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  1. As-Salaam Mulaikum everyone, So there are 3 signs by which we can know if God is satisfied with us or no. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has informed us and given us 3 signs that God is satisfied with us. If you want to know, see for yourself if you have these signs or not. If you don't, then me and you should strive or should be striving already to possess these signs. 1) If God is satisfied with you, then you will be in Shukr (thanking God) in whatever condition you are in. Whatever condition you be in, even the worst of worst conditions, but instead of complaining you would be thanking God. 2) You would be in dhikr (remembrance of God) at all times. 3) God would give you such love that you would give everything away for God, even your life, wealth, etc. Note: Remembrance of God does not mean reciting a particular name necessarily. Even going to work, going out, eating, can be considered remembrance of God if you make the intention and do it sincerely for Allah. Note: What better remembrance than to be prepared when a sin comes in front of you and you abstain from it.
  2. Walaikum us Salaam brother, First, one has to look into his past and see the amount of spiritual pollution he has contaminated himself in and then proceed presently, to get rid of that spiritual pollution and to remain steadfast, and never go back to that which brought your destruction. To do this requires a spiritual program which you must plan out. In the Greater Struggle, you are fighting an invisible army, and in order to fight it and succeed in it, you have to follow what Islam has brought forward, never underestimating even a little deed or recommended action. If currently you see you are failing in this fight, then you must pick up more tools to uproot the forces of evil within. Some tools/ways by which you fight and can overcome this enemy is: 1) as Quran mentions to take help from patience and prayer 2) knowledge because knowledge will motivate you, knowledge will arise fear of God in you, it will give you self knowledge if you act on that knowledge 3) Contemplation: about the rewards of heaven and hell, about the signs Allah will show you if you succeed in this fight. Realizing that you don't have enough time, and thus thanking God for the time before regret takes over you, before death takes over you as neither you nor me know the time of our death. 4) Dhikr/Remembrance of Allah -Knowing that it is possible to raise yourself to level of the urafas to the extent you are capable of. Knowing that certainty has levels and one can progress through different levels by following the Quran and Ahlulbayt.
  3. Those who want to increase their love for Imam Mahdi, Ayatollah Bahjat mentions 2 things 1) Don't Sin 2) Perform Salah at its earliest time Among other things, take help from this: Ayatollah Shahabadi says: if someone is interested in self purification and want to abstain from sin, he should take help from Surah Hashr V18-24. Recite it and contemplate upon it after every prayer. Recite it at the last portion of night also.
  4. Tears of Imam Mahdi-Clip

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  5. Committing Great Sins

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  6. Committing Great Sins

    Walaikum us Salaam, Its hard to say because a person can do tawbah and thus get forgiven so when he meets God, traces of sin are deleted from his book of records, thus no punishment. But again, the sins we commit, they cant be undone completely even through tawbah. Not forgetting the fact that complete repentance is something difficult to achieve. I don't know the answer; but what about those people who's repentance wasn't perfect and they require some additional punishment to make them fully pure and worthy for heaven? I would say people who are higher in spirituality and faith and they had sinned in their previous life, but repented afterwards, they might still consider themselves as meeting God with great sins in the sense that sin did happen by them at one point in their life.
  7. Some points to consider In order to get all our sins forgiven and attain to true repentance is by no means an easy task. It has been said in narrations that it is more tough to repent than it is to abstain from sin. Now what does it mean to truly repent. What constitutes true repentance? I'm not going to go in much detail but just going to give you some parts to make you understand what true repentance is. If you sin and then you have repented and then you sin again: if this cycle continues, then know that you haven't truly repented. Your previous sins might have been forgiven but what I'm saying is it isn't true repentance. True repentance can mean many different things but one meaning which can be applied here is seeing barzakh while one is alive in this world. Once a man sees barzakh (punishment, etc.), then its almost impossible to sin. Imagine you get burned by fire every time you do something in this life-in that case you would not do the action because you cant tolerate burning. So you will find an alternative way so you can abstain from sin such as getting married, or in cases of haram earnings, perhaps a low paying halal job. One way to look at repentance is to get cleansed to the point you are able to witness barzakh. Now everyone must do repentance even if you don't sin because all sins have to be accounted for and if proper repentance is not done for past sins, they can come back in your life so they must be wiped out once and for all. You really have to go and see the causes of those sins. Why did you sin in the first place? There are many other steps to repentance but these were just a few points I wanted to share. Also not to forget the evils of sinning. ONE MUST UNDERSTAND AND KNOW THE EVIL EFFECTS OF SINNING. SOME OF THEM BEING: Sin brings stress, depression Sin makes you a coward Sin destroys your beauty Sin reduces your lifespan. If you were to live for 60 years, you can even die at 40 or even earlier Sin is deception Sin closes the doors of guidance Sin can lead to other sins Sin can make one forget about TIME and before you know it THE HOUR ARRIVES Sin is what keeps Imam Mahdi away from us Quran, "It is but one Shout, and behold them brought together before Us" - meaning the shout can come anytime for you or me Quran, "This day no soul is wronged in aught; nor are you requited aught save What ye used to do"
  8. Regret must be there but for regret to be there, you must contemplate upon the evils of sinning. Then a firm resolution not to go back to sinning again. Also different sins have different repentance. For example if you saw something haram, then regret must be there and a firm decision not to go back to it and for this firm resolution to be successful, one must practise self control day by day. If the person is dead, then do a good deed on his behalf so he gets pleased with you.
  9. Walaikum us Salaam brother. Yes, there are people who are really spiritual even if you see them involved in this world, but we are unable to recognize them due to our own inability and spiritual imperfection. Try associating with pious scholars near you, try to be in their company and benefit from their behaviour and speech inshAllah.
  10. Assalaam mulaikum everyone: I think this is from the book A phase of the Shia Mystics Prescription of Ayatollah Tabrizi for Ayatollah Isfahani (Kompani) "The beneficial way in knowing the self is to endeavour in reducing your animality by the following desciplines: 1) Reducing your meals in that you don't have more than 2 meals a day and not to have more than 2 or 3 times meat in a weak 2) Reducing your sleeping hours in that you don't sleep more than 6 hours 3) Endeavour in safeguarding your tongue and abstaining from heedless people. These 3 will be very helpful in reducing the animality of man. As for accelerating and reinforcing your spirituality: 1) Permanent grief of heart (not facial) in fear of not reaching your destination 2) Thikr (rememberance of Allah) and Fikr (to think and ponder) as these 2 are the wings of flying to the heaven of knowledge. As for the Thikr, the thikr of Yunisiyah in the morning and at night is very much experienced and brings about many blessings. The minimum times of reciting it is 400x. As for the Fikr for a beginner, the best is to ponder upon death.
  11. urine discharge help

    I follow Ayatollah Sistani. I did go to specialist but they couldn't find a major problem. They did find something but it wasn't a major obstruction so they gave me medication which did not help much.
  12. urine discharge help

    I have seen doctors, but the problem didn't get fixed yet. Ok, maybe moderators can shift it there. I didn't know there was a brothers forum only for Jurisprudence.
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