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  1. Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Dr.Syd' Ammar Nakshawani with Ayatullah Syd' Kamal Haiyary&Grand Ayatullah Syd' Sadiq Shirazi https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s750x750/sh0.08/e35/15047046_1162150013899297_6566569296921624576_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTQwMDA0NTE0ODk5ODc5OTc5Nw%3D%3D.2 https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s750x750/sh0.08/e35/15276717_1214444088635819_2695608722935250944_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTQwNDM4NDg5MDc4Mzc1NDAyMA%3D%3D.2 https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s750x750/sh0.08/e35/15253117_188276621635714_5352165047709728768_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTM5ODI5MjIyNjA4NTI5Njc2Mg%3D%3D.2
  2. What are you like

    Salam Yes im same here and at real life Even,live at area with most salifis around me.All know im Shia of Al-Muhammed(s),and not have problems with them elhamdulillah. Wa salam
  3. Whats with all this Shirazi-Khamenei beef?

    Salam I never hear or see that Syd' Shirazi meet Syd' Khamenei,esspecially lately.Maybe years ago,but latley no.I misunderstood you.You sound like you know they meet,so i supposing that you may know epilogue of eventual meeting.Now i see,i was wrong.My apologies. Wa salam
  4. I agree brother,yes we must work on it.As i say before who want go at this way,must find someone to teach him how.Among that key thing could be will of individual for ego elimination.Wa salam
  5. Salam Allama Muhammed Hussein Taharani(q.r) calling upon lectures of Allama Tabatabai(q.r) say: "Feeling love toward faith,affection and asspiration toward secert worlds,and revealing metafisics secerets its part of human nature.This impulse is result of atraction of Loved One toward His position of Apsoulute Infinity.While spirit of manetism,is soul,as base of the eternal source of beauty and origin of existence and perfection and resources of self purification for spiritual passenger are dhikr,thinking,humility and dua" 25-stepst to total self purification-according to Allama Tabatabai(q) 1-Leaving social formalities wich not have internal reality 2-Determination 3-Loneliness 4-Fullfilling of obligations 5-Constant presistance 6-Self-observation 7-Calculation 8-Reprimand 9-Rush 10-Love 11-Preserve of civility(Adab) 12-Intention 13-Silence 14-Small feed inteke 15-Loneliness 16-Be awake 17-Permenent purity 18-Ultimate humility 19-Abstitence from food 20-Hiding secrets 21-Find spiritual teacher 22-Vird(daily dhikr taken from spiritual teacher) 23-Removing thoughts 24-Dhikr 25-Thinking Ofcourse every of this terms have deeper meaning.Most important thing for one who want self purification is to find someone to teach him how. Wa Salam.
  6. Thank You I.R.Iran

    Thank You <3 I.R.Iran <3 http://english.khamenei.ir/news/5006/Video-What-role-did-Iran-play-against-the-massacre-of-Bosnian
  7. Women are Stronger Than Men - Imam Ali Khamenei

    Salam Fatima b Muhammed(s)is Princess of all princess.Dear brother say that Fatima(s) is Princess of "slave maids" is insult not praise for best female's God creation. i apologize if i insult you ,but ask yourself what you wright about Fatima b Muhammed(s),bint Muhammed(s)dear brother,bint Muhammed(s)!Think about it. Wa Salam
  8. Salam Allama Tabatabai(q) was wright a lot on this isiue.Self purification is purification of heart by dhikr of Allah SwT.According to Allama Tababatabi(q) there is 25 steps to total self purification.Theese instructions are transferred by Allama Hussein Taharani(q) in amazing book of spiritual journey.Try found that work if you where not able,i will wright you instructions here or at private insha'Allah Wa Salam
  9. Women are Stronger Than Men - Imam Ali Khamenei

    Salam Yes,there is base at Qur'an that males are rised up for degree over females.But in tafsir of Qur'an and narrations and tradion of Muhammad&Al-Muhammed(s),we are all equal.Even some narrations put females infront of males. If we look our history we will see that womans are do much as mans for keepeng Truth as Truth. If we could bring up one name,just one,wich save this religion it would be Zaynab b Ali b Ebu talib a.s. I dont doubt role of Imam Sajjad(s) after Karbala.But at very event of Karbala one person step up to keep this religion alive and it was Zainab a.s. Then,how could i say that any male out of Masumeen(s) is rised at higher degree than Zainab a.s Even Prophets of Ahlu-l-Kitab.Would i put them at bigger degree thabt Zainab(s).Never!Say about me what you want,and name me wich name you want,im not person withot heart to say that they can comper with Zainab(s) They where send to specific nation to bring them Truth.Zainab a.s is save Truth for all mankind.Pure Truth of Islam.So God bless her for her sacrafise. This is my word,my opinion,and i will be ask for it infront of One wich right is to ask. Wa salam
  10. Did the Sahaba become Kafir?

    Salam I declare kafir?No it was Imam Buhari&Imam Muslim at first place I did not answar just to see way you think.Ok. If just think a little just a little,you will get answar without asking me. I belive you are sunni,yes.And i say Salam to you,yes.Woul i say salam to kafir? I give you videos of Dr.Adnan Ibrahim.Would i call upon him and made him my source or take anything from him if i belive all sunnis are kafirs? Ofcourse i would not. But you are not read,you are not listen,now i see that you are not even think! Im sorry for say this,but you not have morals at first place.How many times i say salam to you?How many times you reply?I see you as brother you see me as mister!? Im not go down any more at your level.Whatever you wrighte,think you are right.From me have dua that Allah SwT guide you to Truth,whatever Truth is. Wa Salam
  11. Did the Sahaba become Kafir?

    Salam In sunni islam Buhari&Muslim are at ranq of Qur'an.99% of sunni ulama will say every single hadith in theese 2 books is 100% autentic,so in very same books u will find that not all of companions stay with Islam. At other hand Shia do not beleve that for example Kitabu-l-Kafi is all sahih,most of it yes,but all no.However narrations about this isue are sahih,and clear.Every companion was not stay with Islam. At end,i have enough moral to not answar at your last question,because i know where that lead.I give my opinion on topic.Give source of my opinion. When you ask me question,i give u answar with source of my answar.Think is enough from me. Wa Salam
  12. Did the Sahaba become Kafir?

    Salam.Im not qulify for it. But sunni Imams,authors of qutbu-l-sitte think theye where and in thers sahihs/sunans is your answar Or you can turn at Imam Kulayni(q.r) or somme other shia scoolar,and find your answar Wa Salam
  13. Did the Sahaba become Kafir?

    Salam Im sorry i don know.But anyway your conclusion is wrong. If your sahih books are sunni collections such as Sahih Buhari,or Sahih Muslim,they say diferent from you If your sahih books are shia collections such as Kitabu-l-Kafi,or Biharu-l-Anwar,agan they say diferent from you. Wa Salam
  14. Did the Sahaba become Kafir?

    Salam. You say this.And your sahih books say diferent. Wa salam.
  15. Bodies Rising To Heaven?

    Salam Hadith is in "Sahih Muslim".But yes agree with you Qur'an is without mistake.Otherway there is no book of Hadith collection including both shia&sunni in wich is every single hadith truth.We are misunderstood eachother at some other point,but its ok.We can agree that we disagree ;) Wa Salam.