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  1. ah the illegitimate superiority complex of this view... The entire Western legal system of the Western world is derived from Christianity's Canon law. Not to mention that the two non-religious 'Great War' killed more than 120 million immediately and 100s of millions in its aftermath spanning an entire century. Global warming, melting polar caps, industrialization of disease, destruction, prison, war, hate etc are also product of this age that you oh so naively promote. Fact of the matter is that religion has nothing to do with our current problem- ....its the 1984 style hardheaded ignorance---- one chopping heads to get to their paradise & virgins while the other through mass destruction of non-industrial societies...
  2. what is it with ignorance and its insistence on revolutions? why not hope for the end of hunger? why not hope for a global fight against diseases? why not hope for mass education? why only hope for whatever the military industrial complex puts on its billboard...? your problem is that you are among the shias that are often brighter than the rest and do not realize the foolishness coming in your posts....maybe you find fraternal medium in some ISIS website with people who are zealous like you where you promote blowing them up while they chant for your head.
  3. Ahmadinejad's dossier likewise...its often the case that politicians with pending or active investigations cannot run for public office like those accused of pedophilia cannot get jobs at elementary schools.
  4. Dont believe what you hear but also do not disbelieve what you hear...use your common sense...look at past patterns and trends. Also look at the way the world operates with all its color or facebook or iphone or twitter revolutions...and then come to your own conclusion....but if you just focus on Iran today with the same arguments that were focused on Iraq or Libya, then you are doing yourself a huge disservice by denying yourself a clear view of reality.
  5. Take the Federal Reserves for example- this body determines car payments of people in America, their mortgage payments, how much a soldier in Afghanistan gets, how much could Japan or Germany earn, how much Pentagon should spend and where, which mine in what part of the world should be invested in or how much should an American Senator's salary should be...the head of this body is not elected by public...and thanks God for that...otherwise we'd see someone like Trump get elected by the naive mass and ruin the entire global financial system.
  6. not even...they dont even have to look up history and inconvenience themselves....they just have to remember their slogans through their own life time. Failure never seems to have any effect on this zeal. I believe its modern day pc racism.....people have always fought with the other- race, language, religion, culture etc have been used as an excuse. Now its politics. Since its no longer sane or polite to ask people to follow someone else's religion or language, politics is deployed and folks are forced to follow someone else's way of doing things. Its ok in retarded countries like Afghanistan....but Iran....its tragic cause Iran has a system far more dynamic & complex than these mass produced little cartoons of democracy that is imposed on the world.
  7. What happened when Trump revealed the source of the ISIS's laptop plot to Russian foreign minister? Has anything been unveiled by Mueller about the Russian meddling? Then why should Iran should take it upon itself to show its cards to everyone? But, yes, Iran has hard evidence....remember these countries have budgets in 100s of Billions and could afford lots of gadgets that for example monitor the electronic communication in and out of the country and much more. Did you dance or were you also concerned for the Libyan freedom prior to Gaddafi's murder?
  8. Not all important positions of power are filled through popular election.This is the case for all the countries and organizations in the world. Denying that is akin to overt denying human equality by Eurocentrics couple of generations ago.
  9. Has Julian Assange been convicted? What about Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Trent Franks etc? The problem with not keeping an open mind is that it makes for a small & petty world.
  10. Iran: both genuine grievances and foreign influence were at play. US/Israel/Saudi: Have long said that they will be more active in Iran. You: It were only genuine grievances. You must be a genius and a half...what are you doing wasting your time on SC. You should join The Trump Team.
  11. what is the grounds for your determination of good & not good? BBC? CNN? Temptation Island? Survivor? Keeping Up With The Kardashians?
  12. compare the social position of Supreme Leader to that of Supreme Court Justices and not elected politicians. If it comes out that a Supreme Court Justice is corrupt then thats it for them when it comes to public legitimacy, Supreme Leader likewise
  13. Iraq not part of any axis

    an interesting pbs series
  14. The reason for the blurred picture that you get of Iran is that you see it through the prism of Western Machiavellian politics thats based more on reason and less on morality. Politicians & leaders in the West can be overtly corrupt, immoral, or down right stupid. This is not the case in most Eastern countries where respect remains the determining factors in positions of power. For example, it came out recently that one of Trump's hobbies is to get his friends' wives in bed. So long as he can create jobs and prosperity, folks are going to be fine with him and signing the whole thing off as his personal affair. This cannot be the case in a country like Iran. Hence, no... The leadership position, a position that commands the highest of respect among his followers, cannot appoint 'his friends' because that'd be the quickest way to de-legitimize and thus weaken that position and not to mention losing legitimacy in the community of religious scholars. ...so all in all its very complex, based on respect, faith, and morality...and no its not a whack the mole or cat & mouse game of stealing power or ....
  15. Iraq not part of any axis

    If Saudis are sponsoring terrorism in Iraq and Iran is fighting the same terrorists...how can they both be cause of instability? An accurate take would be that Iran's entry into the Iraqi affairs is the effect, and not the cause, of instability in Iraq.