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  1. coldcow

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    But my point is, how would they know? If they saw it, why wouldn't they have taken pictures? Without any proof everything being said here is either speculation or hearsay.
  2. Are we required to not fast while traveling, or are we allowed to not fast to not put undue burden on ourselves? Likewise, is it required to do the Qasr (shortened) prayers while traveling, or merely an allowance?
  3. coldcow

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    He can whatever he wants about Syria, that's not hard to prove right? He can directly talk to someone who was there and get information. But you said that Israel took losses and that all the missiles hit their targets in Israel, and you said it like it was fact. I was asking about your claims about Israel. Those are bold statements to make without any witnesses reporting such things, and without really any way of verifying it, or even knowing what happened. At least the Israelis have footage, real or not, of missiles hitting targets and there is video of israeli missiles flying over Syrian cities filmed by Syrians. And they have video of shooting down missiles via the Iron Dome.
  4. coldcow

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    Maybe. However, trying to send a message that they want to eliminate Israel will only lead to bad things for Iran. Whether that is sanctions, or direct military action against it by Israel, the US, or even the Saudis, poking all its enemies won't be good. Any proof? I haven't heard this version of the story anywhere. I'm not saying you're making things up, but you can't just assume the exact opposite of what Israel says is true.
  5. coldcow

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    Entirely a fair point. However, if Iran was responsible for these rocket attacks, I think it is a bit irresponsible to play with fire and put their soldiers in danger when they know they don't have the assets in the region to protect them. I totally agree, if Israel attacks Syria unprovoked (like it has), then Syria should be able to defend itself. The problem is 1) Syria can't defend itself, and 2) if it tries, it'll only escalate further attacks against it. If Russia isn't going to back it up or give it sufficient weapons to pose a deterrent to Israeli actions, it has to be careful with what it chooses to do. Maybe not. If they wanted to start a war, then sure, they would've launched a lot more than 20. If Iran was responsible for the missiles in the first place, it's likely they wanted to send a message that they won't keep putting up with Israeli attacks on Iranian troops. Unfortunately, their rockets or whatever proved to be completely inneffective. So they essentially gave a reason to bring further attacks on themselves while also showing they have no way to effectively respond.
  6. coldcow

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    I suspect that if Iranian/Syrian forces did launch these rockets, it was done as a way to show Israel that they're capable of firing back if Israel keeps launching attacks into Syria. Hezbollah did something similar, a tit-for-tat exchange, if you will to show that if you attack us, we'll respond. However, the capabilities of Syrian/Iranian missiles is probably not great, compared to the ability of the Iron Dome defenses and Israeli surface-to-surface missiles. I think, even if Iran was targetting empty land simply as a showing of its capabilities, Israel responded full force. Iran is pretending it's not in Syria at all, so it makes it difficult for them to make any official statements on the matter, while Israel can say whatever they want and it'll be taken as truth. And let's be honest here, Iran has no friends in the middle east except for Syria. And Syria is rubble with almost no effective military. They can't defend themselves from Israel. Iran can't defend its assets in Syria from Israel. Short of a full scale war, Iran doesn't have many options right now. It certainly can't fire missiles from Iran into Israel, as that would escalate quickly into a war, which would likely mean American missiles would destroy a lot of its military infrastructure. Iran is in a tough place.
  7. coldcow

    Fasting in Extremes

    Food isn't the hard part in these places, it's water, in my opinion. I frequently fast for 24 hours at a time, sometimes up to 48. But that's without food, not water. If you can avoid exertion and sweating and get in enough water with a little bit of fat and protein, it'll be difficult, but more doable than you think.
  8. coldcow

    Are vows necessary for Mutah?

    What is it that I'm doing that is a great sin?
  9. coldcow

    Are vows necessary for Mutah?

    I feel like this is a troll, but I'll play. While I disagree with mutah in general, I feel like what the OP is asking is basically "I want to have sex, but if I tell a girl a want to have a temporary marriage with them, they'll get freaked out and it won't happen, so instead I'll just pretend I'm doing a temporary marriage in my head." I'm no expert on it, since I have no desire to promote it, but the reality is that mutah is a contractual agreement that specifies to both parties expectations and requirements. You cannot enter into a contractual agreement with someone when they don't know the terms of the contract and don't even know they're getting into one.
  10. coldcow

    Shiamatch Scam

    Haven't heard of this muzmatch. How many people are on it? Is it mostly folks in one particular country? Or all spread out?
  11. Is this a shia masjid? Seems very odd to have both Saudis and Israelis together in a Shia masjid unless specifically to showcase the two enemies that are likely to collude against Iran. As I am not a member of this masjid, nor do I have any plans of attending, I do not feel it is in my place to get involved directly. Disapproval of actual members of the masjid should have more weight than outsiders. And bringing in outsiders to weigh in will simply reduce the weight of their opinions.
  12. Before. I think they're just in a hurry to get me married so they're trying to pressure me somehow. Though their approach tends to have the opposite effect. But I think it's a legitimate question. When you don't date, and you're never really alone face to face with someone, how long does it take to agree to marrying them? I think it's easy to come to the conclusion that "I can probably get along with this person if we got married." But that's based off of a person that may be trying to put their best foot forward, which really isn't sustainable. How does it take for one to feel fairly comfortable that you've seen enough to come to the conclusion that "I can see myself getting along with this person for a lifetime."?
  13. For those of you that are married, how long did you take to get to know your spouse? My parents seem to think a week should be enough. Of course when I was younger they emphasized taking my time. Now they won't leave me alone about it. So, anyone talk with their potential spouse only a short period of time and think that was enough? Wish you had gotten to know each other more? Anyone take a really long time and later realized you could've gotten away with a much shorter time?
  14. coldcow

    What if USSR won the Cold War?

    Since when did the US try to "enforce capitalistic ideology" on the Afghans? As soon as the Soviets withdrew, the US left Afghanistan behind and the remaining government and eventually the Taliban kept it a wasteland. I know everyone likes to hate on the US here, the big imperialist bad guy that supports Israel and attacks Muslims, etc. But remember that communism is inherently anti-religion. If communism had won, and expanded their spheres of influence, you'd be seeing them pushing indirect ways of making it difficult/impossible to practice religion.
  15. This doesn't make sense. First off, you're talking to a physical person versus talking to someone who is dead and not around. Are you assuming they have God-like abilities to hear you wherever you are in the world? Secondly, are the imams declared as being able to act as caretakers of Heaven? Or guards of Allah's metaphorical ear?