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  1. Lol, what kind of legal disclaimer is this? A little overboard. Husseini Islamic Center assumes no responsibility for Speakers or consequences resulting from the use of information or content of such information presented, including (but not limited to) errors or omissions, the accuracy or reasonableness of factual or scientific assumptions, studies or conclusions, the defamatory nature of statements, ownership of copyright or other intellectual property rights, and the violation of property, privacy, or personal rights of others.00
  2. Cool. When are they coming on? All I see is Tawhidi.
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  4. Anyone have their contact info?
  5. Self professed free thinkers tell us no belief system, religious doctrine, scientific doctrine, or philosophy is immune from criticism. Underlying this notion is that everything has inherit flaws and limitations, and that astute, dissecting human minds can decode it seriatum. Everything is a bubble that will eventually pop, burdened by the weight of its own contradictions -- or simply morphed and altered by human intervention and reform (who know better). Of course, Islam is a favorite subject. If we want to play their game, and use their principle, how about we criticize the criticism? 1. Criticisms constantly shift the goal posts of perspective. Is the criticism based on original source material or contemporary interpretation? Which material? In which language? From what source? Is it criticism of modern Muslim cultural practices? Political events? Historical details? You get the idea. Criticisms ping pong between these vantage points to better satisfy a rhetorical argument. The weight and relevance of each vantage point can be adjusted accordingly. For the sloppy, all these are one and the same -- and fair game. 2. Do criticisms readily acknowledge the degree of knowledge (or lack thereof) they have? Or is it overstated? Do they readily accept the fact their critique is inherently incomplete, and far from the conclusive word on the subject? Even if they do acknowledge this, and state their criticism is just a "piece of a larger puzzle", what is the end destination of it all? Are they open or honest about that? At the end of the day, what is one supposed to do with all the writing and chatter they've produced? 3. Do criticisms, as a pre-condition, yield legitimacy to authority or not? In this case God and the Prophets? I'm not talking about respect, I'm talking about legitimacy. Whether full (absolute) legitimacy or just partial (relativist) legitimacy? Is something recognized as true solely because an authority stated it, or is this insufficient and other means are necessary (logic, science, reason, etc). If the criticism cannot play by the terms of the subject being criticized, what's the net value? 4. The chicken or the egg. Is the statement "Islam is flawed" a hypothesis or a conclusion? A criticism can either say "Here is XYZ. Therefore, Islam is flawed" VS "Islam is flawed. Here's XYZ". This order may seem trivial, but I think the position of the horse and the buggy can be of subtle importance. What do you think? I think many of these "criticizers" need to get off their high horses, and realize they speak with more vulnerability than they realize.
  6. Any word? They must be busy around this time.
  7. Duly noted. We will continue to support and enforce this policy.
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  9. "Do you work here?" What movie have you not watched, that everyone else has?
  10. Everyone, "Thoughts 2" is now "Thoughts 2017". Every year, a new Thoughts thread will be made for the new year, and the older one closed. Look forward to Thoughts 2018 and beyond.
  11. 150 Refugees Finally Given Dental Work – For Free Over 150 Syrian refugees who have settled in Canada have just been given their first dental consultation since emigrating from overseas – and it was 100% free of charge. Roughly 30 different Montreal dentists and hygienists in Ville Saint-Laurent offered up their services this weekend to all of the Syrians who have been unable to afford a dental check-up since their arrival to the country. In addition to the weekend’s dental work, any refugees who require a follow-up visit will not be charged when they return. CHECK OUT: “Every person deserves to rest in peace”: Muslims Help Repair Vandalized Jewish Cemetery The session was spearheaded by Syrian orthodontist Dr. Ayan Chamma in collaboration with the Red Cross and volunteers from John Abbott College. Dr. Ayan instigated the event as a means of helping his native people who have struggled in adjusting to Canadian citizenship since their emigration. Judging by the sparkling smiles on the visitors’ faces, however, he accomplished that goal spectacularly. (WATCH the video below) Give Your Friends A Smile: Click To Share – Photo by CTV Montreal