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  1. This guy must be having people of the cave syndrome they have been trying to do that since 2000.
  2. Do universities have classes on common sense? Like common sense 101. God knows 90 percent of the world need it.
  3. To never be lazy again and be consistent.
  4. You should fear losing his love and seek heaven to be near him.
  5. Thank you Shiachat Let me start by saying I'm not an English teacher Nor I'm Shakespeare But one thing is for sure I'm the servant of servants of Shiachat Shiachat this is for you Straight from the heart Forget grammar And forget being smart For who ever found you Benefited from you And whomever lost you Never really found you You have been with me Through the ups and downs Lefts and rights All my battles with iblis You were on the front lines of those fights Thats it I ran out of things to say.
  6. Not necessarily in all cases you could be helping an orphan and don't want anyone to know because you don't want to be showing off.
  7. One day a believer was driving home at around 2 am and his car breaks down. He looks around to see if anyone can help him but he didn't find anyone. Then he sees a night club near by and he goes in for 2 min asked them to use the phone and leaves. On his way out a member from the community recognizes him leaving the club. Next day that man started spreading news about him being in a night club . Long story short the Imam of the masjid was shocked since the man is well know and very pious so he went and asked him and he explained what happened to him. The whole point of me posting this story is that person who spread the news acted like 90% of the people on this thread are acting now.
  8. The Islamic one give the Palestinians their land back. Whats taken by force can only be returned by force.
  9. My to-do list : Find a rabbit and eat it.
  10. Refute his logical points. As for Russia Russia challenges US to prove chemical attack in Syria
  11. It sounds stupid. I wouldn't even have watched it just by reading what its about.
  12. US State Senator Says Zero Probability Assad Government Launched Gas Attack US State Senator from Virginia Richard Black said that there is zero chance that President Bashar Assad authorized the use of chemical weapons in Syria considering he had no motive to do so as he is on the verge of defeating Takfiris across the country. “I give the probabilities of Syria launching the Syrian gas attack a zero probability,” Black told Sputnik on Friday. “I think there’s absolutely no chance that they [Syrian government] did it because there is nothing on earth to gain and in exchange he would incur the wrath of the whole world. So it didn’t happen. I know that it didn’t happen.” Black said he defied anyone to explain a motive for why Assad would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory considering across the country the Syrian army and its allies are defeating the Takfiris everywhere. “Why on earth would the President of Syria decide to authorize a chemical attack on a handful of civilians walking down the street?” the state senator asked rhetorically. There is no rational reason, Black added, to back accusations that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians as strategic means to defeat opposition forces. Black explained that it is more likely the Syrian government would use chemical weapons against mass armored formations and heavily fortified enemy positions or to blunt enemy assaults into places like Hama, assuming they actually possessed the capability. “We’re [United States] not even sure he [Assad] has chemical weapons,” Black stressed.
  13. Lool. Genius strategy.
  14. Either they don't care, don't know, agree with him or too weak to take a stand.