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  1. Delete My Account!

    Thank you so much sis Hameedeh to let me know about what would happen if a mod delete my account ,  Plz delete my account as soon as possible. 
  2. Future Of Iran?

      good one. sometimes they are more catholic than the pope. 
  3. Future Of Iran?

      I do understand you completely, unfortunately people are used to make something so back or make it so white, there is no place for Gray colour. 
  4. Has Anyone Tried The Hula Hoop?

      I am so sorry to say that Sc is a place for kiddos.    only a child can make such a silly comment.    Sc has so many forums, Do you think because of Yemen, they should close them and only let people post in political forums?  just grow up or let major people reply me.
  5. salam,      I have heard about  the benefits of hula hooping so much, and it is obvious that hula hopping is so good to have slim waist and flat abs.   But if someone has slim waist and flat abs, do you suggest him/her to hula hooping to loose weight in the hip area?  I would like to know if it can be applied in the way that it just affects gluteal muscles only?
  6. Isil And Iran!

    so many people from Iran have joined military to fight with ISIS, they are called " modafein haram" ,so there is no surprise that some of Iranians were killed in iraq. in fact they are volunteers.  If I was a man ,I would do the same.  :shifty:
  7. Ghasem Suleimani On The Cover Of The Week

    He will not be the next president, in Iran military members don't get involved in politics like this unless they leave military, for example mohsen rezai, he has never been successful in elections . And I think general suleimani is more useful in military stuff more than political. He is man of fights!
  8. Iran Revolutionary Guards commander Ghasem Suleimani on the cover of British magazine The Week.    
  9. How To Stop Thinking Of Marriage?

      is it a good reason to want to get married? I think you don't think realistically about this matter  well...don't consider marriage like a magic event tht happens in your life and removes half of your problems, something it makes even more problems. one should have very strong and logical reason to get married , other wise later on  he/she will be so disappointed. your reason to get married seem so weak. having someone is ok, but it makes you happy only for few years. you should take a very huge responsibility after marriage. 
  10. Nowruz

    salam   In Iran, We have around a week holiday during nowrooz time, but schools and universities are closed for around 13 days.  We buy new cloth and meet elder relatives during holiday elder people give younger Eidi   one of most important part of nowrooz is making "haft seen" at the end of nowrroz festival, in 13th day of spring, it is nature day and we call it " 13 be dar", people go out of home with their families and spend time in nature.     there is not an exact day ( or time) for nowrooz. its date change according to different calenders but the first day of spring or Equinox is beginning of Nowrooz Festival.
  11. Should I Say Yes And Move?

    I think Qum is a good place to study religion, people are so conservative in Qum.  but living therefor someone who is not familiar with Iran and Iranian culture it may be difficult. As I have observed , people with Pakistani background have less problem to adopt their self with our culture, But about someone who has lived all of her life in Europe, it may be so difficult in the beginning.    By the way, If your husband is also from Europe/US, then you may tolerate iran's situation easier but if he is irani guy, then plz think more about moving to Iran. 
  12. Question Relating To Husband/wife Relations

    Dear Sister   However you get reward for tolerating him for sake of your children, but be cartful about your husband's bad influence on them. If you decide to stay with him (for any reason) ,keep praying for him, that Allah guides him.  your prayers have two great results:    1- if Allah wants him to change,then he will change because of your prayers and you will save your marriage life. (inshallah) 2- if Allah doesn't want him to change and you keep staying with him , you will get the better reward. inshallah    But in anyway,Pls don't obey him and don't accept to act like street girls. if you do what he wants, he will want more and more. I am sure after sometime he will understand that you can not act like those girls, so maybe he hire a real prostitutes and it is a way with out any end.  one who feeds his lust so much , he wont be able to control it.    I think you are so wise that you don't reveal his bad manners and you keep hiding them. He may change if Allah wants, and maybe he is a sick man who needs help. if his nature is bad and he never changes, so perhaps Allah has put him in your life to give you more reward because of your admirable patience.  You can leave him or stay with him. both are difficult and brings so much unhappiness. so you decide what is the best for your kid's feature. 
  13. Question Relating To Husband/wife Relations

    salam sister I don't want to give you any suggestions , because I don't have any experience about these kind of matters   but I have a question, why does he watch porn??  is he addicted to watch porn? I am almost sure that watching porn is something that he used to do before marriage. now again, after few years living with you, he started to watch. but why?   maybe it is a complicated psychological matter. the best solution that he meets a psychologist as soon as possible.    I can understand you why you don't accept to play role like those women in porn movies. it is so cheap that one asks his wife to be like that, but all these requests are there because he watches porns. as long as he watch porn, he wants you to act like them. 
  14. Mulla Sadra Drama - Last Episode!

  15. Poll: Banning Iranian Women From Stadiums?

    as an Iranian girl i support banning women to go to football stadiums.   have you ever  seen captured videos from iranian football matches? before and after football match , male fans do crazy behaviour. sometimes they attack each other and break glasses and curse with very cheap words. I wont go to any football stadium, and I advice all Iranian girls to not go there. but if it is out of Iran, then no problem.