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  1. Sunni Arguments Against Shia In A Nutshell

    Lolwut? Does that make them impure? You are just a racist. You make false accusations against the Persian, you are disgusted by us and keep saying "shiaism" is fabricated by Zorastrians and Jews. You never have anything productive to contribute to a discussion. Every single time you come back with more slander.
  2. How To Spot A Wahabi On This Forum?

    They lived happily under such a persons rule? Your fake sahaba/amir is clearly amongst the unbelievers. He is just like his father. I guess the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I youtubed it and you are right that there those who support and love Muawiya, but that does not account for 99%. I personally brought his name up in RL conversations and only got these 2 responses: "Who is he?" and "Yes, he fought against Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) for his status".
  3. Is The Shia/sunni Dialogue A Waste Of Time?

    It has taught me a lot. It isn't a waste of time.
  4. How To Spot A Wahabi On This Forum?

    There's my problem with you. You love someone who fought against a member Alhulbayt (as). Where did you get those statistics?
  5. Religion Of Hatred And Cursing

    What kind of Islam do sunnis follow if it's accomplished by loving oppresors, innovation, bad interpretation of the Quran, thinking it's possible for a book to be complety sahih (study history a bit) and most inportantly refusing Imam Ali (as) as Amir?
  6. This Is What Iran Wants In Mecca And Medina

    Hmm. I see you have .be in your links. You live in Belgium right? Anyways you use the same dumb conspiracy theory that is going on in your Wahabi cult. Your idiocy is based on hatred. Do you even know how shia islam got started?
  7. How To Spot A Wahabi On This Forum?

    You've made it clear that you are wahabi. "amir muawiyah"? The magical unicorns in the land of the fairies say hello.
  8. I Think I Finally Understand Why Sunnis Do (ra)

    Well today I learned something new about him. I only know that he was the enemy of Ahlulbayt (as) and added taraweeh prayer (inovation). @Hot Hot Sorry to dissapoint you, but I am shia. Somehow I might've come over as one of Ahl e Sunnah. I just needed to know that even if someone did sodomy once (as it is reported), then we can't falsely accuse of doing sodomy again.
  9. I Think I Finally Understand Why Sunnis Do (ra)

    So in this case wasn't it only reported once that Umar did sodomy? No, of course not. I was only asking to understand and it was something I needed to know for myself.
  10. I Think I Finally Understand Why Sunnis Do (ra)

    Interesting. If a person has done sodomy, can't he repend for it?
  11. Why Do Shias Curse Sahabis?(more Qs Too)

    Brilliance or cunningness? If they truly loved Rasullah (saw), then why did they turn their back on him? Inshallah we'll see.
  12. Imagine The __?__ And Unity And Peace

    You didn't include it with our Fiqh (only put anti-shia nonsense) Says the guy who falsely accused me of lying. It is you who is ignorant not us. We hate only who are enemy of AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. You love his enemies.
  13. How Persia Affected Islam

    Damn my ancestors! We Persians are the greatest evil! Harr harr harr!!!! Sonador you are on to us. We created the U.S., we are spreading democracy trough our secret agents in the U.S.! Soon we will abolish Islam and restore our proud Jewish Nation... Persraël!!!
  14. Who Is Truthful ?umar & Abu Bakr Or Janabe Fatima

    Gift for maybe after his (saw) death? As in inheritence?