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  1. Iran vs KSA ?

    Is this Iran language, i do not understand Iran's language, eventhough several word we use in common such as istirahat/rest. Is there english language. I always remember the right word, 'never ever look for enemy, but if enemy come in front of you then do not run away as a coward.
  2. Iran vs KSA ?

    I believe so. And since we human always argue and bow/submit to reason/intelect, then the fighting will not go to happen. As i says above, 'unless the stupid controller of military war machine in both country is the real ignorant, the war will happen'. I believe all and any war in the world history and geography is caused by ignorant and/or stupidity.
  3. Iran vs KSA ?

    Unless the stupid controller of military war machine in both country is the real ignorant, the war would happen. https://www.rt.com/business/409905-saudi-arabia-iran-war-oil/
  4. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    I think King Saud will follow the way of Suharto/Indonesian President (or ....i do not remember the name, but he was a governor of Basra and then Kufa during the event of Karbala) who always like all seeing eyes which aware/suspicious to anybodies different from him and getting rid them, in his early stage until last stage of power. Same knowledge, behavior, decision.
  5. Politics: An Islamic Obligation

    Knowledge of Hadith Tsaqalain is limited since 14 hundred years ago until now, what did you do to change the situation ?
  6. Assad forces behind deadly Sarin attack - UN

    So, the UN can decide to condemn chemical weapons use in one case and not condemn it in the next is the meaning of double standard, political interest, injustice which basically roots from ignorance/jahiliyah.
  7. quran

    What information ? The meaning of alif laam mim or ali lam raa only for Ahlul Bayt a.s. and Prophet SAW ?
  8. Banning of shia Islam in Malaysia

    I feel Indonesian people are allergic to hear the word of 'shi'ah'. So, i wonder where the news come from.
  9. Banning of shia Islam in Malaysia

    How is the status in Indonesia, the neighboring country w near the same ethnical roots.
  10. Why Does The US Hate The IRGC?

    Are there lists of US actions, speeches stating (directly or indirectly) hates statements to IRGC ? These can be used in future to sue when situation changed.
  11. quran

    This answer lead to thinking that only Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى understand al-qur'an and/or al-qur'an is intended only for Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى not human.
  12. Assad forces behind deadly Sarin attack - UN

    Yes, so please people of ... do not use logic, do not use common sense, only use irrational thinking, illogical, your unique/peculiar sense. And human can easily make a division on which side you are on. We human have lack/behind schedule for final battle in human history.
  13. Anticipate his possibility of responses: a. Who are you asking me these questions ? b. Ignoring these questions and pursuing the persons who gave the questions to be taken care of (killed). c. Asking the wahabi clerics about the situation similar to this situation from history and repeat the response and do the 'business as usual' in Islam. d. Yes, i will fulfill all of those your questions and i will give more i.e. offer the control of the hajj's management, offer the ruling/authority of Saudi Arabia to descendants of Muhammad Rasulullah. And i will be just like a mong to study, learning and cleaning for the return of Imam Mahdi a.s. e. ...
  14. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    Thanks for reference. I will look into those. Thanks so much, i pray Allah SWT that i owe you knowledge of Ahlul Bayt a.s. so that whatever good from me shall be shared to you also because of this knowledge.
  15. Extent of Wilayah al Faqih

    When there is natural disaster (earthquake, tsunami, etc) or man made disaster (war, nuclear explosion, terrorism), where/how/who/what to use wilayah faqih ? This is not mocking question, if you cannot answer please refer some reference/books.