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  1. Must a Muslim love God?

    @Salsabeel I have feeling that posters have weird and odd understanding of love. Not sure how is that possible but it seems to be the case! Due to extreme corruption in the world, people started to feel less appreciation to anything good and take everything that is given to them (with good or bad intention) as granted with indifference. Seems like machines walking. Morbid.
  2. Must a Muslim love God?

    -.- uninstall Christianity Make clean installation of Islam. To interpret Quran, we do not refer to translations nor to what we "prefer" to be the meaning of the verse. The meaning you are alluding to is not the meaning that various muslims scholars, based on narrations from prophet and his house hold, have reached to. https://www.al-islam.org/supplication-in-the-eyes-of-ahlalbayt-muhammad-mahdi-al-asifi/divine-love-supplications-ahl-al-bayt- wasalam
  3. Someone who goes against Allah willfully. A muslim may err, might be ignorant of better way to solve problems (bad akhlaq) , might be raised in society that makes them do things certain ways, might be born poor and forced to go to haram ways. Might be ignorant of the laws and obligatory practices of islam. might be raised in non practicing environment but they know and acknowldge (inwardly or outwardly) that they are wrong doers < this confession between them and Allah is enough to be forgiven if they are sincere and sought self improvement. Take the case of the mages who battled prophet Musa. They were pagans and lived all their lives tricking people and making tem worship other than Allah but when they acknlowdged that the miracles of Musa were not magic but true. They were forgiven though they were killed right after that battle. Take the cae of Yazid bin Hurr Al-Ryahi. He was in the army of Yazid. He lead Imam Hussain to Karbala and helped in forming siege on imam and his family for days. But on the day of battle, he switched sides and he became martyr. He is not known to be a shia man before the battle and no one knows of how practicing he was. Take the case of Iblis. He served Allah and worshipped him for 70,000 years until he was counted with angels although he was not an angel himself. But when Adam came, he willfully refused to obey to commands of Allah and was damned. Practice works when the beliefs are correct, the better your practices, the better believer you are. So practices are like competition between believers. At least in the last day since in Dunyia we cannot judge others insides and intentions so we dont know if we are better believers based on the outwardly practices only. Also practices reinforce and stregthen the beliefs. Most famously is the Salat which in Quran said to protect the person from doing sins. So once you have proper belief, you enter positive reward cycle more practices> better belief> more practices> better belief. Threre are things that brea up this cycle: hypocracy and self admiration. Hypocracy or ryia is to do practices wanting to draw attention to your religiousness. Self admiration is to look at others and say : im certainly better than them, i pray and fast (nawafils) but look at them.
  4. Must a Muslim love God?

    ان كنتم تحبون الله فاتبعوني يحببكم الله If you love Allah, then follow me (prophet Mohamad) so Allah love you. It is pre-condition to islam. This because they followed that which called forth the Wrath of Allah, and they hated Allah's good pleasure; so He made their deeds of no effect. They followed what angered Allah and disliked Allah's ridwan, So Allah voided their deed. 47-28 Love and hate is essential and hard core of aqidah
  5. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

  6. From war to war, from a political mess to political mess, from migration to immigration to refugees. Muslim countries are not allowed to advance. This is against the best interest of the west. Yemen lends world bank 6 million dollars annually. The text on bus reads: Kuwait>Baghdad>Amman>Sham>Beirut>Quds>RamAllah>Nablis>Jenin. Alexandria, Egypt: Stopping a boat carrying Europeans who tried to enter Egypt illegally, looking for better life standards. Iaqi Dinar used to worth 486 US dollars. Cairo was awarded as most beautiful city in the world. What is called :Minds Migration is a very worrying trend of the immigration of intelligent Arabs/Muslims to the west, depriving their own countries and enriching the other countries.
  7. who is this quran reciter ?

    XD Imam Jum'ah Some translators will read Imam as Amam = in front and Jum'ah as jam'ah = gathering XD so in front of group
  8. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    prophet advice was "ان جائكم من ترضون دينه و خلقه" When a man who you are (subjectively) pleased with his religious-ness and manners, marry them off. It is the islamic ruling of compatibility. To find a religious compatible person to your religiousness. Often times, boys indulge in all sorts of haram then go around looking for extremely restrictive marriage. I am not saying that your case, but im saying that's that is a very incompatible and can lead to many problems. Similarly if the girl is non religious and was brought to a very religious husband family. Nither she nor your family will feel good being around each other. So find someone who is as religious as you are and your family. If your family women wear hijab they may know of others. If your family women do not wear hijab and you are not that practicing person, bringing a religious person to this environment is not fair. Maybe if she is wearing hijab and accepted you, she will remove it because she accepted you as an (open minded) person with family which does not mind the removal of hijab.
  9. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

  10. How Difficult Arabic Is

    As far as I know, Arabic is the only one XD
  11. Thoughts 2017

    Aussallie nafilataS subh qurbatan lilLaahi ta'ala
  12. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    shia version of historical events and they mean is like the modern (true) conspiracy theories. People rejects them despite evidence because " it is illogical that gov goes against its values doctrine and citizens".
  13. Depression

    In Sha'Allah she makes it out without need of drugs. I hope that too for everyone on chronic need for medicines. It is called Hope and believe in Allah's mercy that He guide us as human to find better solution. Also a hope and believe that Allah is capable of the impossible and He can grant her cure despite everything else said by professionals. instead, why is it that anyone who recommend faith and spirituality is branded as lunatic hollier than thou? Isn't this judgmental? This thread is not only about Psychosis. There are others who are going through hardships and minor depression. But even if it is about psychosis it is worth noting that medicines alleviate the acute attacks and ameliorate the chronic effects but even on medication some get a relapse, the disease can hit harder after few years despite medications. Which is why if you read the medical literature, the medications part is left to the end of literature and the rest of paper or book or chapter talks about other methods. If pills were all that is there, all that literature would not exist. It is not a black and white situation. Some take pills and do not get back their lives. Medications efficacy are always under evaluation and better therapies are sought. We go with what we have now but we should be always hoping for better. Also, those who made it out on medication on this site are believers. They have faith and they are spiritual.. It is known that those with faith have better prognosis than those with no spiritual discipline. This is in scientific journals and studies had been done. It is proven, not hollier than though talk. Also, to have access to pill, to have supportive family , to have power of will to beat up the illness are all by the grace of God. It si worth thanking His, Hamd and Tasbih and empower our trust in Him hat He takes care of us. This help up to recall these sad days with hope instead of gloom. To say "I had to go through bipolar and i made it out, Alhamdullilah" is certainly better than " F* God, F* religion, i had gone through S* . If it was not for pills i wont make it" < because when relapse comes and medication fail or when family and friend avoid the patience due to their ungratefulness to their support or when health care access is blocked, the patient will be left to their bitter short slightness. Trust me brothers and sisters, the religion you have and the faith in your heart is a gift that so many who suffer wish they have it . Never take it lightly. Never take a prayer of a believer lightly either. It reaches the heavens without hijab. Lastly, This is a religious forum. There are many who have access to pills but they still feel hollow and want something extra. They may seek support from religious community in anonymity. If we did not give them that, there is no need for us to be here. We can spend time on any other site that gives the conventional modern medicine advises.
  14. Depression

    Now , there you go. Nothing like a weekend to improve the mood and regain sanity. Did you have a walk in nature? good job !
  15. Depression

    I fail to see where everyone disagree here looool what?