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  1. Pretty much everyone on the list is a liar and a cheat. Especially the PPP folk. You forgot Riaz Hussain Peerzada, the PML-N minister who recently resigned. Also, Nadeem Afzal Chan, Sughra Imam.. there are many more.
  2. Less than 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends to make up for it.
  3. Congratulations and good luck!
  4. You know when you've been sapped of all motivation and desire, when you're down and out and only trudge along because societal expectations keep you from falling. I've got tons of things to do, responsibilities to fulfill, people to answer to, oh god. Life feels like a burden and I honestly don't know what to do. Please keep me in your prayers.
  5. Often I see 'I'm an introvert" being used as an excuse to not do anything and sit around watch seasons and eat fats, basically wasting away life under the pretext that he/she cannot enjoy others' company. This isn't about having a selected group of friends - it is about excusing laziness. True introverts don't do that. Anyways, just a rant.
  6. I faced the exact same dilemma when it came to choosing universities, except that the other city is 24 hours away by train. The real question is this: Would a solid base and support provided by your parents be of greater assistance in helping you grow or would you be better off learning on your own. The first step is a cost-benefits analysis. The thing to take note of is the difference in educational standards, not simply a change of environment. How different are the two options? Will going to option 2 result in a significantly better outcome? Not simply in terms of "new place/more excitement/not dull" but actual gains like better social connections, better faculty, labs, facilities etc? Have you observed the "Muslim culture" you want to become a part of? Is it really that good? Because the grass only appears greener on the other side. In my case the trade-off would not have been worth it; hostel life isn't really that great, especially if you have to work part-time. Have you visited this university? Met with students there? Are your ideas motivated by desire or evidence? How bad is the local option? And in what terms? A change in environment could help you grow as an individual; learning to be independent is really important and could all be worth it. But it'll require self-regulation and motivation on a daily basis. A lot of students I know, far from home, appear unable to take advantage of the freedom on offer. They spend their days shuttling between classes and dorm, with nothing else to do. Make sure you don't become one of them. You're the best person to answer these questions.
  7. Here's me, late to the party as always :P
  8. And you carried out the census yourself?
  9. You get an honorary Pakistani passport!
  10. This is a sad, but natural outcome of rearing snakes, aka jihadists. More specifically Pakistan 2007, which saw the beginning of a wave of horrible attacks as the various Deobandi Sunni factions united to form Tehreek-e-Taliban, 'Pakistani Taliban'. Alhumdulillah the situation is vastly better now with regards to terrorism.
  11. I think the fact that this confusion ended in a solemn apology and not a joke is emblematic of how Shiachat has changed.
  12. Almost as if the trash pit is calling out for new entries.
  13. I actually know quite a few people who've gone down this path. A point of similarity among all of them are their backgrounds: they were 'Muslims by default', not by conscious understanding or practice. Their Muslim identity wasn't taken seriously in their homes, with only comparable "Quran lesson", Eid/Friday prayers and Ramazan being the only major practices emphasized upon, much like what the lady talks about. Combine this with a western-centric education based around literature and exposure to western philosophies, and what you get is a half-baked pseudo-intellectual who idolizes Deniel Dennett and Sam Harris and at best Russell. Particularly common urbanized rich Sunnis. I'd say Shias, at least here in Pakistan are more immune to crap of this nature because of the greater participatory nature of their religion, which holds them back to a certain extent and at times can ignite religious curiosity.
  14. yeah, but easier said than done..
  15. I have tons of powerpoint slides to go through..