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    SA..It was in completion of congregational jummah prayer (the first prayer mind you) when I noticed an "oogle-eyed-samsung-phone-scopeing irratation" . In short ,a brother was filming us all. for me this presents a major,major irratation. It is an infringement of my own privacy and for goodness sake ask permission before going ahead - there should be a sign showing in the mosque. I refuse to accept that this is comparable to CCTV where we are all filmed without any consent. If it is a condition that when you enter the mosque you are subsequnetly surrendering your personal privacy then I would rather not go at all. There needs to be a policy around this. Please for the sake of courteousy to brothers and Sisters please can the organisers of mosques make it clear to it attendees its policy around of filming persons. Rant over..does anyone share these sentiments...or otherwise.?
  2. Any genuine recommendations of groups to travel with please - I am very serious about this. shukraan in advance for any answers.
  3. 0.47 oh no fella ...hold on to ya tings!! He's a wrong'en ..Lol! !!! . :wacko:
  4. When watching the doc. what came to mind was i) When done right- Islam champions all methodologies.I would like to refer to " Islam " that has truely, truely transformed and penetrated the intellect and the heart. ii) How many of us Muslims could ever percieve ourselves being able to stand up in a Church congregation and command the majority Christian audience ? iii) The problem with the Muslim world today is we remain to see "DIFFERENCE" or separatedness without the gatherness or oneness. (i.e Other race - other gender - so the misbelief is continually fuelled by "it does not effect me or my people) I am not saying we should all try to be all things Black American!? but be like the "fingers " on one "one hand" Seperate but gathered as one. iv) Finally and most importantly, the Sister's interaction placed through a fiqhee perpective would only bring about critiscism upon her, whilst infact she is doing a great many things which alot of us would or could not be achieved in a whole life time.this is something we need to ponder on. Thanks.
  5. SA I'd be interested on hearing and understanding an unbiased perspective on this and would like to know of any supporting evidence? I can say that at least, in the western part of the world, there seems to be more indo -pak Sayeeds than Arabs? In my experience as revert to the deen I have always mostly certainly been reminded by brothers of indo-pak origins that they are Sayeeds and seldomly hear this formal introduction from many Arab brothers if at all. Curiously, I have posed the question a number of times and have been told that alot of the descendants of the Ahlulbait(AHS) ended up residing in these parts and that they had lived many years under Taqqiyah in a predominately Ahlul Sunnah majority. How is it then they have not maintained their Arabic language? Does this mean the centre of learning should not infact be in arab lands but indo-pak lands - and do these people have the deen more than Arabs? Afte all, in Quran it speaks of the "desert Arabs " being the worst of hypocrisy. I'd be interested to know how this is addressed . Thank you.
  6. Please watch this and see what comes up within yourself. For some of you fiqhee judgemental types I believe you will come to cross-roads with this. Look out for Sister Ammeena Matthews she is simply beautiful in dedication and intention. If you look hard enough you can torrent this.
  7. Yes why not!! Only perhaps... after a number of disenfranchised Moomins have been fed, housed and reinstated back into society with a state of independency ?
  8. Literally within the past century Shaykh GOOGLE min INTERNET(www), kunya Abu YOUTUBE residing in baitul EXPLORER,SAFARI,FIREFOX and not to forget to mention the recently built CHROME has become a leading authority for facts. I would like us dear brothers and sisters to consider and perhaps list how this Self- assumed authority can actually fail us when it comes to the truth the Haqq-ul haqq For example, to use "WIKIPEDIA" as a source in the field of academia would likely to be rejected simply because the source would be based on Public opinion which does not necessarily constitue fact and is therefore not necessarily reliable. Please add your examples to help realign individual grounded reasoning and rooted knowledge and perhaps present and or share examples where Shaykh Google has failed. Oust Shaykh GOOGLE!!! ... (lol you do know this is done in jest!!??)
  9. Can Muslim Say Salaam To Non Muslim?

    What about a Muslim commending or acknowledging a Non-Muslim. Like for example, acknowledging how "clever" or "just " or "creative" that person is.Or even their physical attributes "handsome" ,"strong" ? Incidentally, these are names of Allah - are we committing "shirk" when using them - I would like to think we would not be as extreme in our outlook when interfacing with the world.
  10. Your views and feelings towards people of colour betrays you and your "Nafs". I would strongly suggest and people like you with similar opinions to reflect .Clearly, you cannot accept and struggle with the idea and thought that people of colour and or diversity holding any status EVER!!? in the past and or present. Someone earlier in the thread Said something along the lines of "he never knew any prophets to be black".Wow !!124,000 prophets sent to every nation and tribe and not one black!!?? I fear people like you - because you pass judgement and curse people in Allah's name thus denying peoples and persons of their HAQQ- please learn to be more compassionate and constrcutive with your views. That is a crude practice of "Tabbarrah wa Tawallaa" at least be more educated with your views - YOU MAY LEARN SOMETHING THAT YOU MAY NOT REALISE.
  11. <p>I have never seen any man , truely the colour of "BLACK" or "WHITE" .Seems as thought the mindset of your /our formal colonial masters is playing with your perception and understanding of RACE and people.(Before someone jumps down my neck I know it is general term but if you want to understand something precisely you need to be more specific.)</p> <p> </p> <p>Food for thought - in the time of the prophet (SAWA) there was no Afro- Carribean people as we know today.So you can see from this, mere example of how transient the issue of Race and identity can really be.</p> <p> </p> <p>To add to the question, can someone explain why there "seems" to be more indo-pak Shia Sayeeds than Arabs and also I have heard that they have for Centuries been under Taqiyyah in the indo- pak ? Is this true ?</p>
  12. SA , Could someone shed some light on this - as this is not an uncommon happening -even in recent times?Why ? How ? where did it come from? Thanks in kind.
  13. What actually are you implying? Perhaps it can't or perhaps it can.Nevertheless - back to my original request ....BTW. Inflicting people with your "non smelling poo poo piety" is not the way of the AHB (SAWA) although you do have a point. However,You should try to not make people wrong so easily for you may not know all the circumstances. Hold fire and don't be so trigger happy with your verdicts.
  14. Why The Hate Of Sayyed Fadlullah?

    SA, Can someone please put some definitive light on "what was allegedly said ?" Facts and proofs please , I am sure I am not just asking for the benefit of myself here. thanks.
  15. Jamia-e-jawadia Online Hawza

    is there a cost involved?