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  1. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    It’s about where to place the American embassy.
  2. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    That’s not what we’re talking about. Iran has a viewpoint and makes suggestions, but they make clear that the decision is up to the Palestinians themselves what they do with their land, in a fair and open process. Ultimately, Iran is saying the influence of all foreign powers (occupiers, foreign governments including themselves) is secondary to Palestinian self determination.
  3. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    Nobody said that.
  4. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    You’re misinterpreting this. What Iran said is that they’ll accept any outcome of a free, open democratic process among the Palestinians on their fate, whatever they choose.
  5. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    Listen to any interview with the president or foreign minister over the past several years. I’ve heard this several times.
  6. [Note from Mod: This topic has been temporarily closed for review by a moderator pending one of the following actions: 1) Cleanup: Topic will be reviewed, inappropriate posts will be deleted followed by warnings/bans being implemented and then reopened. 2) Topic will be permanently deleted or sent to the lounge. 3) Topic will remain permanently closed. Please allow up to 48 hours for one of the above actions to take place. Contact the appropriate moderator for any further explanations The ShiaChat.com rules can be found at: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/12120-faq-shiachatcom-rules-and-policy/ [Auto]
  7. New Layout Experiment

    The fluid layout experiment is still ongoing, and that will be the universal layout for now, while more work is done behind the scenes. Stay tuned for further updates and correspondence. Continue to share constructive feedback please. Think not just about your own personal use, but the bigger picture for the site and community as a whole. #ShiaChat #21stCentury #Modernization
  8. New Layout Experiment

    Actually, you don’t have to click the “Done” button at the bottom. Closing the window by clicking the X on the upper right corner will load the topics as well.
  9. New Layout Experiment

    That only happens on the mobile version. The desktop version doesn’t use a “Done” button, it loads automatically upon checking the boxes. Yes, that’s true. But there’s hardly more than a few new topics in any given forum per day, so when you go back, it’s better to see everything. Also you can simply filter Politics only on the home page when you get back there.
  10. Museums seem stale. Even though they are interesting, I feel a disconnect between myself and the stories and things presented in front of me. 

  11. What is everyone's most trusted news source?

    Also to keep in mind: are we talking about best place for news facts, or news opinion/analysis?
  12. New Layout Experiment

    I see what you mean. Recent topics has been re-added below a thread.