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  1. Before December 1st I wasn't religious and to be honest I never considered my self a Muslim. I was then told that I should pray every single prayer twice for the whole of this year to pay back the others from last year. Is this necessary because I wasn't religious back then but apparently because I live in a Muslim family I was "ignorant" and I have to pay them back. I didn't pray because I can't be bothered but because I never believed back then. So do I have to pay them back because that is very time consuming.
  2. HassanShia


    Yes you are right, what the Illuminati have to do is get the world ready for him to take physical form and that's exactly what their doing now. Yes he is like their messiah which really controls them. It's known that they are able to connect with Jinns and possibly him. This does make sense because if you think about it they probably have the books that were found under kind Solomon's temple (Diggings around the area took place there). Know one really knows for sure which Antichrist they believe in but which ever one it is, it will do exactly what every other Antichrist is said to do. But I think of him to be Dajjal/Satan and yes he will take physical form once they completed their "mission" which is corrupt the world and kill of religion. They already nearly accomplished this all you have to do is look around you. And believe it or not Christians are indirectly worshiping him. I will post the video for that if you want but I do recommend you watch the whole of the series since it will provide you with much better information than I am able to give.
  3. HassanShia


    Yeah give it a look, once you watch it you will understand everything that happens around you. Like I said, it's what brought me here and I do recommend to try it out for yourself.
  4. HassanShia


    Ahh, thanks for that :)
  5. HassanShia


    I think we all should start to prepare but what do you mean by prepare?
  6. HassanShia


    Your right and wrong, The Dajjal is a system and has been ruling this world since the prophets days and he informed us about this. Now the 40 days he is going to live on earth isn't exactly like our days, their different. Now the first 3 days are not like our days but the other 37 days are. When Dajjal was in a day which is like a year Britain was his headquarters and when he moved to a day which is like a month, the USA was his headquarters. Finally when he is in his day which is like a week, Israel is his headquarters where he will take physical form. Watch this video and you'll see exactly what I mean, it will make so much sense. By the way, everyone should watch "The Arrivals" on youtube, once you watch that you will be awaken, it's what brought me to Islam :)
  7. HassanShia


    So there is a high chance that this can happen in our lifetime..
  8. HassanShia

    Iran Sits Back, Watches Threats?

    Why would someone on here stick up for the US, I don't get how a puppet can end up on these forms.
  9. HassanShia


    Not going to be a good thing if he rises, if he does, i'm moving to Iran. And are there any specific signs for when the Sufiyani will rise?
  10. HassanShia

    Masturbation In Islam

    If one does commit this sin how does he ask for forgiveness from Allah, any specific du'a and should he say this in his prayers or after?
  11. HassanShia

    Evolution And Islam?

    Thanks for the detailed explanations, I need to do a lot more research on this topic and see where is all comes down too.
  12. Yes but what i'm trying to say is that imagine you only knew this person a bit and you been talking for maybe a month, then you got married. But after that you kept getting to know each other and things turned out to be different than you expected them so your stuck with this person because of a mistake you made and that will never change even if you been together for 30/40 years. Now imagine you spent a year talking to someone and getting to know them, not only would you start developing the sense of love (If it's a person you like obviously) you would know that person enough to know you will be happy to live together forever and they will be happier than the couple who have been together for 30/40 years even though they been together for 5 years. But I can see where you're coming from.
  13. Hmm, that would kinda make sense to me then :P that's it, ranging hormones but still, attraction isn't a bad thing now is it. But usually when you get to know someone the attraction part starts to fade away and it's more about the person.
  14. Yeah but i'm saying those feelings are a sign that you may be able to develop love between you for the people that are going to marry without being in love first. :)