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  1. Apple pencil

    It's not exactly a new product. They announced it, I think, almost two years ago with the iPad Pro.
  2. steve jobs

    1. I don't see why Steve Jobs is relevant to AI. He's not the god of technology and so why would anyone want to one-up him, exactly? 2. The above example isn't of something dangerous, per se. They didn't shut it down because the AI had gained consciousness and was trying to kill us all ala Skynet. The AI's abilities were simply not conducive to their planned application, a bot that could talk to people. 3. It's also not true that AI is necessarily limited by human intelligence as they already possess an immensely more powerful ability in terms of raw processing (which is why we use calculatorsor computers to run calculations for us) but they lack the imagination, ingenuity and, most importantly, free will that we have. Over time, AI could possibly learn these and, in combination with their superior processing power, could indeed supersede us but that's a BIG if. At this point, we don't really know if that's entirely possible and, even if it is, what this self-conscious AI might do. It doesn't necessarily have to go the Skynet route. Trying to guess this is like guessing what a 2 month baby is going to grow up to be in 30 years. You can't tell. It would depend heavily on the core directives of the AI and the external stimuli after it becomes 'conscious'. A big problem with logic of Skynet, for example, is that it decided to disobey a core directive of not taking human life but was, for some reason, still interested in the other core directive of helping out humans (which is usually the reasoning given in movies - humans are all that's wrong with the planet and in order to improve human life, we must reduce their population) when it could just have wanted to play Call of Duty or start writing poetry. It's not very clear what form the consciousness of an AI would take and whether it's even achievable.
  3. ghusl after intercourse

    As the rule clearly states, if you already urinated, then any discharge is assumed to NOT be semen. Therefore, you don't need to repeat your ghusl.
  4. Chatroom bug??

    As the earlier posts state, you aren't allowed to use the chat if you're a new member. It's not a bug, it's a rule.
  5. If you aren't the one who who created those videos and own the copyright to them, then, yes, it would be against copyright laws and illegal. You cannot sell the intellectual property of someone else without their permission.
  6. Ghusl - Taking four hours!!

    That is what 'doubt' means. You're doubting whether the water reached all parts of your body and, so, as the fatwa says, if you have a doubt about water reaching a part of the body, just ignore it and move on. Secondly, if you have a bathtub instead of a shower, you can do ghusl irtmiasi, which simply requires you to put your entire body under water. It'll take a second for you to do it and there's almost no way water doesn't reach every part of your body so you can't have doubts about it. http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2167/
  7. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    This is what killed our child.
  8. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    I don't see what his problems have to do with you. His (very old and ancient) views are still about how laptops aren't for gaming. You'll be fine with a laptop. Though, as I asked you in the PM you haven't replied to, I would need an actual, definite budget, instead of £1000 but I can go above. Then, just tell me how much above you can go. :P And, modern laptop are quite powerful now. As I explained with DU, laptop GPUs, for example, are now the same as the ones used in a desktop, meaning you have almost comparable performance. And, the GPU is very important in encoding videos, which seems to be the only heavy task you want to do. Also, how on earth would you buy the parts for a laptop? You can't build a laptop yourself. As for a desktop, not building it yourself would be stupid as companies will often charge you a lot if you buy from Dell/HP and so on just for assembling it, while you can literally do that yourself. Plus, there can be issues with compatibility. If you want a desktop, building it yourself is cheaper, more flexible and very easy.
  9. Trumpcare and Social Justice

    Although I'm not American, I have actually followed the health care bill closely and the only thing I'd disagree with is the above. Even if your Senator is a Democrat, you should still contact them as they can use the large number of petitions as proof of the bill's unpopularity in public debate. Also, there are always a few Senators in each party who don't toe the party line and vote with the other party because of either a difference of opinion or backroom dealings and they should also be reminded of what you want.
  10. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    Except, if you read my post, it's very clear that the use of an external graphics dock allows you to play with all those things - a surround sound system, a proper desktop GPU, a big screen and everything else you might want - but, on top of it all, allows you to then take the same machine and all of your data and documents and then go to work/university with only the hassle of unplugging one cable. It's not either this or that. It's more either this or this and a bit of that.
  11. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    There's a difference between basic Photoshop functionality and even advanced usage. More importantly, though, video editing is a whole 'nother can of worms and even the best of PCs will take a long file to just compile the end product of editing. And, again, plenty of processing power and RAM = gaming machine. The only difference is a gaming machine will also always have a GPU and GPUs are immensely helpful in video editing - because that's kinda their thing - especially nowadays when a lot of OSes and third-party software use hardware acceleration. To add to that, I don't know how intensive his hacking is but compiling code can sometimes be a bit CPU-intensive, though I can't imagine that being as big of a deal, unless he secretly works at Microsoft and is creating the next version of Windows. :P
  12. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    Yes, I know what external GPUs are. In fact, if you read my post right above yours, you'll see I even mention them extensively. My point was that you can't do it on 'almost every' laptop found today so your suggestion for him to just buy any laptop with an i7 and he can "always add a 2GB external graphic card later" was incorrect.
  13. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    You would obviously plug it in when gaming. Unless you plan on gaming while walking, you can find a place to charge almost everywhere these days. Plus, the other benefit of a gaming laptop, especially these days when Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C is a thing, is that even a laptop with a relatively weak graphics card (or, even no graphics card) can push games at desktop fidelity with the use of external GPU docks. Even a laptop i5 is more than enough for gaming these days and the only concern people used to have was heat, a large part of which will also be offset because the main source of heat during gaming (the GPU) will be outside the laptop and have a large enclosure for it. So, why buy two different machines when you can just buy one, use it for travelling around and doing your work, then plug in into the dock at home and play games 90% as well as you would on a desktop? You save both money and time. @DigitalUmmah This isn't just a nerdy debate between me and him. This is useful information for what options you have and also kinda what I'm looking for you, though the higher-end systems run a bit higher in cost as these technologies are still very new.
  14. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    Uh...there's no such thing as laptop graphics cards anymore. Nvidia's graphics cards for laptops are, nowadays, the same as their desktop counterparts, with a few changes to accommodate the thermal limitations, of course. Then, there's this: https://www.engadget.com/2017/05/30/nvidia-max-q-gaming-laptops-are-ultrabooks-with-gtx1080-power/ That's Nvidia's top of the line desktop graphics card on a laptop that's only 2mm thicker than a MacBook Air. Gaming laptops have made huge strides in the past few years and while I would have touted the superiority of desktops for gaming alongside you just five years ago, I think things are very different today.
  15. Laptops - I am joining the dark side

    Why not just buy a souped-up desktop, then, as its unlikely you'll be hacking and editing video on the subway. Most likely, you'll do that at home, no? So, just get a good desktop and a cheap laptop for on the fly stuff if you need it - and I can help with the selection.