the same. For example, I had a temporary marriage where I asked her "will there ever be a time that you do something nice for me? Just once?" And she could not say yes. I rage quit the marriage after that. Granted, that's a bit of an extreme example of a head case. But at some point, it's clear that the one one is "in love" with is just not approaching life the same way. Life is hard. The best "love" is with God the Most High. If you love the person because of they see God in everything, hold that person tight. Blind love (like what's in movies) vs logical love. One is way better.
  5. Sufi...

    Batteries are known objects. Designed by men.
  6. Sufi...

    Have you ever put a 9 volt to your tongue. You tongue was fine after.
  7. Etiquette's of the Beard

    The same rules that apply outside of Ramadan apply during Ramadan.
  8. Sufi...

    It is very real, sir. Google it. Be careful to get the technique just right.
  9. Sufi...

    You plug the juice of a 9 volts battery to your shoulder and temple. And the current gives neurons a nice pick-me-up. And life on Earth is designed to be difficult.
  10. Sufi...

    I talked to a researcher. It does work. It makes thinking go much more smoother. So he can have much better thoughts and think through what ails him. He can apply his aqil to his situation a lot better.
  11. Released in 2006. Crazy how it applies today
  12. Sufi...

    You should try TcDCS. It does wonders for your mental state.
  13. @thuglife Hope that your birthday was a fun day. :birthday: 

  14. your favourite conspiracy theory

    The government did really hate Tupac. But I think a few years ago, someone in jail came out and told the story about how Puff Daddy hired people to kill Tupac, after the statute of limitations expired. Puff Daddy stayed quiet and never addressed the issue.
  15. Salaam. 1) One cannot deal with a spouse who puts forth zero effort in making their spouse happy. It appears you learned this the hard way. It appears you were blinded and ignored the faults. A lot of men -toooooo many - are willing to put up with a lot and jump through many hoops just to have the pleasures of the bedroom. 2) There's a book called "proper care and feeding of husbands." You need to buy this copy and get a firm commitment from your next female to actually implement what the book teaches. And pay close attention to any warning signs. They will grow and multiply exponentially like bacteria with unlimited food supply. I looked at the Amazon reviews for this book, and one woman said something like her husband bought her the book in an effort to save the marriage, she threw it in the garbage, did not read it, and got a divorce. 3) Chime in on my thread "concept of MGTOW." I think you would cheer hard for that video linked. I personally don't know what to do. We are supposed to get married, but if all females seem so whack, what are we gonna do? 4) You should get to know Sandman: