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  1. Stress in Islam

    My joints hurt. I feel like if each one of them is coming in and out of their place. I have chest tightness and i cannot focus. There is a clutter in my mind and the work is piling up. I recovered my hate notebook again. I was looking down staircase and estimating how much damage will it do if i jumped down. I wish I can curl up on my grandpa grave and cry. It is just expected. I came back to the bullies offices and they've been doing what they excel at : abolish people's morale. I have a new boss who is new, freshly graduate with high degrees. I am watching as he is going through same steps and same process that lead to my current state. I also watch the other team members as they are being destroyed. Youth, energetic, brilliant people who will soon will turn to zombies. I was thinking of creating an achievement board or some other positive reinforcement for them. But I am being held back by my past experience. What will I get from all that? Probably i'll get a negative feedback. Probably they will feed on the scarce reserve of positivity that is left in me, they will cont. their life happily while i'll rot alone. None will look back and try to approach to help. None had done so in the past and I am not expecting anything like it in the future. But, why I am here then? I am done already. I've been damaged already. What If a word can change the life of another person to make them avoid this same fate? I do not know. The concept seems nice but I do not have the will. Not my business..I dont know Stress.. It is also called Karb in Arabic. There are plenty of narrations regarding the karb: عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: "من مشى لامرئ مسلم في حاجته فنصحه فيها, كتب الله له بكلّ خطوة حسنة, ومحى عنه سيئة, قضيت الحاجة أولم تقض, فإن لم ينصحه فقد خان الله ورسوله, وكان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم خصمه" 1. Imam Sadiq said: whoever walked to solve another muslim issue, and he gave him the right advice, Allah will reward every step he made by hasanah and erase a sin, whither that problem was solved or not. But if he did not advised him then he betrayed Allah and His prophet, and prophet will be his enemy (on the day of judgement) عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام: "إن الله عزّ وجلّ انتخب قوماً من خلقه لقضاء حوائج فقراء من شيعة علي عليه السلام ليثيبهم بذلك الجنّة" 2. Imam Sadiq said: Allah had elected a group of people to solve issues of the poor shia of Ali , so he will reward them Jannah" عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: أيما مؤمن نفّس عن مؤمن كربة نفّس الله عنه سبعين كربة من كرب الدنيا وكرب يوم القيامة, قال: ومن يسّر على مؤمن وهو معسر, يسّر الله له حوائج الدنيا والآخرة, (ومن ستر على مؤمن عورة ستر الله عليه سبعين عورة من عوراته التي يخلفها 3 في الدنيا والآخرة) 4. قال: وإن الله لفي عون المؤمن 5 ما كان المؤمن في عون أخيه المؤمن, فانتفعوا في العظة وارغبوا في الخير 6 Imam Sadiq said: If Any believer, relieved the stress upon another believer, Allah will relieve 70 stresses in Dunyia and Qyiama. Whoever eased upon a believer (a hardship), Allah will ease upon him his needs in Dunyia and Akhira. Whoever covered a believer deficits, Allah will cover 70 of his deficits in Dunyia and Akhira. Verily, Allah is in aid of the believer so long as the believer is in aid of his brother. So use the advice and presue doing good. (english has been butchered here, but i hope the meaning is clear) عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام قال: من خطا في حاجة أخيه المسلم 7 بخطوة كتب الله له بها عشر حسنات, وكانت له خيراً من (عتق ظ) عشر رقاب, و صيام شهر واعتكافه في المسجد الحرام 8. Imam Baqir said: whoever made steps to solve his muslim brother issue, Allah will write for him for each a step 10 hasanat, and it (problem solving) will be more beneficial for him than freeing 10 slaves + fasting a whole month+ doing e'itikaf in the Masjid Alharam. وعن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال: قضاء حاجة المؤمن خير من حملان ألف فرس في سبيل الله عزّ وجلّ, وعتق ألف نسمة 9. وقال: ما من مؤمن يمشي لأخيه في حاجة إلا كتب الله له بكلّ خطوة حسنة, وحطّ بها عنه سيئة, ورفع له بها درجة وما من مؤمن يفرج عن أخيه المؤمن كربة إلا فرج الله عنه كربة من كرب الآخرة, وما من مؤمن يعين مظلوما إلا كان ذلك أفضل من صيام شهر واعتكافه في المسجد الحرام imam sadiq said: solving the believer problem is far better than preparing 1000 horse for jihad and freeing 1000 slaves. and he said: a believer who walks to solve his brother's issue, Allah will reward him for each step a hasanah, erase a sin and raise him a degree any believer solve his brothers stress, Allah will relieve a stress from his own in dunyia and akhira, any believer who support an opressed, that will be better for him than fasting a month and doing e'itikaf in masjid alharam وعن أبي جعفر عليه السلام قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم: "من سرّ مؤمناً فقد سرّني, ومن سرّني فقد سرّ الله"18. Prophet said : whoever made a believer happy, he made me happy. whoever makes me happy, he made Allah happy (translation?) https://www.almaaref.org/books/contentsimages/books/miscellaneous/al_moemen/page/lesson6.htm Jum'ah Mubarakah everyone
  2. Your favourite 'saying' ..proverb.

    this is anza wolou tarat
  3. STEM is training for a job while humanities are raising up a child and nurturing him/her. Discipline of a child should be carried out by family or community norms or some professional in the art. I will not trust anyone from the current educational complex to nurture my children. I think they've done already enough. But there are things that decrease empathy, for example : lies. But current political correctness moral campus puts the traditional morality into trash and it is synthesizing a whole new moral system, which probably will create more sociopaths. In this case, a gun control wont solve the issue. They can make new ways to harm people, if harming others fills them with pleasure.
  4. Sahaba

    The verse does not contain the word sahaba, it uses the word (those with him). It could refer to people around him or it could refer to those who are with him always (physically and none physically) in this case it can refer to ahlulbayt.
  5. Sahaba

    well, Sahib is an arabic word that is used casually to describe a fellow or companion. The word itself is neutral and does not indicate any special relation between the company and the accompanied. If you searched for the word Sahib in Quran, you will find in many instances that it was used to describe the relation between 2 humans who existed in same place and same time, but were following 2 religions for example. The proper question is "when did the significance of the prophet's companion came to be part of mainstream muslim schools of thought?" Mutawakil the bbassid is great start to trace backward the steps. It is said that during his riegn, many of the modern day sunni aqa'id were coined and given special terms. in early Islam there were a number of criteria to point out to righteousness of a companion: Hijarh, ansar, those who attened Uhud, those who attended Badr, bay'atul Ridwan But , there were hypocrites as well, and the standard test to verify if someone is true believer or fake one was his love to imam Ali. There is a hadith narrated by some companions that say" we could tell who was a hypocrite and who was not during the life of the prophet by noticing how much they dislike Ali bin Abi Taleb" http://kingoflinks.net/ImamAli/32HobAli/8Tabarani.htm
  6. He was attracted to her! He liked the fact that she has strong opinions even if he disagrees wit them. He was analyzing her all the time. Him moving is arms in a power fist was to lower his "threat" to her, acting a bit cartoonish so she can stop attacking him and start admiring his ideas BUT and i like what she did, the moment he was about to boast about how he would lambasted his academic opponents, she cuts off his grandiose talk ! I do not disagree with everything he says nor agree with him either, but that interview was over blown IMHO because of that subtle attraction that led to "gocha" moment. She felt it at the end... only at the end and tried to keep a face, sort of softened too at the end so it does not appear personal. Useless interview, he had made much better ones XD
  7. حب الوصي و غذتنيه باللبن
  8. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    considerig that you are a very far away from a racist, the fact that you have never thought about it is quite telling
  9. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    The other thing I noticed is that European Americans are not integrating well with their new home. Despite centuries have past, they still do not feel comfortable enough to have healthy economic ties and sociopolitical and cultural ties with south America. They have good ties with Canada because Canadians are white too. They are still taking the history of Europe as their own history. They did not develop deep relation to the land they are on.
  10. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    the illegal immigration is not what is wrecking the economy, tax evasion does. cheap manual workers are actually economy driving force.
  11. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    What I understood so far is this: 1- China: American industry moved to China because it ships everywhere? Cheaper certainly. American economy started to shrink. Because US gov cannot force capitalist corporates to re-open on US land, US gov has to find another way to sustain itself as a state, other than the military complex, obviously. 2- Re-shuffle the markets: The 2008 crisis caused by huge withdrawal of money from stock market. The elites started treasuring their money in save heavens in Panama and other similar places, away from taxes and other regulations. Then bring on this as revelation in a leak sort of? So, the while world leaders are embarrassed by their peasants (citizens) and they start calling for regulations to close all the gaps through which elites can avoid taxes. BrIXET comes out of EU, away from these regulations. Catalonia wanted out of the grip of these regulations as well. Other countries gave the illusion that they are making special regulations to ensure taxes are on everyone. US did not play along and now it is by far and large , the save heaven for all elites money. 3- Kick out the peasants: US economy will be based on banking money of elites. US will not need the shabby look, the hippies and the homeless. It needs to be Elysium.
  12. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    when money runs dry, it bites
  13. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    2018 shutdown
  14. Imamah in Quran