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  1. Iran vs KSA ?

    Anything tailored for the mass has to be awfully stupid for it has to cater to the lowest intellectual common denominator. I remember how, the neighbourhood kids and I, used to argue the afternoons away on if our fathers could beat Japan, US, or Germany in arms wrestling. And amazing how the non-wrestling issues, sectarian during Ashura or tribal during state events or racial in general, between us would determine the conclusion of those arguments. There were Hazara, Pashtun, Tajik,Shia Qizilbash kids in our group- Pashtun father couldnt even beat India around state events, and Shia fathers always lost during the Ashura , and rest of the time it was anyone's game. Seems issues like Shia-Sunni or Persian-Arab, or Islamic-Moderate etc have become the arms wrestlings of my adult life.... immaterial & unimportant issues masking unresolved issue- survival. As to who would win the Iranian-Saudi arms-wrestling contest it depends on timing and emotion of the Muslim world. If it becomes religious Saudis are in advantageous position. If it is fuelled by logic and reason then Iran is the clear favourite. Lastly, it shouldnt be Iran vs Saudi because it is Iran vs [Saudi + Israel + US].
  2. Current geopolitics middle-east

    When Hamas jumped ship to the Ikhwani front, Iran severed its ties with them. Now Iran is courting both Hamas and Qatar, while Russia is laying the groundwork for Turkey to join in. SiSi's Egypt gets billions from Saudis. If not by action, by word they will be 100% pro Saudi.
  3. Current geopolitics middle-east

    There, imo, were 3 fronts in ME. -Ikhwani Front- Turkey + Mursi's Egypt + Qatar -Moderate Front- Saudi Arabia + SiSi's Egypt + Jordan + Israel + 1/2 Lebanon + US -Resistance Front- Iran + Iraq + Syria + 1/2 Lebanon .........+ Russia Mursi's sectarian outlook coupled with Erdogan's emotional politics made for the fall of the Ikhwanis. Banished by the Moderate front, Russia and Iran are trying to absorb the Ikhwanis to their camp. So in this round 2 between the last 2 fronts standing- Resistance & Moderate fronts, the next 100 years of the region is at stake.... Whether the region will be re-broken into pieces like it did 100 years ago and another 100 years of wars, or wether ME solidifies itself into one solid & united entity like China in the East, India in the sub-continent, US in Americas, or EU in Europe. If being emotional runs contrary to positive political outcome, like Erdogan, I see MBS's very strong emotions as the downfall of the moderate front.
  4. The irony of events in Vietnam today- Capitalist America is promoting isolationism and protectionism, while Communist China championing free trade & globalization.
  5. Saudi minister: Lebanese government ‘declaring war

    Saudis, the illiterate & uneducated lot that they truly are, should leave Iran or Hezbollah and pick on someone their own intellect level- Blood, Crips, M13, M&M, 50 Cent, or Ja Rule.
  6. Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Communism is the opposite. They're both good I guess.
  7. Assad forces behind deadly Sarin attack - UN

    Ah the 'firsthand' images, and UN reports...
  8. if Earth was situated in place of Venus, it would not have been liveable. Should we claim that make Venus = Earth ? My focus is not about if, its about is.
  9. Alaikum A'salaam sister @Laayla, Very delighted to hear of your experience & optimism in Beirut. It must be beautiful living in such a community that is motivated & led by noble ideals. But unfortunately South Lebanon is an exception in the Islamic communities. I hope it stays strong in a region where entire countries crumble down like little houses of card. I am sure it will in light of such pious leadership. I try to look at the world objectively, if thats even possible, and towards this end try to keep my personal experiences as far away from my views as possible. My love for America and distaste of Afghanistan or other Islamic communities stem from the way those societies are now. I love the fact that people, for the most part, are united by humanity and live with dignity in American society (despite some lagging behind) while they are divided along nationalities in Islamic communities and their GDPs determine their dignity- like Afghans in Iran, South Asians in Gulf, or Palestinians in rest of the Arab world. Magical would be the days when this community wakes up and make a reality in the image of their ideal....in our case, in the image of our Ulema- one free of man-made borders & overlays and based on piety.
  10. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Beautiful. I hope to one day see Iran also own all the ministries in Kabul than the inept, corrupt, and tribal Afghans that currently do.
  11. Since when disliking chaos and evil became inferiority complex?
  12. I am afraid that you have misunderstood the point I am trying to make. Its not a matter of glorification or demonization but a mere calculation like 2+ 2 = 4 and 2 - 2 = 0. I further do not distinguish between folks in East and those in West for we are all human beings and pretty much similar regardless of any man made overlays such as race, religion, or nationality. Based on this assumption that human beings are similar all over the world, I firmly believe that those in healthier environments are most likely to grow up healthy than those from unhealthy environments. And it is very clear that most of the Islamic societies, due to their unhealthy political, social, & education environments, are in a bad state today compared to those in West. This is to be the case for the foreseeable future. In a nutshell- while a Muslim boy in Iraq or Syria has to first overcome political chaos and socio-economic challenges before he could become a contributing member of his community, a Muslim boy in Michigan has to simply go to school and do his homework. Multiply this scenario by 100s of millions...and where would you place your bid?
  13. Both- the materialistic nature of these societies have been and are paving the way for the need for Islam or other religions or movements that cater to their spiritual needs.
  14. 1000s of Pashtun/Muslim women have come to Canada and live with dignity and honor. Last week the Canadian guy who was released from the Pashtun captivity told the world how their captors kept on raping his wife. I do not even want to go to Syria to show you the spiritual & moral decadence of some the Islamic communities. So yeah, books, knowledge, ideas etc are necessary for a healthy society or community. West is intellectually & morally superior.
  15. Islam will have whatever means its adherents bestow upon it- whether its noble ones or takfiri ones. The Spain example I gave was to shed light on the intellectual staleness of the Islamic societies while at the same time the vibrance of the Western ones..about the flow of ideas and knowledge. When the Muslim community in the West grows enough to use this available vehicle, then they'd be able to acquire & provide all the answers needed for everyone anywhere. This is why I am optimistic about what is to come.