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  1. unknownshiamuslim14

    Reciting surah Baqarah

    Salam all Has anyone recited Surah Al Baqarah once every day (or just a shorter period)? And what were the benefits of it? Thanks in advance.
  2. unknownshiamuslim14

    For those who are depressed and lost in life

    Sallam friend Are you familiar with certain duas? Like ziarat Ashura? If you do that ziarat on behalf of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) you can overcome many difficulties and hardships. http://www.wilayatmission.org/Duas/Ashura.pdf
  3. unknownshiamuslim14

    How to cleanse a dirty mind?

    Last advice. Pray to Allah so you can get married.
  4. Lets aim for the highest level of fasting but begin with small steps.
  5. unknownshiamuslim14


    I wouldnt recommend painting your body. Ask yourself. If you asked the Prophet to have the permision to get a tatoo regardless of what kind of painting it is - do you think he would allow it? I dont think so..
  6. unknownshiamuslim14

    How to cleanse a dirty mind?

    Salam alaykum I have some advice to you. First of all. Try to be as busy as possible Dont be alone because saytans whispering become stronger when you are alone since nobody is there to watch you (ofc exepct for Allah). Follow step 1 and 2. Everytime you get that temptation feeling beat yourself hard in your face. Slap yourself. Or do something that stings. This can help you overcome your perverted thoughts. Avoid facebook and sexual pictures. You will automatically go look at girls when you have facebook open or internet near you.. Tell me would you watch porn or naked women if you had a friend visiting you? No, probably not. That is the reason you should avoid being alone as much as possible. A hadith from Imam Ali as: "The real you is what you do when no one is watching you." I have helped some people before with this problem so.
  7. unknownshiamuslim14

    Someone is attacking Islam with deep anger!

    Yeah, that is very sad and unfortunately. All this killing and wahabi and isis giving Islam a bad reputation.
  8. unknownshiamuslim14

    Someone is attacking Islam with deep anger!

    Thank you for your answers. Brothers these answers should be send to youtube in that link I gave you. So when people watch the video and read the comments they will have something to think about when they leave there. And not all being negative about Islam and false claims. That would be so awesome and useful. Thanks again. We should come out with this information so people who dont know learn a bit.
  9. unknownshiamuslim14

    Someone is attacking Islam with deep anger!

    Maybe you are right. But I think those who got the knowledge (answer) to his questions should at least try. I'm not english so i am very limited and also I dont know much to really explain it to him.. It just doenst feel right to just sit and watch them critise Islam. We should defend Islam and our Prophet to some extend, at least.
  10. Sallam Alaykum A guy is saying some bad words towards Islam and the Prophet. Can someone teach him/inform him with evidence that he is very wrong? This is what he is saying: "No islam is a brutal religion with a ruthless prophet that was a mass murderer, conqueror, slaver and a pedophile. Do you know how old his first wife was? Do you know how many people he killed? He also hated jews and believed they should be completely wiped off the face of the world and you could easily find all of this information in a Quran. This is the person muslims look up to, the core of their religion, why do you think Islam has been a violent religion ever since its creation, after all it was created on violence. Taking the religion out of context would actually be trying to find ways to consider it good, that would be taking it out of context. This is also the same religion that says hells mostly made up of women and promotes sharia law. Do you know what sharia law is? The brutality and hatred that follows it, or the history of Islamic nations and their invasion of Europe? I know this religion like the back of my hand so don't tell me i need to investigate this. "
  11. unknownshiamuslim14

    Sunni scholar tells the truth about umar

    Please share, brothers and sisters.
  12. Sallam alaykum Just wanted to share a video I found. Some of you may have seen this video. It is about Imam Jafar Sadiq and his knowledge about science but especially that he corrected the theories of the great scientists back then. The segment where he corrects laws and theories about earth, elements, light etc begins from 8:40 in the video. Please share it to your friends. That Galileo gave the exact replay of our Imam did. He stole his words without even mentioning his name., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jACJZSxVM4g
  13. unknownshiamuslim14

    Dietary And Medicinal Hadiths

    Salam alaykum jamiyan Does anybody know where to purchase the medicine book of imam Reza (as)? Det complete version in english? I have looked and looked but nothing did i find. Thanks in advance.
  14. unknownshiamuslim14

    Eating fresh coriander is bad for memory?

    I apoligize for my mistake about getting that information from Mafatihul Jinan . The source is Tibb al Imam Reza. The golden medical dissertation book. If anyone is familiar with that?
  15. unknownshiamuslim14

    An orphanage in Iran needs help

    Everyday i pray to become so rich (without losing myself) that I can help many many poor muslims.