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  1. Best of Memri TV LOL
  2. for slaughter on Eid?
  3. salam. Kindly check your inbox.

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      oh i sent one yesterday. Let me write it again.

    3. Marbles


      That's strange. I should have received the PM. But I got one just now. Will reply shortly :)

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      may be my internet wasnt working properly.


  4. meri raye k mutabiq Sirf ek baat ka khayal rakhna chahye aur wo yeh k kahin naam lene ki waja se urf e aam ma koi gustakhi tu nahi ho rahi aur aya koi jhooti baat tu un se mansoob nahi ki jaa rahi.
  5. i am neither good in English nor Urdu. So expect a lot of mistakes but anyway here you go brother. Dont ask the status of Malang(a term used to define a lover).They are of unique colours. They cannot live without cursing enemy of Ali (AS) [chants] First Malang who came in sindh, Mola Hussain (AS) blessed him. He(that malang) turned that forest in to paradise, and hosted Majlis and Matam. I will not hide anything from momineen today. Everybody get ready. By becoming pride of Syeds, By becoming voice of truth, Dog became Eagle (Referred to a famous Sufi personality of Sindh Hazrat Laal Shahbaaz Qalandar) He is true servant and has high status. second servant whose name is shah Shams. He has black cloths and has hopes from Ghazi (AS) and says that Father of Hassan (AS) is a true Imam. These are servants but show me someone better than them. I will leave my sect if you do so. /couldnt hear this line properly even after hearing it again and again/ Lovers of Mola Ali (AS) has come, they have unique behavior. One lover whose name i will not tell. He opened his shop under Alam of Ghazi Abbas (AS). He has not roof neither has any items in his shop. He make people shout chants and burns hearts of enemies. He makes houses made of clay and trade paradise against them. Thats all.
  6. well i look a lot older in big beard so i keep it small.
  7. Meanwhile in Iran
  8. A compilation of my favourite cinematic shots. Intersteller Se7en Mad Max The Grand Budapest Hotel The Martian Mad Max again The Revenant (Its wajib to see this movie) Hugo The shinning Skyfall Inception The life of pi The Curious Case of Benjamin Button True Grit Inception
  9. Received them as well. I just love so much that i am receiving anything from Imam Raza (AS).
  10. Go near his ear and say, Ya Ali (AS) He will be pleasantly surprised.