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  1.الله_الله_نوحه_متفاوت_هیئت_کوچه_بیوک_یزدمحسن_زاده Salam Many of my friends found this Noha so nice and touching but I found it an irrelevant and not appropriate Noha. I just don't understand why they chose such an irrelevant poem. Just listen to the singer!!! when he sings: "you should go under the rain!" it is a part of a poem written by "Sohrab Sepehri" who is a contemporary poet and has nothing to do with Muharram or even religion.
  2. Taslim
  3. wow Kiaan is so nice, it means The Master , Lord and the King. but I suggest you some good Persian names koosha means diligent and hard working Kiyaa means the king, lord and the master Kiaanoosh means a person who is so sweet Kiarokh means who has a face like a king Keysaan who has king's manner Keyhaan means the universe kamraan means successful Ghobaad means lovable and beloved
  4. سلام دین یعنی راه و رسم زندگی- هر انسانی به دلیل اینکه زنده است و زندگی می کممد شیوه ای برای زیستن دارد که به این شیوه دین یا نحوه زندگی کردن می گویند حال ممکن است فردی دینش بر مبنای آموزه های جمعی از انسان ها باشد ( مثل ادیان غیرالهی) یا بر مبنای آموزه ای پیامبران الهی ( ادیان الهی) انسان به سبب علم ناقصش- نمی تواند تمام جوانب زندگی خود را بسنجد و چه کسی بهتر از خالق انسان که به او راه رسم زندگی کردن را نشان دهد؟
  5. as I live in Mashhad I can help you a bit. Train is good and safe. the train tickets can be booked by its website easily. take a look: about hotels, it depends on distance to Shrine. I would rather less distances.
  6. Spotlight (2015) , it is based on a true story. Silenced (2011). it is based on a true story.
  7. Aref has a great chance to be speaker of the parliament. so there is still some hope
  8. I am old too but I get embarrassed. not as much as Livia , but I become uncomfortable. I think it is more about the way we are educated. I grew up in the culture that talking about these kind of stuff in front of male people is not really common.
  9. hi

    thanks for your idea about ma topic.

    i have a little problem in English.

    could you please check my topic and tell me mistakes?

    an other question:

    where are you from?

    1. Golden-crowned



      Ok sure.

      I am from Iran.

    2. ahmadreza100
  10. Follow the Unit Leader???? is it your own interpretation of Hablillh ???
  11. Take a look at
  12. Good Answer! I respect to your love but Find a Sunni girl Bro! Your love is fresh now and you both don't understand differences between Shia and Sunni. Just think about these matters and decide logically : Do you like your children grown up like a Shia? they be educated like a Shia and they may hate those people you like and respect them? After few years since your marriage, you will understand why Ayatullah Sistani as a Marja says that marriage between Shia and Sunni is not permissible. It is not about living few years with a shia, it is about living with her till end of your life.
  13. only weak men insult women like this. they do it when they are not able to prove their words, that is why this guy brought such an irrelevant matter to discussion.
  14. Good one . +1
  15. Prove what? You tell me where did you see that marja says: if you follow me as a marja you have no right to change your marja? I have right to Change my Marja many times. it is not something against Islamic law! Is it? By the way,even if a marja says that followers are banned from changing marja, is this Fatwa based on ahadith? Which hadith says that we should only have one marja??