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  1. He tests us for us to know not him.
  2. Very well deserved. Congrats.
  3. I rest my case.
  4. Its also unprecedented for a player to get unanimous MVP. The only player in history. Its extremely hard to do that. That by itself says a lot. I doubt all the experts voted for him because they were thinking of klay. His season last year had opponent players and media experts saying hes one of the greatest shooter of all time. They won 73 games for God sake. Everyone knows that Curry was batman and klay was robin. Even reggie miller who some say is one of the greatest shooter says curry is the greatest shooter hes ever seen.
  5. Many questions have already been answered so some just use the search feature.
  6. PG curry SG klay Sf Durant Pf draymond Center draymond Just kidding Pg curry (best shooter ) Sg Jordan (best player) Sf Kobe best (killer instinct) Pf duncun (best fundamentals) Center Kareem (best trick shot)
  7. When your wife packs you soup for lunch and gives you a fork with it. When your wife cooks a meal for 5 and its only you and her.
  8. Good luck trying to find 313 Imam Khamenei's.
  9. What were they exposed of exactly other what they already stated what there intentions are.
  10. Thats crazy open buffet. Next they will make a new Hannibal Lecter movie and call it "Silence of The Wives"
  11. What happens after a week when he's hungry again?
  12. Getting tired of hearing this guy saying I'm going to do this I'm going to do that I going to save the world im going to save shiachat.
  13. Ray Allen retired in 2014 what was differen?Curry holds the record for most three points in a year 400 something no body even comes close.
  14. First player ever to be unanimous MVP. (You have a better chance of winning the lottery). And what this era produced for us that non of the other eras ever have is it gave us the greatest shooter in the history of the league. Not just my opinion experts opinion too. They dont even debate it .
  15. First thing I would do is go buy a donkey cause I cant afford a horse. And then I would ride out to visit baradar and borrow his horse.