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  1. [TRASH PIT]Ban the "s" word!

    We're all adults here. Sex is the biological term for relations between two organisms. There's no need for further discussion.
  2. [TRASH PIT]Ban the "s" word!

    [Note from Mod: This topic has been moved to the trash pit. For more information, please review: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53738] [Auto]
  3. New Laptop - Help!

    You didn't give a budget...
  4. New Layout Experiment

    I agree we could go for a better theme. I particularly liked Engraved from that list. Many of them are a bit too 'edgy' for an Islamic site but that seems like the perfect balance of simple and modern, in my opinion at least.
  5. New Laptop - Help!

    What's your budget? That's kinda the most important question, alongside what is your use case? For example, you mentioned you're a student but what kind? A programming student, for example, would need a relatively beefier CPU than a Sociology student, who just needs to write essays on Word. If you use the PC for gaming, that's another consideration.
  6. New Layout Experiment

    Except, you can still read what you feel like. The widget on the left lets you choose which forums you want to see. So, instead of clicking on the 'General Discussions' forum and then waiting a second for that page to open, then seeing all the threads in the 'General Discussions' forums, you just click the checkbox on the widget to the left next to 'General Discussions' et voila! Same thing.
  7. Need help

    No, that won't be right. As per Islamic rules, a Muslim woman is NOT allowed to marry a non-Muslim (Hindu) man. Whether you secretly practice Islam or not is irrelevant as your marriage would be invalid according to Islamic rules.
  8. Need help

    If this man is rude and uncivil to you, then I suggest not marrying him. Your husband is supposed to be your partner, and respect you. If this man does not meet this condition, then don't marry him. Stay with your parents and try and convince them to accept your conversion to Islam. Either way, marrying a bad person just because you're having trouble with your parents is not a good idea and will likely be something you'll come to regret later on. I'm sure you can find a good Shia man if you wait.
  9. Marjaa

    A marja' in Shi'a Islam refers to a scholar of Islamic law of the highest calibder, an individual who Shi'as will emulate with regard to Islamic law (fiqh).
  10. Ending up Salah with Salam - Different Ways Why?

    When praying, you must be looking forward when reciting the salam. You cannot look to the right or left when reciting the salam as you are still in the state of prayer. However, once you have recited the salam, the prayer is over. The three Allahu akbars are not part of the salah, you can choose to not do them and just get up or recite them looking forward or turn right and left.
  11. Do Shias believe in Sahih Hadeeth books?

    In general, Shi'as do not believe in the concept of a completely authenthic - or sahih - book of hadith as a whole. Specifically with regard to the sihah sitta which our Sunni brothers believe in, our position is the same. We do not believe any book of hadith is 100% accurate. Moreover, we do not also partially accept them and they are, more or less, completely rejected in terms of their authority to act as a hujjah or proof on a Shi'a. That is to say, if one of these books has a specific narration of event recorded in it, which for example say X is wajib, we would not be obligated to do X action. We may look at them as auxiliary sources of information in providing a historical context of the era or as a tool in our discussion with Sunnis but they are not binding proof for us personally. We may also choose to accept something recorded in them if it corresponds with our own texts and does not contradict them or the Qur'an. There are several reasons for this. The first and foremost is the intellectual argument, which necessitates caution when faced with a supposition that a book compiled and collected by a human is 100% accurate. Only the Qur'an can be found to be true to that standard and even that is only due to Allah (SWT)'s own promise that He will protect His Word. The second is ilm al rijal as Sunni narrators of hadith are obviously looked at with a certain degree of scrutiny by Shi'a scholars - and the same is true of Shi'a narrators among Sunni scholarship for the most part. Then, there are people like Abu Hurayrah, who is one of the principle narrators of a book like Sahih Bukhari and whose narrations comprised, if I'm not mistaken, 1/3 of that book but there are narrations within the sihah sitta themselves which raise doubts about his credibility, with Aisha calling him a liar. As such, one cannot trust the word of such a man and if a book is largely comprised of narrations by such a man, then it is logically imperative upon us to also treat such a book with a great degree of caution and suspicion. Lastly, we don't, as I've mentioned before, subscribe to the idea of a sahih book in general. We also have compilations of hadith that are revered above others, and some of these were also written by their authors with the intention of only containing the most reliable of narrations, but Shi'i scholarship in general has rejected the notion of a man-made book being completely devoid of flaw. Even if the author had set out with that intention, and was an individual of great standing, his own personal belief regarding the accuracy of his creation is not an authoritiatve proof upon subsequent generations of scholars. Thus, we accept neither sahih books from the Sunnis nor from the Shi'as. All narrations should generally be checked individually for their chain in order to determine the likelihood of their veracity.
  12. What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    @Darth Vader (and all other Pakistanis, Indians, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans), good news for you: https://www.neowin.net/news/steam-games-will-become-much-cheaper-in-select-regions-soon
  13. Tahira

    There is no problem in reading the Qur'an while sitting on your bed.
  14. Welcome

    Show-off. -_-