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  1. Iqtisad and Ijtihad

    I always wondered why our schools of our time can't touch the material world like the western schools do. Now it is much clearer for me.
  2. Iqtisad and Ijtihad

    salam alaikum. i think your posts will be the next Principia, but for Fiqh. I am not patient waiting for the next post. Godwilling.
  3. What does Iqtiṣād mean?

    Thank you @Jebreil for guiding me where to search. My knowledge of Arabic is very limited. I had read the lexicon but found nothing interesting.
  4. Zuhd and Neglect

    Today, I just watched a video that also nicely explains the problem of consumerism.
  5. An Australian University has some publications which might be in the interest of you. http://press.anu.edu.au/publications/series/islam-southeast-asia One of the publications describes examples of these http://press-files.anu.edu.au/downloads/press/p25911/mobile/ch05s03.html
  6. Perhaps there was no mentality of 'Muslim friends or kafir enemies' way back in the Malay region. They were just doing trading and things that are naturally normal for humans.
  7. Blog entry not showing

    As shown in my screen
  8. My knowledge of history is very limited and I don't know how to dig more historical facts other than read some random books or random articles on the internet. Also much of the informations I got are from hearsay and much of the books haven't been digitalized and are written in Indonesian (or if it is a manuscript, probably written in old local languages using modified arabic script). I'll try to read the books when I get back to Indonesia. In the meanwhile I'll try to search with google and share if I got some. Probably @Murteza is more knowledgeable about this.
  9. There are many theories about how Islam spread in Malay region. One of them is that Islam had beenspread by Sayyid merchants from Yemen that wanted to escape persecutions. I heard that these merchants were very experienced and skilled at sea navigation. They lived there and married the natives there and many of them even married noble families. They also mastered how was the culture there and use it as a tool to propagate Islamic messages.
  10. What does Iqtiṣād mean?

    وعليكم السلام who coined the term اقتصاد? or if it is untraceable, who was the first who used this term ' اقتصاد' to refer to english word 'economy'? If it is a modern term, why would it matters to link the new term اقتصاد to Quranic term of قسط ?
  11. 504 Gateway Time-out

    504 error code in nginx usually means that upstream server (such as PHP handler) that the web server nginx sent a request, didn't give a response within a period of time. In this shiachat case I suppose there are some errors configuration on the PHP handler, the webserver, or the database.
  12. What do you mean by politics? If it something like state-level politics, it would be hard for us mere mortals to know what those grandmaster chess players are doing for the next moves. It is better to not get involved in these kind of politics if it is not clear that we are just being pawns (and even not a piece).
  13. Question about languages in Iran

    It's really different language to Persian, I had spoken to Azeris and understood nothing what they were saying in Azeri. Also, they would refer their language as 'Turk' if it spoken in Persian. It is rather similar to Turkish. I believe Turkish speakers can speak to Azeris without much problems.
  14. When it is clear in your mind that you really had to marry early, Insha Allah God will help you. This is what happened to me and some others I know. I had the things sorted miraculously in unexpected ways.
  15. Why so frustrated? Your criteria for your will-be-spouse becomes simpler; any girl who wants to marry early at early age in North America most likely are your perfect match.