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  1. Shia only accepts Kutubul Arba'ah and Sunii accepts Kutubul Sittah. You can check it in wikipedia. I am not expert in hadist, it will take entire life to learn and study, checking. So there is i believe persons who are expertize on hadist. And he has to have responsibility to say it otherwise there is a risk ending into hell for misguiding people intentionally and untintentionally.
  2. I see that within you there is a belief who consistently telling other people something that you do not believe. Beware ! Because many people are lack of inteligent and may instantly believe to what you say (in this case the hadis you quote) which may be poisonous. And mostly ISIS terrorists are, i believe lack of (or invalid) inteligent.
  3. I see now you are core seed of the provocateur mastermind of ISIS terrorist.
  4. So you want me to believe. hahaha. why donot you believe it and act it instead of telling to others ?
  5. Thoughts 2018

    Could you tell ? Because i do not see the difference.
  6. Haha, i am waiting for any creature to kill me.
  7. If Nabi who say Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim do kill person for get out of him, that is BIG FAKE Nabi.
  8. Conclusion ? : In Islamic country, if you get out of Islamic community, someone will kill you. O, how happy life.
  9. Another Step Toward Armageddon

    By Paul Craig Roberts


  10. The 10 Companies That Dominate the Global Arms Trade

    By Visual Capitalist


  11. Common occurance all over the world i think since Nabi Isa a.s/Jesus a.s. Government political leader really afraid of the leader of religion especially shi'a ahlul bayt a,s. So they would like to melumpuhkan (Translations of melumpuhkan verb paralyze melumpuhkan, membuat lumpuh, membuat tdk berdaya paralyse melumpuhkan, membuat lumpuh, membuat tdk berdaya cripple melumpuhkan, merusak, melemahkan, memincangkan, menimpang disable melumpuhkan, mencacati immobilize melumpuhkan, menghentikan stifle menahan, melumpuhkan, mencekik, menindas, memadamkan, tercekik deactivate menonaktifkan, melumpuhkan hamstring melumpuhkan, mengeting demolish menghancurkan, menggempur, membongkar, meruntuhkan, memusnahkan, melumpuhkan kill membunuh, mematikan, menewaskan, memusnahkan, membinasakan, melumpuhkan ) Especially the leader.
  12. i was getting out of islamic community...now where is anybody who want to kill me ?
  13. i was getting of Islamic community...now who want to kill me ?
  14. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    As ali_fatheroforphans's say : But the nights of enjoyments and pleasures will not last long for anybody, the dawn of realities will break sooner or later. The caravan of life will surely reach its destination one day. One who has nights and days acting as piebald horses for him, carrying him onward and onward towards his journey's end must remember that though he may feel as if he is stopping at one place yet actually he is moving on, he is proceeding to his destination. Everyday is carrying him a step further in his journey towards death." Is this a quote from Nahjul Balaghah oo @ ali_fatheroforphans ?