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  1. I can make impressions, but I'll offend people I'm sure.
  2. I know it's usually called a "personality test", but it's more accurately an indication of life preferences and style. Because within each group, there a range of personalities.
  3. Love how the content of the video isn't being discussed, but rather the fight between those who have and haven't seen Star Wars. It's always interesting (and sometimes bewildering) to find out what people have and haven't seen. Best I don't know or I would pull my hair out. How dare they haven't seen it!
  4. alHussein @alHussein "Junior student, junior member, junior fellow"
  5. We got ourselves a tough guy here!
  6. Consistency!
  7. Don't know the feeling.
  8. It's from South Park...
  9. I can definitely see this phenomenon in the playoffs each year. The NFL borrows from the DNC, very Hillary Clinton-esque. You're allowed to have your cute little team, but come playoff time, on the big screen, with pushy bandwagons, dollars and ratings on the line, and finally at the point of relevancy, only the "adults" are allowed to win at the end.
  10. Mutah, tatbir, fadak, taqleed, the caliphs, shellfish, overrated speakers, Sunni/Shia issues, random YouTube clips, basically 99% of topics here.
  11. What's simple? The question I asked or the one I didn't ask?