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  1. Make sure to check out the Brothers and Sisters Only Clubs. Send a “Join Club” request now! Membership is by approval only. Brothers: Sisters:
  2. 1 week language challenge

    Russian or Mandarin.
  3. SuperBowl 2018

    Going for it on 4th down was critical. If they hadn’t done this, they would have lost.
  4. SuperBowl 2018

    Whatever you think of the teams, the game itself was fun to watch. It was fast paced, and a lot of Philly’s high risk plays paid off. It was tense until the end, worrying that the Eagles may pull an Atlanta, but they did not. Those who thought the Pats would win probably also thought Hillary would win too. Sometimes we can’t break free from the comfort of convention. Brady doesn’t always win. The world is just.
  5. World Cup 2018!

  6. World Cup 2018!

    How many times has Iraq made the World Cup?
  7. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    What a stupid and ridiculous question to ask. Nevertheless, the question has been answered, and the Guest Lounge is for quick answers, not long discussions. Closed.
  8. Post Your Voices!

    Topic reopened. Off topic posts removed. As a reminder, please report posts you believe are inappropriate formally and mods will handle it in their report center, and appropriate action will be taken. This is better than sending PMs or getting into public discussion about it. Also, please no mockery or insensitive posts. Being playful is fine, but have common sense to not push boundaries.
  9. Why do so many admire Ibn Arabi

    Internet high schoolers think they know so much. It’s fun to play judge, jury, and executioner on whomever they like. At most, people here can form preliminary opinions, but not enough to form a decisive conclusion. You got to study this intensely for years. Semester has started again people. Back to work.
  10. Appeasing Sunnis

    Any specific examples?
  11. Interesting video describing the natural human inclination to form cities and some common trends. Interesting how impactful farming beyond individual sustinence is, and how that singly changed human history, as the proportion of consumers to individual farmer keeps going up.
  12. #25 Best Universal Food Base?

    There's definitely some cultural biases here in favor or rice/bread over noodles. Not many noodle dishes exist in the landmass between Italy and China?
  13. Meteors hit in Michigan.

  14. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?