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  1. Well, you certainly had a rather violent childhood, then. No wonder this newer generation is better and more peaceful.
  2. I think people often fail to realise some important distinctions when dealing with this topic: the role of the individual vs the role of the scholar. For example, in the above post, Ayatollah Sistani does seem to limit his own interference in political affairs by giving only the bare minimum of guidance as and when needed but he does not negate the role of politics in Islam. One must be careful when amalgamating one scholar's reluctance to engage in politics with an assumption that he also believes politics has no role in religion. He may choose to not comment much on the matter as he is not a politician himself but given the many mentions of things like standing up for the oppressed, resistance to the oppressor, amar bi al-ma'roof and nahi an al-munkar in Islam, alongside the fact that one of the Imam's fundamental rights upon the ummah was political leadership, we cannot deny that Islam has a lot to say on politics and does encourage us to involve ourselves in current affairs. One cannot stand up for a minority or the oppressed without standing against the oppressing majority and the government. That is a political act. We should not confuse limiting the political authority of the religious scholar with limiting the political activity of the normal Shi'a. The two are not the same.
  3. There is no 'procedure' to become a Shi'a. As long as you are a Muslim, becoming a Shi'a - or following fiqh e Jafri - requires you to believe in the basics few beliefs about the Imamah of the 12 Imams and that's pretty much it. You don't have to do or say anything; as long as you believe in their Imamah, you're a Shi'a.
  4. 'Islam' has no stance on 'Israel' - certainly not the modern nation state as it exists today. Islam was revealed eons before the modern state was formed and the Prophet didn't say anything about the modern state for the same reason. All Islam talks about are the historical nation of the Jews and Bani Israel but that is not a relevant discussion to the Muslims' dislike of modern Israel. Sure, the Qur'an often criticises the Jews of the past (alongside praising them, too) but it would be foolhardy for Muslims to hate a nation because they did some bad stuff in the past. No, the dislike exhibited by Muslims toward modern Israel hinges on the actions of the nation. They are a nation that has not only occupied that land of the Palestinians but, if that wasn't enough, routinely invade their nation every few years, not to mention the continuous blockade of Gaza which is derided by literally every human rights organisation, Muslim, non-Muslim, Christian or atheist, in the world as being cruel. Moreover, while their crime of taking the land of the Palestinians is enough to dislike them, one might still understand if they said, "Hey, look, the UN and the international community gave us this land." Unfortunately, while some parts of Israel are, indeed, considered Israeli land by the UN, look at any news pieces from any organisation in recent years and you will see that Israel continue to consistently and brazenly violate those international treaties as well, settling on land that is clearly not theirs, a fact attested to by the entirety of the UN and even Obama himself. Even if one were to buy into the historical claim to the land made by the Jews, even if one were to agree with the UN resolutions that gave Israel the land, their continued building of settlements just proves how disingenuous their intentions are. Even this week, they are passing bills in the Knesset that would allow the building of thousands more homes in illegal settlements, a move even many Israeli senators oppose. If a man who is voted for by the Israeli population and is part of the government of that nation can see this is an injustice, can you not imagine how the man who is actually being kicked out of his home feels?
  5. Now, now. Have you forgotten all those times you've talked about how you love skinny jeans in the chat and how most of your closet is full of them?
  6. Stop wearing them, then. Don't you see how they can damage your nerve endings? Stop wearing tight jeans.
  7. Abdullah ibn Saba was not the founder of Shia Islam and, yes, if you call me a Muslim man a Jew, I imagine he'd get offended, no?
  8. On account of being called a 'dimless blue snowcone' (nice wording there), I've decided to turn up the heat a little. @magma Of the earth you say you are, but never have I seen anyone more self-obsessed. Nothing more than an eschar, hiding beneath it an abscess. ------ @starlight Why so silent? A single word from you I await, and a flurry of insults I will create, you and him I do so hate, destroying you is but my fate. Your light and his fire, for too long have inhibited my every desire, what they saw in you is a quagmire, of your antics do they not tire?
  9. If of fire you are made, in the light of a star, will a human fire not but fade? Hurry now, check for a scar, for of the rhyme, I'm a tsar.
  10. Law and order though he may tout, hath he but a little clout. In the shadow of the star, engaged if he were in a bout, embroiled in a spar, would he be as out of water is a trout, With his snout though he may shout, can he do much more than pout?
  11. If you were prompt and more, I would applaud, Indeed, I would have given you a nod, But this work for which you have so clawed, It is naught but flawed.
  12. While drips from her hem the blood of my veins, she points to another's stains?