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  1. Profile picture: Vivien Thomas, black man who guided white surgeon, step by step during procedures, during segregation, without credit. Server by night to said white surgeon's social events.

  2. Something Weird happening to me

    Just today I had a weird dream where some kind of magical thing was near me, and people spat on it. I don't know what's happening. I don't remember it too well. On some kind boat/ship. The thing was trying to pretend it wasn't a magical thing, undercover or something. But people didn't believe it and spat on it. Difficult to remember. I've been trying to get myself to see the world as if I'm walking around in a dream. An altered perception of reality, like someone who consumed mind altering substance but without the substance. The feeling comes and goes. Trying to force myself to see the world as the Matrix, so to speak.
  3. Wild Salmon vs Farm Raised Salmon

    But do you hold beef and chicken to the same standard? Their feed is mostly corn, which is not their natural diet.
  4. Wild Salmon vs Farm Raised Salmon

    So you avoid chicken, lamb, beef etc?
  5. Something Weird happening to me

    Gunman? Not too many guns back then. Female? Province? "On four faces" what does that even mean?
  6. Something Weird happening to me

    What do you mean?
  7. Wild Salmon vs Farm Raised Salmon

    Sockeye is amazing. I had a fat piece, and my feet and legs started getting warmer. Nice. Farm raised is a lot juicier as the fat content is higher. But I just saw an interview of someone advocating for sockeye because it is the best meat on the planet.
  8. Salaam So, a few weeks ago, I met a brother who was having a difficult time in life. We greeted and embraced each other. Later on, I went to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started picturing bright eyes of "demons" or whatever. I had a weird feeling that whatever following him were now onto me. I opened my eyes. I closed them. I started picturing a different "demon." This process continued a few times until I slept. And I have been having weird dreams. The one I just had...It was some kinda weird high school graduation-like field trip for the day. We went to a historic theater. I was around the back, where I decided to mess with an awning, which I ended up putting to the ground because I could not stand it up again. As I was walking back to the front, I saw who appeared to be the manager of the place walking to the back. I tried to speed walk to avoid him associating me with the downed awning. I left and walked around to the front of the building. Going inside, there were beds everywhere. Kinda like a hotel/theater combo if there ever was one. Everyone was laying in beds to rest for a bit in a giant room, I guess. People were inviting me to lay next to them as they were making room for me, but I declined. One person who was inviting me is someone in the decade after high school loves to seek pleasure, seeing it as a life goal I guess. By the window, there was a really skinny bed. I climbed out the window and onto the bed. It was some kinda "memorial" bed with a picture of a little kid (or even the head maybe, I don't recall) and a skeleton of the kid below the picture. I think I saw the shoe, maybe just one shoe, at the foot of the skeleton. It almost fell off the bed because the bed was skinny and the bed shifting due to my weight. I tried to put it back and climb out the window, but it was a struggle. I woke up. Thinking about it now, it reminds me of that kids movie, called Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. They would time travel in the movie, and a kid who died was rather well preserved in a bed, even becoming animated somehow. Which was a rather awkward scene for a kid's movie. That is one dream of many. What is going on with me? Am I dealing with magic/sorcery/witchcraft? Did something whack from that guy started coming after me? What should I do?
  9. Salaam So I'm told that farm raised salmon is very bad for one's health. How true is this?
  10. How to do eclipse prayer?

    Link does not work.
  11. Salaam Anyone know how?
  12. Uncle watches porn....

    Idk let the ones with no sins be the first to throw a stone. There are worse sins in life. Maybe he just wants to get educated by pros on how to love his wife. I don't wanna judge.
  13. Movie: The Big Sick

    I saw it. It portrays arranged marriages as families getting the potential couple to meet and if they like each other, it progresses. I'm pretty sure the family is Sunni. The guy in the story was trying to find himself and his views on God, religion. And find employment. The constant meeting of potential wives was just too much for him when he's just trying to figure out things. He could have met a really perfect woman for him, but because it was the arranged marriage, he didn't really want to. At one point, he asks his parents why they came to America if they don't want him to absorb the culture or become "American." It's not too different than what rich southerners do. If I recall correctly, athlete Peyton Manning and his wife were set up by their parents. It is what it is. Idk what you mean by "have fun." If my parents had good judgement and if my mom was not so gossipy/conniving/constant liar /feud instigator, I just might go the path of arranged marriage. I think most people who have parents trying to find them a spouse feel this way. Apparently, that's a common theme for mothers in immigrant families. There's no way I'm gonna give her that type of influence over me. I might do arranged marriage, but it won't be my folks choosing for me. Tbh I don't like the alternative either. It's hard finding a legit female this way. At least the arranged marriages are a nice option for those who would otherwise not find a spouse. I'm thinking of those women who hold weddings for marrying themselves. Not enough quality guys in a country of over 300 million, I guess. I feel like women in arranged marriages would be more loyal and actually put forth effort in seeing their spouse happy. I would love to find a legit sister on my own through the course of daily life. It's just that once someone honestly thinks that God, the Most High exists, and that the message is legit, there is logic behind "love." So, I really could not "fall in love" with a female doesn't feel the same way. At some point, as I'm trying to live like how one of the 14 masoom AS woulld live, it would be clear that the woman I "love" does not see the world the same. For example, I had a temporary marriage where I asked her "will there ever be a time that you do something nice for me? Just once?" And she could not say yes. I rage quit the marriage after that. Granted, that's a bit of an extreme example of a head case. But at some point, it's clear that the one one is "in love" with is just not approaching life the same way. Life is hard. The best "love" is with God the Most High. If you love the person because of they see God in everything, hold that person tight. Blind love (like what's in movies) vs logical love. One is way better.
  14. Sufi...

    Batteries are known objects. Designed by men.
  15. Sufi...

    Have you ever put a 9 volt to your tongue. You tongue was fine after.