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  1. I don't understand. You are asserting two conflicting definitions for the same word. How does having a frame of reference invalidate God's absolute nature? I don't see a contradiction here.
  2. This doesn't make any sense. Something either exists or not. Then what is our breath and energy meant for? What is it's purpose? As soon as you propose something, a new debate begins on why something instead of something else. You don't think discussions of both grand and minute things already happen?
  3. People seem to over-react and extert anger towards everything. Yes, there's lots to be angry about. What goes on in the world, the undermining of what we believe, the violation of our comfort zones, and the challenges others bring into our lives -- all these seem to rile people up, and cause a fierce reaction. So what's stopping us from harboring this anger, bitterness, and grudge 24/7, since in theory, there's no limit to what we can be angry about? When or where should we turn it off, or on? How healthy is anger, and in what amount? Are we angry at things we shouldn't, and not angry at things we should? Or are we blanket individuals, either angry at everything or nothing? My suspicion is that anger is often misplaced and misused.
  4. Anyone read the comments section of the OP Youtube video? Quite sad, but familiar things we hear today.
  5. Propaganda videos from nasibi sources are not allowed here, as we don't want to increase traffic for filth. Lots of members have already provided detailed responses here. If you are convinced, that's great. If you are not convinced by this stage in the discussion thread, then you likely won't be. So no point in dragging things along. People put in time and effort to post. Let us know if everyone is wasting their time.
  6. I'm referring to dragging in real people into it, giving doubt by "wondering" if somebody can be Sunni, with no evidence to back it up. Just idle imagination. Again, give a reason to back up your "wondering". If you can't, this thread will be closed and you can return to your dozen other topics to continue whatever discussion you want.
  7. You've never asked friends or relatives to make dua for you? Same idea.
  8. You're asking them to make dua on your behalf, and theirs will more likely be accepted than yours.
  9. @Jimmy Boy The post by @Qa'im earlier was a very good explanation, and it makes sense to me. Refer to and re-read it. This idea of a "direct connection" is a misnomer. Nothing in our life works this way. There's always an intermediary of some kind. Like how we're born though mothers, rather than just randomly materializing somewhere.
  10. Those all sound like reasons to avoid one. You can always use temporary tattoo stickers. Don't know how effective they are, but that would resolve the concerns you've stated.
  11. What the heck...
  12. You "wonder"? On what basis? Show something to back up your inquiry. A single quote of him sounding "Sunni". If this is being pulled out of thin air, you may give seeds of doubt to a careless reader who doesn't know any better. And if you can't do this, I'm locking this thread. Don't drag real people through the muck in your Sunni fixation topics.
  13. But I thought you were notme? So you are Sara Gilbert?
  14. I thought this was pretty cool, guess nobody else does...