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  1. At Loss

    You shall not escape khune tekuni
  2. I think he want to tell the readers that: you can actually throw the childish feeling that God exists, by fearlessly doing anything what you want unrestricted.
  3. #30 Knowledge or Money?

    It's hard to tell because it is something that can't be seen with eyes. But I can give you some example. There is a city, full of concrete, called Dubai. It was nothing years ago but suddenly become global economy built mostly by oil money. This kind of city does not have live spirits that can be found in other cities. It wouldn't last longer without oil money. It goes the same for hospitals or schools that built solely by money, it wouldn't last anytime longer when the money runs out, because the reason of its very existence is the money.
  4. #30 Knowledge or Money?

    Do you think things that you mentioned can be built only with money? For sure you can build schools and hospitals, buy materials and pay workers to build it... but they will only become material buildings with no spirit of education and healthcare or anything good in it. Money, most often is not the ultimate requirement for a problem to be solved. Most of the time, the problem of money will be sorted by itself, if the root cause of the problem is identified and being worked on.
  5. #30 Knowledge or Money?

    Compared to a thousand years ago, material wealth is thousands time larger now due to extensive earth exploitation. Does it matter? Majority of people, those who belong in the bottom of the pyramid, are still working hard to even get basic human needs fulfilled.
  6. #30 Knowledge or Money?

    Everything someone has power on it, including the money, is that person's responsibility. Just because one has the property of something, it doesn't mean that it is morally right to do anything he want on it. Someone can do suicide, but it is not morally right.
  7. I know that, but it is happening in the right place where everyone involved in that place should be academical and as critical as possible. Changes are being made gradually from this place and will trickle down to the government and society.
  8. Because of this we need Islamic government.
  9. You can always go on with cliche arguments like this, but let's face the reality: Most of the people don't have critical minds and if some of them do, they are not always get the chance of speaking. And these are for their goods. At this time, If everybody is going academic or critical there would be chaos because many aspects of our social systems depend on authority.
  10. Because of these reasons, I don't think most of scientists serve humanity, they serve oppressors.
  11. Even third world countries with large number of populations can't get something real from these sciences. They have different culture. They lack resources. They can't build those expensive labs. They can't direct their own scientific research based on these sciences for their own needs. Because they can't do anything about it, they just parrotting what is trending now in the developed countries
  12. The only ones that can get lots of benefits from such advanced theoretical physics are those that have resources and greatly involved in this field... which are the very oppressors of our time. Some small nor independent communities would not get much benefits, these things will only adding the arsenal of those oppressing enterprises...
  13. test

  14. Pakistan

    Loving our homeland surely is: Care about our own families. Care about neighbours. Care about its environment. Care about its problems. Love to live with and solve its problems. etc Everyone who loves the homeland should have above qualities. ----------------------- One can still love its homeland and is not: Proud of the country's flag, name, symbols, borders. Having government issued ID card. Having opinion that the government's rules and policies are absolutely just etc.
  15. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Already answered in the front page. Well this is a discussion board, not a news thread. If there is something interesting to discuss then be it albeit slightly off the topic.
  16. Are there any Mutah networks?

    There are. but they seem either lacking credentials, fake or don't have many women memberships.
  17. Using Philosophy in Religion

    Do you think that concept derived from philosophy can't be the same concept derived from Quran/Hadith? Do you think one can't derive a concept from Quran/Hadith with the help of philosophy? Do you think one can't derive a concept from philosophy with the help of Quran/Hadith?
  18. Balochistan

    Although it is drastically safer now, there are lots of smugglers and the police can't touch them. It is not as safe as other Iranian regions Balochistan of Pakistan side is terorists haven.
  19. Are there any Mutah networks?

    She can demand anything halal in the contract. There are no witnesses in most of trade affairs, yet good and bad things do happen. The parties involved in this affair should do something to prevent bad things happened (like adding legality to the contract to make use of law enforcer powers). I think this ideally can be applied too in temporary marriage contracts.
  20. Are there any Mutah networks?

    The ruling is just a law which is a kind of fence or jail and it is not moral guide or whatsoever... unlike permanent marriage, because of its temporary nature, this kind of contract is more like trading contracts. It should be detail and carefully planned. And this is why the woman should be a rashida.
  21. PM Abadi to weaken Hashd?

    Iran has 2 independet military systems - regular army and IRGC, and up to now they are working fine. And Lebanon too.
  22. Halal fish

    It seems not halal. See this: http://www.messianic-torah-truth-seeker.org/Torah/Kashrut/Tahor-clean-Scaled-fish.htm also this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_halal_and_kosher_fish http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/2998673/jewish/Non-Kosher-Fish-List.htm
  23. https://aeon.co/essays/contagion-poison-trigger-books-have-always-been-dangerous
  24. I think that's also true for those who only read books but had little human interaction. Socrates had to go through those dialectics for a reason.