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    Gypsy - Hi. You are Zareen, I guess? Renaissance_Man - I remember you! How is it going, bro? And thanks! :D You married too? Congratulations! We all grew up hehe :D Iman - I'll let him know when I talk to him next. Hi. What was your previous nick?
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    Yeah, pretty much! :P Haven't spoken to either of them in a loooong time. Does HR still come on here?
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    No. It is an Arab girl. Who are you? Come forth and identify yourself! You definitely are Paki coz you used "pind". Hmmmm :shifty:
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    Yeah. Unbelievable, right? If I were him, I'd make a thread titled, "I am not that big a loser" and announce it. :lol:
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    mallang - paindu dhagge vele bande..I am trying to think of other Punjabi disses my husband has taught me...hmmm..I'll get back to you on this. My husband was bestowed the honor of marrying an Indian and he should be eternally grateful to me for marrying him. :shaytan: Qaim - I am looking for peeps from 2004-2005 so no. :P Just kidding! I remmeber you hehehe. Haji - Ws. How are you? I can see you have joined forces with the nazirators. :no: Malangg - Uhh full of new people? People who joined after I stopped coming here regularly, around 2009. Goku - Did you change your username? Allahhuakbar - I don't rememeber you. :blush: I guess you weren't active when I was. AR2011 - Well, it is definitely better than being 9 and making me feel like 90. Did you guys know that Zain finally found a girl? Poor her. :lol: B) :( :huh: :Hijabi: :blink: :huh: :angel: :shaytan: :cry: (smileys, I missed them :wub: )
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    You can call me dadi for all I care.And I can see you are making me go all oneliner-y. Just the excuse the salafirators need to dump my thread in the trash pit. :mad:
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    @ Jugnii - You were in your diapers when I was on here so no. :shaytan: I do see my spammy oneliner self in you so good job. Although I do doubt you can do the oneliners as well as I used to. @ Mallang - Oh hi! I forgot to reply to your PM! Sorry! I had my reception a few days after and then I got busy and stuff. And now that I am married to a Paki, I'd say I am half smelly (by marriage). You are fully smelly and paindu though. Simba - s4ever, right? :unsure:
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    Are there any old members still around or is this place just full of nooby noobs?? @) ^_^ :D B) :wub: :blush: -_- :angel: :mad: :shifty: I just posted them smileys coz haven't posted here for quite a while and wanted to use them again hehehe. Don't trash my thread like you scumbag mods used to do in the good ol' days. Wahabirators. :sick: So anyone good still on here? :wub: :blush:
  9. yeah sure, no probs.

  10. 2nd Marriage For Fun

    You first. And I never did. You seem to be forgetting that you yourself clarified the usage of the term in quotations by describing it as the ahadith "regarding the status of women in Islam". And my post was directly in response to this clarification. Wrong, I said that "many" of those ahadith are authentic. Multiplicity does not denote majority. Obviously. It would be absurd to claim that every single hadith about a particular topic is authentic. I think you're having trouble comprehending the exchange that occurred between us. In case you've forgotten, you stated: You MUST really go through the various threads where "aHadith" are being whipped out regarding the status of women in Islam My response was simply that many of these ahadith posted in those "various threads" "regarding the status of women in Islam", are authentic (which is a true statement). Now if you meant only a specific set of ahadith from this group that you referred to and not the entire group, then perhaps you should have clarified that before posting your reply. I can only reply to what you have explicitly stated, not what you are thinking about.
  11. no hard feelings, insha'Allah! and sorry to get you upset. probably just semantics.

  12. 2nd Marriage For Fun

    And what YOU were referring to were ahadith "regarding the status of women in Islam" that were posted on threads here, and many of those ARE authentic regardless of how you feel about them.
  13. 2nd Marriage For Fun

    "We" are not kidding anyone here. You should speak only for yourself. Good for you. The ones I was referring to, however, are authentic in both ways.
  14. 2nd Marriage For Fun

    Uhhh that is the thread that I linked to in my post too. Are you referring to some specific post which is a reply to my question?
  15. 2nd Marriage For Fun

    Why the inverted commas? Many of those traditions are authentic. I am very well aware of the position of women in Islam.