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  1. SlaveOfAllah14

    Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    True, but you can't really do that when you have limited references or when they can be very controversial. Which is specially the case for the historical references till the birth of the prophet. Even in the movie, Majid says that he has used Islamic references, but the movie also depicts his own vision of the prophet and of that era.
  2. SlaveOfAllah14

    Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    Although I've not watched the movie yet, cause it's 3 hours.... but It's a movie ... and not a documentary.
  3. SlaveOfAllah14

    Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    In Persian language
  4. @Abu Hadi @Qa'im
  5. SlaveOfAllah14

    Winning and Losing in Islam

    As an example, almost non of us in this forum are eligible to pay the Zakah according to shia Fiqh, since very few of us own livestocks, gold, silver etc, even if we are millionaires and billionaires. But most likely, we are in the condition pay "Khums". To me, this doesn't fit in well with how the Quran has emphasised Zakah soooo much on every person, while it has never mention anything about Khums. Do your own research, you'll be surprised!
  6. SlaveOfAllah14

    Winning and Losing in Islam

    You are right in the theoretical sense. But since times have changed from 1400 years ago, and so has the economic systems, it has also dramatically changed the giving of "Khums" and Zakah in a practical way, such that more people are in the condition that they should pay "Khums" and less people are eligible according to shia fiqh to pay the Zakah.
  7. SlaveOfAllah14

    Winning and Losing in Islam

    There's no such thing as khums in the Quran. The word Khumus has come in the Quran once only, referring to 1/5 of the spoils of war that should be given to Allah, his Rasol, the near relatives, the orphan, needy and traveller. While the word zakat have came more than 30 times with great emphasis in the Quran. The interesting thing is that according to shia fiqh, majority of us, and almost all of those in the west, are eligiable to pay their "khums" but not eligiable to pay zakat. Since at least 1/10th of the Khums goes directly to the Islamic Seminaries in Najaf/Qom etc., if not the whole 1/5, (because we never know since they never release their data) to fund financially the thousands of Islamic scholars and students that have no other means of earning a living, the whole idea of Khums becomes very suspicious and sketchy. It has lead to the rise of jobless scholars that are dependant on people giving them their Khums money and thus the rise of corrupt scholars.
  8. SlaveOfAllah14

    Winning and Losing in Islam

    However we all know that according to shia Fiqh, Zakat won't be eligible to the majority of us, even though it is repeated and emphasised almost as many times as the Salah in Quran.
  9. SlaveOfAllah14

    Western Islam

    Western Islamic scholars and Islamic intellectuals have always appealed to me more than the eastern ones. Eg. Abdol Ali Bazargan (a very learned Persian intellectual), Dr. Ali Shariati, Nouman Ali Khan, Hassanain Rajabali, Hamza Yusuf etc. Although part of the reason could be because their talks are much more relevant to the issues we face in the westerns society, however I find that they are much more logical, rational and open-minded in their intellectual thinking. This thread also reminded me of what a friend of mine, who used to live in Iran was saying. He was saying that whenever a prominent islamic scholar came to their city, the young, religious men would hold a gathering, where they'd ask the scholar questions. At one of these programs, one of the men asked the scholar that if one makes a mistake in reciting the Tasbih of Fatima Al-Zahra (as) after the obligatory prayers (which is optional), should they then redo the whole obligatory prayers and the Tasbih, or jus the Tasbih itself. When my friend was describing this to me, I told him that, if the young men of Eastern countries are putting their focus and energy on worrying whether they should re-do a whole obligatory prayer because they had made a mistake in an optional Tasbih, then we shouldn't be surprised that tomorrow the western countries move on to living in Mars, while the Islamic world are busy worrying about Tasbihats.
  10. SlaveOfAllah14

    Love with an Afghan girl

    As a Hazara, Shia, Afghan, I think that your best shot is that you should introduce yourself and your family to their parents. If their parents don't know you or your family, then it would be almost impossible for them to give their daughter for marriage. Hazaras have endured the most oppression and hardship in Afghanistan for being a minority and distinct from others in terms of race and faith (shia). Therefore they have almost always stayed between themselves and it is hard for them to trust others unless they know them really well and for a long time. I have rarely heard of a Hazara marry a non-Hazara. In fact I personally don't know of any Hazara being married to a non-Hazara. If they've lived in Europe for say 15 or 20+ years, then they might be more open and accepting, otherwise it will be very hard. So, get to know them, their brothers, their family etc. If eventually their parents still don't agree, then let her go and move on, because even if she marries you without her parents consent, then most likely she won't live a happy life after that. Also if you do marry her, you should try to integrate and get involved with the Hazara community, otherwise others from the community might shun her and look down upon her. Hope that helps
  11. SlaveOfAllah14

    Hazara Massacre

    You are sick in the head! Here from the only news which you believe in: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/08/07/530947/Afghanistan-militants-taliban-Daesh--Sari-Pul-Hazara http://presstv.ir/Detail/2017/08/09/531185/Afghanistan-Sare-Pol-Mirza-Olang-Shia-village-Taliban-Daesh At least have some respect to the innocent women and children killed there. This picture of a girl ripped my heart open. @Shaykh Patience101 read my previous post.
  12. SlaveOfAllah14

    Hazara Massacre

    Arguing with you guys are futile because none of you are Afghans to know the history and current dangerous situation of shias in Afghanistan. It's like a shia Iraqi instead of fighting ISIS in Iraq goes to Palestine and wages jidad against Israel because it is for a "more important cause".
  13. SlaveOfAllah14

    Hazara Massacre

    Tsk tsk I feel sorry for the way you view things and how narrow you think. Of the 40,000 fatimiyoon Brigades, if only 10 commanders and around 50 experienced fighters were sent to Afghanistan, it would be more than enough to set up, organise and train the locals to defend themselves. The Hazara people and those aboard are more than ready to support such a group financially and in terms of man power. Although one small armed groups have formed, but they are very disorganised, ineffective and in it's infancy stage. The only thing needed is an experienced commander to effectively organise and coordinate such a group. Propaganda and money! but mainly propaganda is what makes you forget your own people and fight for another country for a "greater" cause.
  14. SlaveOfAllah14

    Hazara Massacre

    Imagine, your village in your country is being directly attacked by terrorists. Your family members and relatives are directly effected by it. What could be the reason for you to leave your people un defended and go and fight defending Syria? Yes I know that Iran gives them money and brainwash them, leading them to forget their own people and fight a war for Iran and Assad. Some of my friend's friend joined the Fatimiyoon because Iran took advantage of their desperation and poverty in Iran as refugees and promised them Iranian citizenship and monthly payments to their family. And many from Afghanistan went to join them because of the propaganda and money. Imagine, your village in your country is being directly attacked by terrorists. Your family members and relatives are directly effected by it. What could be the reason for you to leave your people un defended and go and fight defending Syria? In the Fatimiyoon brigade, most of them are the experienced fighters/commanders who fought against the soviets. Now, there is a vacuums of experienced Hazara commanders/soldiers in Afghanistan and thus it is very hard for the laymen to come together in an organised, and effective manner. Nope. Even an independent Khurasan (Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek) would be an effective solution, but I doubt that would happen.
  15. SlaveOfAllah14

    Hazara Massacre

    The only solution is for the Hazaras to be equiped with weapons so that they could defend themselves. The best way to achieve this is for the Fatimiyoon brigade to send some of it's commanders and advisors to Afghanistan and train the people there to defend themselves. Sad thing is the Fatimiyoon Brigade is a sell out to the Iranians, brainwashed to defend the Iranian and Assad's interests before their own family and people in Afghanistan.