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  1. Just wondering, when will it end? What do you try to gain with the same rehashing over and over and over again....and over.....
  2. One persons "extreme" is another person's center. You can shift the spectrum however you like to suit your ends. You are obsessed with this subject, aren't you?You want to discuss this for the millionth and first time? Why don't you be creative and make a new thread about something else for a change?
  3. More like respecting the culture. Which clearly she doesn't. Unless it's "haram" in her belief system. This proves it's not just Muslims and Muslim culture at "home" she despises, but even them in their own lands, the places she wants French Muslims to "go back to". I thought the right wing in Europe were very clear on "you do things our way here, and we do your things there". Wait, it doesn't go both ways? No....
  4. Posting or linking to something doesn't necessarily mean an endorsement. Often it's a "hey, this looks interesting to show and discuss". People do this all the time, even here on SC. Look how many dumb videos people post and say, "whadda ya think?"
  5. Not to be rigurous with your sources? Just put whatever? That's why you're not taken seriously.
  6. This guy is brought up way more than he deserves. I wonder why...
  7. Someone already has that name.
  8. It's interesting how some people are super strict on authentication of Islamic sources for fiqh rulings, ralling against selectivity and cherry picking, yet the range of scholarship and opinion by non-Muslim sources is treated with such a lax, whatever suits me type attitude.
  9. The guest lounge needs votes!
  10. I'm eternal and will be here forever!
  11. Where do you have most social support mechanisms, like family? What do you do for a living? Where's your source of income? Where are you settled? Where do you feel comfortable? What about your spouse? All questions to consider, and would greatly impact which option is preferable.
  12. They don't have to tell a patient exactly how much longer they have to live. It's a courteous estimation. They can share information with family members if the patient consents.
  13. "East" mostly referred to Soviet communism back when this slogan was created. Today it could mean many other things.
  14. They are not required to do that. I think they do it to help the patient have an idea of how much time they have left, in a concrete way they understand. Giving vague time or no time would be more unsettling, and patients and families wouldn't know how much time they have left for preparations and final goodbyes. Its not an exact science though.