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  1. Just be Muslim. Who cares about labels. 99.9% of your daily life is unaffected by whether you're Shia or Sunni.
  2. Sound like they both want the same thing according to the article: "Al-Sadr is among those who have called for the disbandment of militias organized in Iraq to help the government fight Daesh extremists.Saudi Arabia and its allies have expressed concern about the influence of Iran over Shiite militias, warning that they could be used against Sunnis in Iraq." Either that, or money. Maybe he's just as corrupt as anyone else on this earth.
  3. Has anyone heard of or seen this movie? I'd link a youtube of the trailer, but I don't know if the mods would allow it since it has some non-Islamic content in it. Anyways, the movie is semi-true story about a Pakistani "Muslim" who is going through the arranged marriage process while simultaneously having relations with an American woman, and how he supposedly struggles with both his family and hers. I'm curious as to how the movie portrays the idea of arranged marriage, in a poor light or a good light. Additionally, does it normalize the idea that it's ok for Muslim youth to "have fun" on the side while also going through the arranged marriage process?
  4. Disagree. The culture in many of these places is to ignore things that you're not involved in. If you know a husband is abusing his wife, for example, you don't intervene because it's "not your business." People will stare in the streets at something that is "wrong" or gossip worthy, but they will not intervene. It's just the culture. Even if these people don't partake in such activities, don't approve of such activities, say all their prayers, make all their fasts, give their zakaat, etc., they don't feel comfortable getting up in someone else's business.
  5. Regardless of how religious they are, this is tolerated on the streets in busy areas. In most western countries if some guy was chasing and touching a female like they do over there, other men would step in and put a stop to it. It's a cultural thing at this point, yet a culture (most western countries) where religion isn't emphasized is less inclined to tolerate this than a far more conservative religious based culture?
  6. New moon for eid al fitr

    This whole timezone business doesn't make sense. The continental United States has 4 time zones (more if you include Alaska and Hawaii). If someone sees the moon in California, does that mean someone in Texas can't utilize that sighting because they're in different time zones but in the same country? Even Texas spans two time zones. Someone in central Texas wouldn't be able to rely on a moon sighting from El Paso, being only a few hundred miles apart, but someone in Canada could if they were in the same time zone? Or what about countries adjacent to one another but in different timezones, where the moon sighting may have only been 50 miles away. How many ayatollahs have scientific or technical backgrounds? I feel like that may be a big reason why this is an issue. And you don't need computers. The entire lunar calendar was calculated well over a thousand years ago. And obviously we are allowed to proceed to the next month without a sighting because if there is inclimate weather preventing you from looking for the moon you don't have to stay in the current month until you see a new moon.
  7. North America: Eid discussion

    According to this website, the moon was sighted in Virginia: https://www.moonsighting.com/1438shw.html
  8. New moon for eid al fitr

    This is something that really annoys me. How local does a moon sighting need to be for you to consider it a valid sighting? In the time of the prophet, unless someone in your village saw it and told you about it, or you saw it, you wouldn't celebrate Eid. If we use that logic, then you must rely on a moon sighting by someone no more than a few miles away from you. If we say that the prophet didn't use a telescope, so we shouldn't use a telescope, then we shouldn't use a prayer timings app on our phone either. Nor should we fly by plane for Hajj. We should only use ships, ride camels, and walk. And we shouldn't use the internet to check if someone in our country a few hundred miles away saw the new moon, because that kind of communication would be impossible in the time of the prophet. But if we're ok with using phones/internet to communicate moon sightings from across the country, why aren't we ok with communicating that information across two countries, or three? Or from continent to continent?
  9. I kind of want to walk around in a burka/niqab or something in one of these countries, and then if a man tries something, just turn around and beat him with a heavy purse. Hopefully it'd encourage other women to do the same, and hopefully that'll help make it stop.
  10. http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/06/15/532977361/why-do-men-harass-women-new-study-sheds-light-on-motivations Pretty embarrassing data coming out of Muslim countries. We're supposed to be better than this.
  11. Can we do the brush in the noon while fasting

    Just spit out your saliva when it collects in your mouth 2 or 3 times after you're done brushing. That's what I do.
  12. Mandatory To Grow a Beard?

    I like all the Muslim dudes that shave these fancy beards so they look like models, where they have this super thin beard, or they model it after some actor, etc. Basically they partake in excess vanity. But, I have no beard. Keep it clean shaven. Like someone said above, the term obligatory precation is used because EVERYONE and pretty much all the prophets in history had beards. So WWJD, or WWMD, etc., right? I wouldn't mind keeping a beard, but I find I can keep my face far cleaner without one.
  13. Not sure how many of you have heard, but using various types of insects as a base for nutritional products is becoming more common. You can purchase cricket flour, for example, or you can purchase all sorts of other things with some sort of insect component in it. The advantages of this include that it is more environmentally friendly, it allows the ability to get a more protein rich flour to the poor in countries where they are often very malnourished, and in some cases it is a more easily produced product. So, would this be halal? Why or why not?
  14. Ghusl

    Agreed. No. All that is required is water.