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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Azmat-e Shuhada Conference (islamabad)

    Slam I also attended this holy gathering. No doubt this is a revival of the Shia's in Pakistan. I believe that if this awareness (Baidari) will continue the shia nation will impose strong impacts on the Pakistani culture and society like Hizbollah. But the fear is only this like the previous the agencies will work to create differences among the Shias and will try to distribute them in sections but it is the responsibility of the leaders and the people to keep them aware. It is the blood the Shaheed Hussaini which is giving life to the Shia Nation in Pakistan till after 20 years of departure. It was indeed a great event and real picture of teh Hussainiat. if any one need I can send him the audios of the speeches of the leaders by email. my email address is :( al_imran2001@yahoo.com ) if any one need audios kindly send me message on my e mail i will send him. Allah Hafiz

    I have been working in ISO mre than 6 years and i got my ideological thoughts from it. In Pakistan it is the only organization which is called mother organization. It is one of the Elahi organization. It is not true that only balti and gilgati are memebers but through out the country it has member. I belong to Punjab and m seraiky. Ex members of ISO are doing great work for uplifting the Islamic values in the country. It is one of the priminent Students organizaton.
  4. Assalam o Alikum Brothers and Sisters in faith Allam Muhammad Hussain Najafi have been a hot topic since a long time. He started his movement against Sheikhiyyat with the other prominent Ulema like Allama Hussain Bakhsh Jara (writer of Tafsir Anwarun Najaf), Allama Allah Yar Shah Najfi, Allama Riaz Hussain Najafi (Shaikh ul Jamia, Jamia tul Muntazar, Lahore), Allama Gulab Shah, Mufti Jafar Hussain (Qauaid-e-Millat), Allama Safdar Hussain Najafi, Allama Akhtar Hussain Najafi and many other Ulema-e-Haq. The contribution of above mentioned Ulema in purifying the faith in Pakistan and establishing Islamic Seminiries(Madaris) all over the counntry and in UK, and USA and in other countries. Their contribution of preaching Shiaism and the righteous teachings of Islam cannot be ignored. Now coming to the topic, first of all i would like to suggest onething that we are discussing about the personality but we are not ulema or scholars, we are deciding by the knowledge which we have by our means why we are not asking the viewpoint of the prominent prominent ulema of Pakistan and others. We should know the point of view of Allama Mohsin Ali Najafi (Jamia Ahlul Bait, Islamabad), Allama Riaz Hussain Najafi and Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi. I know Allama Dhaku Sahab from my childhood and I also have been living in the Madrasah of Allama Sahab in Sargodha (Jamia Arabia Sultan ul Madaris ul Islamia). Although his language is harsh but I think it's the requirement of the hour. Many and many of Bidah's have taken place in Azadari and in our other rituals. Can we present our rituals of Azadari in front of any other person of other sect and attract him to Shiaism? People are doing zanjeer zani and not praying Namaz for which our Imam presented such a great sacrifce. We are placing moldels of horse and giving it such respect like................................... There is mix gathering during processions and violating the teachings of Islam. We are not caring about the Tauheed and it seems that we have forgotton Allah (s.w.t.) What picture of Shiaism we are presenting in front of the other world. Prayers, preachings, knowledge and standing for the right these were the properties of the Shias but now we are doing many and many useless things. In Pakistan no knowledgable books are being published except books of Nohas which are not highlighting the objectives of the Great Sacrifice of Imam Hussain (A.S.). But it is reality that other people are doing great work in writing, in Islamic Economic system, in Fiqh, in Welfare, in politics, and in every sphere of life and we are only insulting our Ulemas who want to watch us the right path, to the inheritence of Ahlulbait. The so called scholars who have captured the the stage cannot produce even a person who obeys all the teachings of Islam even strict in saying prayers after a long speeches in Moharram and other. Because there is no message of Islam and Ibadaat is conveyed in their speeches. I have read books Usool ush Shariah, Islah ur Rasoom, Faizan ur Rehman (Tafsir ul Quran), An Answer to the Book "Aftab-e-Hidayat" which was written against Shias and their beliefs by Qazi Mazhar of Chajkwal of Dhakku Sahab. In response to the constitution of Law for Shias in Pakistan in Zia ul Haq regime after protesting by Mufti Jafar, Dhakku was one of the prominent member of Panel of Ulema who presented Shia Law for Shias in Pakistan and now it is a part of the Law of Pakistan. In response to the self NOtice taken by Justice Sajjad ALi Shah for sectarian voilance a book was prepared which comprise reference of all Sunnies books and defending shias of 1200 pages was compiled by Muhammad Hussain Dhaku , Ghulam Hussain Najafi Shaheed and other Ulemas having name "Tehqiqi Dastawez". After the death of Mufti Jafar Hussain Dhaku visited all over the country and prepared people for National Integration and strenthening the centre. After being nominating Leader (Quaid-e-Millat-e-Jafriya), Allama Arif Hussain al Hussain, some people suggested while taking pictures not to show Allama Dhaku in press photos but Shaheed Hussainy said that i cannot start my Qiyadat by insulting an Alim. Dhaku Sahab is against the so called Zakereen and even ulema who are demolishing the objective of Karbala for the sake of their heavy fees. He has not gathered wealth like others. He lives a simple life as i am the eye witness of that. He played a vital role when Qadiyanis was being declared Kafir and presented shia point of view in that respect. Last year he visited Iran for taking part in a conference of Muslim scholars from all over the world which was organized by Rahbar and Dhakku was invited specially from Pakistan. After studying his books i not found that his views are different from the other Shia Ulema like Mohsin ul Hakeem, Ali Hussaini Seestani, Baqar al Sadr and other ulema of Najaf and Iran. We can say that he is the reformist in the religion. Most of the allegatin imposed on him are false. The most flashing allegations are: He is against Matam which is absolutely false He negates shahadah of being wali of Hazrat Ali A. S. as a part and partial of Adhan and no other Mujtahid says that it is part of Adhan. He lessens the respect of Ahlulbait , it also false He is against Zarihs and Tazias. The reality is this that he denies permanent Tazias and Zarihs for the sake of keeping respect of the original zarihs. As I understood that he stress too much on Aqaid and not on the beliefs by saying only Ya Ali Madad you will get Jannah. He says Ya Ali Madad and thinks it right as a medium not directly like Allah and here is also a saying of Hazrat Imam Ali (a.s.) that Two people will be ruined due to me. One who will decrease my status and the Second who will exceed my status. Many people are doing Taqleed of him. I am typing here a Mobile phone no of one of his Muqllid and also his pupil and now Maulana if anyone want to seek knowledge about Muhammad Hussain Najafi he can contact to him. Cell NO. +923336843416 His name is Naeem. I gave only a bit of informations which i knew and want to share to you all. I will try my best to also take part in this discussin on the forum. If due to my wording any one felt and hearted I am sorry for that. Your Brother in faith Imran Malik
  5. Pakistanis.

    I m Arzoo-e-shahadat name Imran and not Syed basically i belong to Bhakkar (Punjab) but now living in Karachi and doing ICMAP. My grand pa converted from Sunni to Shia and now our all family is Shia by Choice. I m busy one so u ppl see me hardly on this forum but i continuously study the important Discussions on the forum. Allah Hafiz Imran
  6. Find out who's a ShiaChat member in your area! Kno

    i m imran from Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi if any one is there he can contact me currently i do not know anyone from there. Thanking E-mail: mythwill@hotmail.com
  7. Aya. Khamenai's representative in Pak?

    Assalam o Alikum The official representative of Rahbar-e-Kabeer is Ay Abul Fazal Bahauddini and Numainda-e-Wali-e-Faqih (Rep in the country of the country) is Allama Sajid Ali NAqvi. Ali Imran
  8. Senior Cleric Killed in Pakistan Attack

    i want to say only "KHAS KAM JAHAN PAK"
  9. (salam) Who of you have worked in Imamia Students Organization or is working and what are your thoughts of Present ISO structure and the previous one of Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi. And are you working after leaving ISO in any other setup are busy in your life leaving Islamic works. In Pakistan ISO has become a ground training camps from which provided a plot for many organization and exploring theory of Wilayat-e- Faqih. Although the ex members of ISO are educated and working also on good posts in Pakistan and abroad but could not establish any set up for the nation in Pakistan on constant bases like Universities, Hospitals, Tablighi Forums, Madrassas, and any proper set up which gather them after completing their education. Imamia Organizatin is not fulfilling the requirements adn could not play and active role comparing to ISO. Allah hafiz Imran
  10. Who is an Accountant or studying accounting?

    (salam) I m going to be an Accountant I m studying in Institute of Cost and Managemnt Accountants of Pakistan. My aim is to be accountant. I m also in search of job and already have three years exoerience but could not find job. i m in too need of Job as Accountant or even as Assistant Accountant if anyone has. I m also diploma holder in computer Science from Petroman and B Com from Punjab and Masters in Economics from Karachi University. Your brother in Islam Imran

    Dear Brother Asif You not provided me the answers which i quoted in the post and you are doing nothing only to present as flase which is a right. Can you provide me any proof from any Mujtahid who says that in Azan Aiyun WaliyulAllah is compulsory part. Everyone says that it is better and not compulsory. Another you also criticised Maulana Saifullah Jafery who also written a book on Namaz "Namaz-e-Jafriya" and it cannot be siad that one is accepting Shiaism after rejecting any other sect. Most of us except Syeds are converted Shias from even non Muslims and sunnies. They are Muslims and Shia by Choice and not by Chance. In the wave of Dhakku you are cursing on all Ulema. And if your opinion is a accepted then there is no Aalim in Pakistan and even in the whole world bcz what Dhakku says are the authentic Aqaids of even Najafi Ulema. And the persons you provided i asked abt them that they have not authority over Fiqh and religion and they cannnot issue their Fatwas. And abt Imam of Jamat in Shias, is a strict policy and criteria that everyone cannot be a Imam then how you can say in the Case of Aqaid, If you like ulema plz provide their work for Shia on intellectual level and in protecting Shia in Pakistan. How much madrassas are being run under the supervision of ur so called ulema which even are not beard and even no one ever lead for namaz(Imamat) which is the basic pillar of Aimma. You not quoted the scanned copy of a page from Islah ur Rasoom in the last of the page Dhakku written a Salam which comprises not only Aimma but also Auliya. Do not provide half proofs if you r on right. I m asking to you all that we should compare the Aqaid of Dhakku with the Ulema which are authority for Shia Fiqh and this Chat Forum provides a good chance and ask questions to Allama Modarresi which you are feeling that dhakku has flase. But i know you will not get anwer from the Jayyid ulema. The life of Aimma is an role model for us and we do not find any example from Aimma(AS) that they ever said Shahadat Salisa in Azan and in Namaz. For this everyone is allowed according to his Mujtahid. and by the way would you like to tell that who is your Mujtahid and to whom you follow or you not even believe in Taqlid like wahhabies(Lanaties). I follow Allama Hafiz Bashir Hussain do you know him. He is also Pakistani but living in Najf. I think you r follower of Shaykhies and of and of Saqlain of Multan please think about the matter seriously and avoid to amulgamate Allah , Muhammad and Ahlulbait(AS) bcz these are too much critical matters think over it and do not destry your Iman. Allah is Allah, Muhammad is Muhammad is Muhammd and Ahlulbaits are Ahlulbait even they are connected with one light(noor) Have pity on poor Shias and do not destroy their believes from taking aqaid from wealth loved persons which use stage of Hussain for collecting money. Allah Hafiz and Ya Rasool Allah madad Ya Ali Madad Ya Hassan madad Ya Hussain madad Ya all infallibles Madad Ya Mahdi Madad Ajjalallah Farajahum ush Sharif Imran
  12. Introduce yourself here.

    Asslam o Alikum I m Imran from Karachi age 26 and studying in Institute of Cost and Management of Pakistan and also in MA Economics Final and searching for Job. I am ex president of a Unit in Dera Ismail Khan Division of Imamia Students Organization Pakistan I like the following quotation of Prophet Muhammad pbuh : "Do you love your creator, love your fellowbeings first. and of Hazrat Ali (as) : Meet with each other it will give your hearts a new life.

    (salam) Dear Borther You answered me briefly only for pray to me. I wanna tell u that i m not muqallid of Dhakku but i know him. Why you cannot leave him there may be difference of opinion of Many ulema and Mujtahids but i want to request that avoid hating and creating disharmny among the nation and i believe strictly that whosoever is creating haterd amongst the shia he is agent of jews either he is any Aalim and any person. I quoted many names of Ulema of Pakistan and one of those left was of Allam Hussain Bakhsh Jarra Mufasser-e-Quran. Wahhabi writers say Dhakku Matami Maulvi and Shia him a Muqasser although his Aqaid are too much strict but it is the duty of ulema who can held accountable him and we should arrage to Ulema of Najaf his books and then should behave like a good shia. He is also learned from Najaf. I want to tell u clearly that i m never defending Dhakku but only saving my lovely Shia Nation from destruction. Very sorrofully as u quoted the names of Ulema to whom you love. Is there any one in the guidance of which you may offer your prayer and may you recite your Niakah from any one of them. When any one of him cannot be a IMAM of Namaz then how you can get your aqaid from them. Most of them are money lover and no one will accept any invitation of Majlis without asking a huge amout. Most of them are Allama not Maulana. and as the case of Qummi he is culprit and a enemy of Shias dividing them into parts i know him personally. One of his companion also from Bhakkar Saqlain Ghalloo (May Allah curse on him) was once saying that the Shariah of Hussain is different that the Shariah of Muhammad(pbuh). After saying this may u call him shia or even Muslim. You cannot present any work from ur liked so caled ulema on intellectual level which was fruit full for Shia in Pakistan only except gathering wealth from the nation. Other communities are establishing institutiions (Hospitals, Orphanages, Madrassas, Universities) and ours are building their personal assets and keeping the nation ignorant. As the case is of the presence of Ahlulbait everywhere and every time(Hazir Nazir) is also prohibited in the views of every A'alim of Shia either he is of Pakistani, Irani, or Najafi or Syrian. This is the feature of Allah and only for Allah if you put it for any one else either he is Rasool e Azam (pbuh) he is Mushrik. It is the authentic. Some of contributions of Dhakku: Althoug i m not fvouring him but the following contributins cannot be denied made by him for the Pakistani Nation. Who written Tehqiqi Dastawez when Justice Sajjad Ali Shah taken action against secterian terrorism? 2. Who wrote answer against the worst book against Shia "AFtab-e-Hidayat" of Mazhar Qazi? the answer of which could not be brought by Wahabbies till now. 3. Who suggested in makiing constitution in the regime of Zia ul Haq after accepting the Fiqh Jafria for Shias according to Shia point of view and specially on Zakat and Law of Marriages and other family laws? 4. What is the view of the Jayyid Ulema of Pakistan like Safdar Hussain Najafi(Late) , Riaz Hussain Najafi(Jamia Muntazir), Maulana Mohsin Najafi (Ahlulbait), Razi Jaffar naqvi ( Al Makatib) , Ghulam Hussain Najafi (Wakeel-e-Ahlulbait) and many others about the Muhammad Hussain Najafi(Dhakku) and also should know the views of Ulema from Najaf in the Aqaid of Dhakku and then should talk about the Aqaid and beliefs of Dhakku. These are the Ulema who saved the Shia Aqaid from centuries till now by sacrificing their everything and for God sake do not ambush your aqaid on the base of the USA agents who are not authority on Islam. Allah Hafiz Imran

    (salam) I felt it very sorroful that enemy of the Shia in Pakistan are what soever beyond our thoughts and we are fighting with each other except knowing each other. Leave the matters which create haterd among us. Bro Asif is not telling the truth but creating hatered and insulting the such ulema which are authentic by the prominent ulema of Iraq and Iran and are known through out the world. Take ur self positive and i do not wanna the role for the natin except Tehreek Jafriya and the links to the Army and agencies. According to Asif Bro. no ulema is here but all are Muqassereen including Taqi Shah, Sajid Naqvi, Arif Huaasini, Hafiz Riaz Hussain, Aga Mohsin Najafi, Rafi Jafar Naqvi, Jan Ali Shah, and a long list of Pakistani Ulema. I m not supporting Muhammad Hussain Najafi but only want to know that how many ppl are here who ever met to him and studied his thoughts comparing to the Prominent Shia Mujtahedeen. According to Hazrat Ali (as) Two people will go to hell for me one who exceed me in love and other who degrades me. Allah Hafiz