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  1. The movie? You see it?
  2. He's having a tough emotional time, but he really needs to move on from this. Everyone needs to.
  3. Does the chain of infallible, God-willed leadership on Earth exist from Adam to the end, or is it prematurely broken by whim? That's all it ultimately comes down to.
  4. Lots of threads on here of people asking about this film. Hopefully some way to see it will be available soon to English speakers online.
  5. Shaming may be a means in some circles, but not others. There are billboard ads for churches that declare "Sinners Welcome" in big font. Mosques wouldn't do this ever, which is a positive thing. Should a university ad say "Failures Welcome", or a gym say "Obese Welcome"? It just doesn't work. Muslims follow a middle path. We delineate personal shame and public exposure and humiliation very well, better than others. We don't have confessionalism in our faith. We don't dismiss neither do we lay on too thick. We don't have that colonial type interventionism or overreach in our blood. We're just right.
  6. According to our poll, 17 of 25 members (~70%) mostly use their home computer over a mobile device to access SC.
  7. Quickly scanned this thread...what's it about? Christianity, mountains, math? I don't get it.
  8. Some of this could be uniquely American Christian culture, not sure if all Christian communities in the world are all similar in this. I don't know.
  9. It looks like Le Pen and Macron advance to the final round. Macron was in the lead in the first round, and is expected to get a lot of the votes of the losing candidates in this final run off, mostly as a vote against Le Pen. EU and other world powers are sighing some relief. One election in one country is apparently enough to worry them. That should show how vulnerable they feel. So much focus in light of Brexit and the Trump presidency, a worry of a continuing "populist" wave. Although there may be some truth to this, I don't know if we can interpret electoral victories or losses to be reflective of the rise or decline of this phenomenon either way. These movements extend far beyond electoral politics, and their influence will be judged outside routine voting cycles. If there was no Electoral college system in the US and if it was by pure popular vote, then Trump would not have won. Does that say anything about the populist phenomena? Brexit was very close, but could have gone either way. It shocked elite policy thinkers, but perhaps they made a miscalculation that being pro-EU was the default majority position to begin with. Perhaps it was widely held for some time, long before talk of populist insurgence. So the Brexit vote may have been based on old views, not new feelings from the current political wave. Britain, as an island in the West, has always had a love/hate relationship with mainland Europe. That's nothing new. So a small majority voting to leave could have happened anytime, should not be surprising. Yes, recent developments may have pushed the vote a few numbers over the edge, but I think most votes for Brexit were fixed long ago. They just needed an opening. With procedural goal posts, it's too unclear. If France's system to elect the president was like the US Electoral College, Le Pen could have won, and eggheads would be drawing different conclusions from now. Perhaps this populism talk is a thing to dangle and a boogeyman to scare the easily scared cosmopolitan class. Nobody knows what they're talking about.
  10. Early? It's been several years already, lots of damage has been done, and everything is too well documented. Is there no sense of acuity or urgency here? This is far beyond mere patience or courteous restraint.
  11. That's true...but is not everything else a constant? The inclinations and nature of most followers, the limitations of Earthly management, the nature of the opposition, etc? Perhaps the lesson is to focus attention on consistent variables, and leave the parsing of the differences for Allah to manage. Yet I see many here flipping this upside down instead.
  12. Because deep down, it was always about the food. Always has been.
  13. Bye

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    Did you report these posts? Staff can't read every post members make, so reporting posts will draw attention and inappropriate posts can be addressed. We're all a community here, everyone needs to help make this a better place.
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    @AfricanShia Members of all faiths are welcome to participate in discussions, and are entitled to their beliefs, as long as they are being respectful. The aim is not necessarily to convert or convince one another of anything, or to be belligerent in disproving people's beliefs. That should not be your goal. Rather you should aim to promote your arguments, and learning about one another better. Non-Shias and non-Muslims are a minority on this site. Treat them with respect like you would a guest at your home. Set the example of our Prophet and his household (as).