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  1. Question for Iranians (Anonymous Poll)

    Yeah of course it's not limited to Esfahan, and most of those cities you named have a good amount of votes. Interestingly we don't have any Yazdi votes on Shiachat, that is unexpected.
  2. Question for Iranians (Anonymous Poll)

    Yeah that is interesting because Esfahanis have a reputation for being more conservative and pious, this poll is confirming that a little.
  3. Persians have more responsibilities

  4. Which Marja Do You Follow? (Vote in Anonymous Poll!)

    Marja votes!
  5. Question for Iranians (Anonymous Poll)

    Iranians vote!
  6. ANONYMOUS POLL: Thoughts on Islamic Law / Politics

  7. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    This joke was circulated on What'sApp: They asked a foolish man who was fasting: Which soorahs of the Qur’an do you like best in Ramadan? And he said: al-Maa’idah [the table laden with food], ad-Dukhaan [lit. smoke, but in modern Arabic the word is used to refer to cigarettes and the like] and an-Nisa’ [women].
  8. Question for Iranians (Anonymous Poll)

    Ariyana why didn't you vote for the mazandarani choice?
  9. ANONYMOUS POLL: Thoughts on Islamic Law / Politics

    More votes!
  10. The Internet Ruined Islam

    I am old enough to remember Islam before the internet, and it was much better. People got knowledge from mosques and edited, published, printed books. This current situation of any kid having access to all the hadiths (without knowing their context) and people getting "knowledge" on YOUTUBE and blogs is making a mess. There were extremists back then too, but extremists of this generation are even crazier.
  11. Exposing Imam Shaikh Brother Mohammad Tawhidi

    Interesting interview, he actually seems coherent and not insane. The Islamic "scriptures" he is against is mainly Sahih Bukhari as he makes clear here. He wants the book banned. He seems to be advocating a purification of the hadiths and focusing more on the Qur'an.
  12. [BREAKING] Blast at sayed khomeini shrine, Iran

    Because they lived through crippling sanctions, hyper-inflation and massive unemployment and want a more normal life. For better or worse, that means being apart of the world economy and not sanctioned off.
  13. Is there something wrong with me?

    Bro I recommend spending less time on Shiachat and the Internet generally. At your age it can be easy to get too addicted to all these Islamic youtube videos and debates, etc. You can do less of it now, you'll have plenty of time for this stuff later on. Concentrate more on your real life - school, eating good, exercise, spend time with family. This will all get you in better condition!
  14. Let's Take Back "muslim"

    Manchester bump!