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  1. Imam Ali Pictures

    But there are many pictures with their faces depicted I see them everywhere
  2. Please Help Me

    Move to a muslim country. I used to live in America and couldn't take it I was a terrible kid and did alot of bad things. I turned religious and moved to Lebanon for ever
  3. Imam Ali Pictures

    Salam just have a quick question. Why are we allowed to show pictures of Imam Ali? He is the only Imam that we show pictures of and it is forbidden to depict prophets and most ahlul bayt have their face blanked out or hidden in pictures except for Imam Ali. ????????????
  4. Imam Musa Sadr Is Alive: Iran Mp

    He's definitely dead he's been either tortured the whole time and then killed or got killed right away. Plus if he is still alive he would be about 85 years old which would make it very unlikely for him to remain alive
  5. why is smoking weed so bad?

    I have smoked for 5 years straight. I stopped since turning to religion. Marijuana caused a major loss in my memory and I forget things extremely easily. I also have schizophrenia now and my doctor said it was due to smoking marijuana. I always used to think that it has no negative effects but apparently it does and my life got ruined because of it.
  6. Marijuana

    I smoked marijuana for 5 years straight on a daily basis. I am only 19 and I have a very short term memory now and have schizophrenia. The doctor said this is from all the weed i used to smoke. I haven't smoked for a year now since I have been extremely religious and being religious and well connected with Allah is the best high you can get and it is halal.
  7. Sexual Desires Control

    Get married or do mutah. Always keep Allah in mind and be constant in your prayers
  8. [LAWS]Mutah With A Non Virgin Girl

    Mutah with a non virgin is clearly not allowed in any circumstance however if she lost her virginity before even without marriage I believe it is allowed
  9. Hadith On Mangoes

    No there are no hadiths about mangos but they are healthy so do not worry.
  10. Science Behind Prostration

    Walk to the bathroom to do wudoo? You'll burn like 5 calories in the process that is not why there are many skinny muslims. However praying is a good exercise spiritually and physically.
  11. It might start out with guns and modern weapons but towards the end battles will be fought with only swords and knives.
  12. Imam Mehdi Signs

    Most signs have already occured only a few remain. The time is very near but only Allah knows when.
  13. Ammals To See Imam Mehdi

    It is very rare for people to see him. Most people who say they see him most likely never have or think they have. The truly religious who do see him do not talk about it or mention to anyone that they see him.