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  1. Total Solar Eclipse 2017

    Hello, I am leaving for southern Kentucky tomorrow to view the eclipse in totality and do a little camping. I am hope I am not missed too much by all my friends on ShiaChat. All the Best, David
  2. ^ Hello, Say what you like. If you do not want a BLT maybe you could have the crab salad. Many say I do not learn on ShiaChat but I assure you that I do. I think if these terrorist were sent back to Morocco in caskets containing not only their remains but a pig as well it would have an effect. All the Best, David
  3. ^ Hello, So, you are willing to join me for a BLT? All the Best, David
  4. ^ Hello, That is the reasoning. If I understand correctly, many Muslims believe pigs blood or some other non-halal substance will prevent them from entering heaven. And, there seems to be a particular aversion to pork. So, again, what is the problem with treating a terrorist this way? And once again we have sensationalized thread titles. "Trump says Muslims should be killed with pig blood." So misleading and inflammatory. Much like the thread you started regarding Charlottesville. If the OP had used the word "terrorist" instead of "Muslim" it would be accurate. All the Best, David
  5. Hello, "Gross violence against Muslims?" How is his suggestion "gross?" He is suggesting executing convicted terrorist with bullets soaked in pigs blood. If such a practice would curtail terrorist attacks and reduce the number of civilians killed then what is the problem? All the Best, David
  6. Rape by cop

    ^ Hello, Then can you explain why immigrants flock to the USA in search of a better life. And, once they get here find it is one of the best places in the World to live? Even the Americans here on ShiaChat that constantly ridicule their country realize they have got it good. But, you will never hear them say and you will never hear of them moving to another country. Lets see, wheres that thinking emoji.... here we go: All the Best, David
  7. Rape by cop

    Hello, Maybe the name of this web site should be changed from "ShiaChat" to "DeathtoAmericaChat?" All the Best, David
  8. ^ Hello, I agree with you. But, this is not how blasphemy laws are used in some parts of the World. In these place If you disagree with the majority on some religious issue then you are committing blasphemy. In some cases, those accused do not even get a trial. A mob simply drags them into the street and kills them. All the Best, David
  9. Hillary Clinton 2020

    ^ Hello, One of my favorites, "Rachel Maddow Crying As Trump Wins" And then we have the snowflakes..Ooops, the first video had foul language from the snowflakes. You can search "Hillary Supporters Crying" on Youtube and see them for yourself. That was a great night, All the Best, David
  10. ^ Hello, That is not blasphemy. Blasphemy is "contemptuous or profane speech or action concerning God or a sacred entity." (The FreeDictionary.com) So, no, it doesn't count. It would be an interesting topic on another thread. That is, if one has not already been started. All the Best, David
  11. Hillary Clinton 2020

    ^ Hello, Colbert was completely humiliated during his "2016 Election Special." He is rude, vulgar and a symptom of what is wrong with leftist media. All the Best, David
  12. Hillary Clinton 2020

    ^ Hello, Yes, running again for President is against the law. Not fading into the sunset for a spell and writing your memoirs is against precedence. But of course this will not be reported by the leftist media. All the Best, David
  13. Hillary Clinton 2020

    Hello, Hillary Clinton? No, I think Obama thinks he can run again. He is breaking the time honored precedence of US Presidents moving on after their last term. But, some people have trouble letting go. Just look at Putin and Mugabe. All the Best, David
  14. Hello, Yes. It seems they are often used by the majority to control the minority. As in this example.... "Shia man in Pakistan gets death sentence for blasphemous content on Facebook" (The Indian Express, 12 June, 2017) http://indianexpress.com/article/world/shia-man-in-pakistan-gets-death-sentence-for-blasphemous-content-on-facebook-4700069/ All the Best, David
  15. Hello, An interesting article on how governments/societies use "blashemy" legislation. "Ranking countries by their blasphemy laws" (The Economist, 13 August, 2017) https://www.economist.com/blogs/erasmus/2017/08/anti-religious-speech All the Best, David