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  1. Wearing chador

    For me personally, I've noticed that hijab/chador helps to align my behaviour towards Islamic values because you have a constant reminder that you're representing the religion.
  2. Wearing chador

    I'm not quite sure whereabouts you're based in the world, but if you're in Iran, you should feel much more comfortable wearing chador there since it's so common as opposed to Western countries. Besides, the chador comes in various different styles so it may be that you just need to find the right style for yourself, so that you feel comfortable wearing it wherever you are. Once you gain a deeper understanding behind the purpose of Hijab in general, and the many blessings it brings upon yourself and society, the importance of the not-so-encouraging comments from others begin to fade. As for the money you've spent on your manteau and trousers, it hasn't gone to waste-you can still wear them underneath your chador. P.S I'm sure you'll be great wearing the chador
  3. Inspirational Farsi Clips/lectures

    The first clip posted by Kamyar has already been translated. You can find it here.
  4. W'Salaam I find manteau's most appropriate for work - I normally get mine from Iran, but this site does the job just as good!
  5. Could you marry him?

    W'Salam, I think it very much depends on how much contact the girl has had with the guy from her past. It probably isn't a wise idea for her to get married to someone who will be committed to her, whilst she's still having thoughts of another man - specially if a great deal of contact has been exchanged between them. It wouldn't be fair on the potential husband, nor would it be entirely healthy for the relationship. This doesn't necessarily mean she will be single for a very long time; it's all dependent on how willing she is to try and move on from it. In the words of Alain de Button "My identity had for so long been forged around 'us' that to return to the 'I' involved an almost complete reinvention of myself. It took a long time for the hundreds of associations that I had accumulated with her began to fade. I had to walk through Islington on numberless occassions before I could forget that Islington was not simply her district, but just a useful place to shop or have dinner. I had to revisit almost every physical location, rewrite every topic of conversation and activity that she and I shared in order to reconquer them for the present, in order to defuse their associations with her. And so gradually I forgot."
  6. Farsi translated lectures

    W'Salam, This YouTube channel is pretty good - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJm6FYjzlsYnkJgsowXPjtg
  7. Shia Nasheed

    W'Salam, Here are some
  8. Hi! 1) What's your first name? - Not comfortable sharing my first name so I will use a pseudonym; Zahra. What country are you from? - The UK. 2) Why do you wear Hijab? - I choose to wear Hijab because I believe it to be commanded by God; because I feel free from a idealised and narrow perception of beauty which exists within society today; because it acts as a 'behaviour check' for me, and reminds me to align my behaviour to my Islamic values and also because I like the idea of being identified as a Muslim when I'm out and about. 3) Do you wear it to be more modest? - Yes.
  9. Hijab visor

    (wasalam) I was actually searching for something similar on google, then I came across this post. Thought I'd share incase anyone else was in search for it.
  10. Hijab visor

    The Hijab Arc
  11. Tea Or Coffee?

    (wasalam) It has to be green tea with honey or saffron rock candy for me.
  12. Post Your Favorite Nohas

  13. Hair Help In London Uk !

    (wasalam) Here is one place I have come across, I haven't been there myself but it doesn't seem bad.
  14. Urgent Istikhara ! - Someone Plz !

    Do you still need it done?
  15. Shia Mosques In London