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  1. How To Delete Account

    I hope an admin see's this too! InshAllah! Thanks for the info though :)
  2. Hi there, Im trying to find out how to delete my profile? I went to the admin page but there is no contact info (why!!!!) ahhh shia chat is such a pain to deal with! Please help i just want my profile deleted. (Also how do you delete your own posts? I read that there should be a symbol on the bottom of the page but i have had a really good look and there isnt...?) Thanks in advance.
  3. Deleting My Sc Account

    Hi i cannot find an option to delete posts??? Its soooo annoying so now i want to delete my account. Please help! I went to the admin page but there is no contact info (why!!!!) ahhh shia chat is such a pain to deal with!
  4. Salams! So Im living in Cairns but have no muslims friends nor contacts here. Im a revert and after a year still havent been to a mosque. I used to live a rural area where there wasnt one and now i live here in Cairns the mosque is run by Sunni's. I dont know what to do. i had planned on attending the mosque in my new city and now im confused as to whether it is wise to go to a sunni mosque... Would a shia person be welcome? Also with talk of the leader being "self appointed".... im abit put off and confused. I dont even know how to go about attending the mosque.... i just feel so isolated. Apart from a neighbour i know noone in this city. I want to further my islamic knowledge, be involved with a community and ideally pray at the mosque sometimes. Also! - Because iv just moved here im neeing to find a halal butcher. I was thinking of ringing the Islamic society in Cairns but then thought if their Sunni (i have no problems with Sunni's or any other people, just so you know ) then would it be right to buy meat from their butcher anyhow? Im just so confused... ahhhhhh some advice please
  5. Cheap Islamic Clothing

    WOW just saw this is form 2008.... :S woooops i hope youv found some nice abayas by now looool xx
  6. Cheap Islamic Clothing

    Salams Sister, Hijab House which has stores in Merrylands (stocklands shopping centre) and Bankstown (centro?) sell the obvios and a wide range of abayas. I'v attached a link below as the store also sells online. If you have a look at their online store you may think they are abit pricey but their clothing is great quality and if you go instore i always find bargains/ reduced items that may not be seen online. Either way Hijab House is value for money.... Alhamdulilah! We are so lucky to have Hijab House in Sydney! Oh also try integrity boutique in bankstown... its rught near HH. It doesnt have abayas or traditional pieces but you may find some things like nice maxi skirts. It is muslim owned also. Inshallah you will find things you like and that suit you! Allah knows its not always easy to! xxx http://www.hijabhouseonline.com.au/ www.facebook.com/HijabHouse
  7. Alsalam alikum,

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      How are you, dear sister?