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  1. Brother compassion must be coupled with firmness against the kuffar. Let's discuss our ideas instead of name calling. Peace my dear brother.
  2. Asslaamu alaykum brother, Solution is for us to get into the alternative media and promote our worldview and way of life. I wrote about this in my article Why We Don't Need More Muslims in "the Media". This means arguing and fighting against: Atheism Secularism Free Market Capitalism Feminism Marxism Modernism Post-Modernism Rationalism Skepticism Anti-Family values etc. It also means promoting goodness, faith, the fitra, tradition, family, etc. We most importantly need to promote spirituality and a connection with Allah which is the solution to all personal problems and the path to happiness. People are not happy in the modern world. We need an online presence. We need to promote our own worldview. This is at least part of the solution. The main solution is to act on the Quran and hang fast to the Wilayah of the Twelfth Imam and leave our affairs to Allah.
  3. There are streams within the Alt-Right that are pro-tradition. Google neo-reactionary and dark enlightenment, and look at this article as well: http://www.rooshv.com/what-is-neomasculinity Although there are elements of post-truth in both streams, I would say overall the Alt-Right has strong modernist elements (meaning they believe in truth in the Enlightenment sense) whereas most of the progressive left is overwhelmingly post-Truth and is about "constructing narratives" (or deconstructing as is usually the case.) I think the main problem is that we don't have a single pop-Muslim figure who is not afraid to be politically incorrect. Hamza Yusuf is kinda getting there but he doesn't seem like a particularly confrontational person and something tells me he's not fully aware of what's going on. Good article, overall I agree with Qa'im's analysis.
  4. Salaamu alaykum everyone, Please check out this new series that absolutely destroys all these anti-Islam YouTube atheists who think true Muslims are ISIS terrorists. If you like the video, please upvote it on YouTube + share on social media because the atheists are rushing to downvote them without watching them because they know they are getting exposed. Please also share your thoughts below in the thread:
  5. Salaamu alaykum everyone, Thanks for all your support so far. My last major post (The Aql is Not Reason - It's Consciousness) had a reception beyond my expectations, and received over 200 shares alhamdulillah. Continuing with this series is my next post. There's been a gap since the post on the Aql, but inshaAllah I'll be producing the next posts in the series in rapid succession. After this series, if I have the tawfeeq I will move on to the proof(s) for the existence of God inshaAllah. I always appreciate any likes/shares and/or comments, jazakumullah khayr. http://themuslimtheist.com/you-are-not-your-rational-mind/
  6. Salaamu alaykum everyone, This is the start of a series in which I am trying to distill the most important spiritual truths which I have realized in studying and participating in this deen. It is extremely relevant to Shiachatters especially as unfortunately many in this community have taken the deen to be a series of propositions which one assents to with the mind instead of a series of realities that have been integrated into the soul through the heart. What I have shared here has really changed my life. http://themuslimtheist.com/the-aql-is-not-reason-its-consciousness/
  7. If your heart, soul and mind were in unison you'd be a Muslim. Nah just kidding, lol inshaAllah I'd like to hear it
  8. "Media company" sounds too intimidating. The point that I was making in the post is that YOU can make a change. We need more bloggers and once we have a community, a "media company" (which nowadays are just giant blogs with hired staff) will emerge organically. I've seen this trend in most of the spheres I've studied, including Muslim Matters, which started out as a hub for already existing bloggers. Also, my point is that we SHOULDN'T be focusing on trying to improve the image of Islam. We should be focused on delivering the message of Islam, not placating to kuffar and trying to show them how "cool" and "hip" we are with our liberal beliefs.
  9. @pandit why aren't you a Muslim?
  10. Salaamu alaykum everyone, I wrote this post outlining why the current media strategy that is being promoted in the Muslim community lacks conformity to the new media reality. I outline what we should do instead, which I will further develop in future posts. Stay tuned, inshaAllah! Please like/share/subscribe, jazakumullah khayr. Let me know your thoughts and if you agree/disagree and why! http://themuslimtheist.com/why-we-dont-need-more-muslims-in-the-media/
  11. Also relevant from Sahifa al-Sajadiyya Supplication - 16 His Supplication in Asking for Release from Sins
  12. Salaamu alaykum brother, I know exactly how you feel. That's why I posted a 2000 word comprehensive guide on this subject on my blog. The link was in another thread, perhaps you did not see. Hope this helps brother, inshaAllah! I'd appreciate any likes/shares/subscriptions.
  13. Salaamu alaykum all, I've decided to begin a new personal project in which I try to implement a new sunnah of the Prophet every day of the following week (and till the 40 days after such that it becomes a habit.) I will start with the duas of the Prophet SAWS. He had a unique one for nearly every action in his daily routine. This will help us remember Allah throughout the day, as a matter of course. My motivations behind starting this project are in this post entitled A Sunnah a Day Keeps the Devil Away. I invite you all to join me in this project which will begin July 15th inshaAllah (I decided to give it a week to get more people on board.) We will hold each other accountable and encourage one another to righteousness, inshaAllah. Make sure to subscribe to the email list for updates!
  14. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it!
  15. Salaamu Alaykum everyone, I wrote this post detailing how to re-establish a connection with God when you feel like you're in a state of spiritual recession. It includes a more detailed guide on repentance for new converts (which those more experienced can browse over) and then a golden tip which I think everybody should read. It's one of the great realizations of my spiritual journey. Make sure to like/share/comment/subscribe inshaAllah! http://themuslimtheist.com/how-to-escape-being-burried-in-your-sins/