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  1. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    WaS, I hope they dont past rejecting audiences with them for they are far too lofty for turnips like MbS & the ilk. I was just thinking, Saudis are so focused on Iran and the Shias as if they are the core of all Saudi problems- things like social justice, education, healthcare, economy, sanity and and and...say tomorrow the earth opens up and swallows Iran, what then? Would their people still not be volunteers for terrorizing the world like 911 and everyday chaos in ME? Would their sick economy get better? Would they cease to be utter morons?
  2. Sakashvilli with the former French FM in Georgia after the Goergian war.
  3. It has become some sort of fad when people say 'oh I know Asad is a brtual dictator but...' I believe he is as good as they come. Compare this ^ real leader to this synthetic one.
  4. Modern Propaganda Technique

    now compare that to what ISIS or Qaeda or other salafists threat their hostages.... like that Jordanian pilot.
  5. Modern Porpaganda does not try to contradict your belief. It instead strengthens your belief and your notion of your belief. Herein lies the devil- be VERY aware of how you believe in what you believe. For example- Watching this video about Peter Moore, the British computer guy who was kidnapped from the finance ministry in Baghdad, one is led to believe that Iranians are super sophisticated in their immense interference in Iraq. It is supposed to make shias more hostile and proud of something that is simply not there- sorta like building a castle in the air for his/her emotions and psyche...all while using this hostility to create food for the nationalists in Iraq...and using their castles in the air to feed the Islamists and.....using the nonexistent Islamist caliphate castle to feed the right wing folks in West......and.... This clip even goes to bring undercover former IRGC guys to show on the map where the hostages are in Iran....if you are from West your belief of evil Iran is further strengthened, if you are a shia your belief of a mighty Iran is strengthened. If you are Sunni your anti-Iran zeal becomes deified...... This is Peter Moore himself talking about his ordeal- he was not taken to Iran or mention any of the wild claims made in the former clip.
  6. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

  7. Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    When Saudis spend 100s of billions against Iran, destroy Syria and Iraq in the process and lose, dont you think they couldnt pay few thousand dollars for a twitter campaign? Dont fall for their psyops Iran has the ONLY Islamic bureaucracy in the world...it does not get any more Islamic than that. With a population of more than 80 million, few atheists, liberals, communists, capitalists, salafists, or guitarists are to be expected. Its only normal. So as Putin once said- dont worry be happy.
  8. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    One thing that I am very happy not to know and not to learn about is this schism between Yaser Habib and the Opponents... But from reading the odd posts here and there I do see a great resemblance to the position of some orthodox jewish groups vis-a-vis the state of Israel or Zionism. The funny thing is that both are right within their own contexts. One camp sees political power as impure and oppressive, which it is as it monopolizes the use of violence; while the other sees it as the only way to preserve their ways of lives, which they are also very right for in the absence of WF, Shia community would be much like the Sunni community- super used and super abused. It wouldnt have the independence & strength that it has today. Prior to the Islamic Revolution shia ulema were under the thumb of this or that foolish tyrant, if there were no WF today the same ulema would be under the thumbs of super armed to the teeth foolish terrorists like Al-Baghdadi, or Al Golani or Al________ Can you imagine what would ISIS do if they took over Karbala or Najaf?
  9. Saudis are already planning infrastructure for their next terrorist group to kill innocent Iraqis inside of & a platform for the next Caliph to declare his khilafat... ISIS-V2.0 Seriously I cant wait till oil is obsolete as this Gulf bling bling mentality is really getting to me..pay for the highest building or the brightest city or.....all while the entire Saudi economy is smaller than Boston....their claims & stupidity- as vast as the universe.
  10. [Closed/Review]How we should think of Israel

    can you elaborate on that.
  11. [Closed/Review]How we should think of Israel

    here you go again- do you personally know of any Jewish family that left for Israel? New entities- states- after they were introduced by the Brits were often brittle and terrible. They ended up persecuting everyone outside the tribe/community of their rulers...so it was not an organized anti-jewish move....cause in that case we'd have had concentration/deportation camps...which we never did. People always migrate to a place where they think their families and children will be better off.
  12. [Closed/Review]How we should think of Israel

    did the problem with jews start after WWI or prior to that?
  13. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    what are we talking about again? I am lost....you seriously need to learn how to compose a thought, present your ideas properly, and stay on one topic...cuz otherwise you'd be awfully confused like you are now as you do not know what you are talking about- you are like ok Camp A is good and Camp B is bad and everything else does not make sense....thats also a very lazy way to live one's life.
  14. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    spending 3 times more than US or Israel per capita on military is not focus enough for you? You think they should instead really get in a room and focus...focus...focus...and poof we'd have new superpower in the block.
  15. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    Is Iran better in training than the US or Israel as well?