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  1. Why Most Iranians Hate Khomeini?

    well as I have observed so far, most of haters are among iranian youth. overallyold religious people still support him and his opinionsbut he has no place in youth's heart!
  2. Why Most Iranians Hate Khomeini?

    as an Iranian, I dislike him too but I don't think most of Iranian people hate him. some of them do. mostly those who are educated and lives aboard. none religious people hate him because of Islamic revolution. religious people hate him because they believe he did bada'at by theory ofwilayat faghih. but the rest of iranian people like him or at least they don't hate him.
  3. you should know that many of Iranian scholarsrefuse to discuss about wilayat faghih some of them talked against it in private meetings and then they were arrested likeMohammad Reza Nekoonam and Majid Jafar Tabar
  4. one of most famous scholarsagainst wilayat faghih wasMohammad Kazem Shariatmadari alsoAbu al-Qasim al-Khoei Hussein-Ali Montazeri Hassan Tabatabaei Qomi Mousa Shubairi Zanjani Sayyid Sadeq Rohani Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi
  5. It is your right to think as you want, wrong or right, I don't care. So pleasejust don't waste my time with nonsense I don't have much time to prove you about where I lived all of my life. but you are right. yes, as long as people like you exist in the world, I have problem! Good Luck!
  6. stop blaming Iranian women, it is their own right to accept hijab or not, there is no force in accepting what you don't believe .
  7. What's your best childhood memory??

    I just realizedthat I have no good childhood memories . to be honest there must be some good memories but perhapsI don't remember since they are so less. change your question to: what's your worst childhood memories!
  8. Benyamin is the name ofprophetYusuf(A.S)'s brother and also it is a popularPersian name.
  9. it doesn't seem the best answer because creatures are able to see Allah by their hearts. you may like to read this:
  10. Need advice on religion education in Iran

    Iran is not good place for sunni people but if she is interested in shia Islam then things would be different . fortunately as I know Iranian universities and hawza support foreign students and it is a good point. first of all you should talk to Iran embassy and then decide if she wants to study study in hawza or university. and if she is interested in religious fields or other kind of fields.
  11. I think one should listen to all people who claims they are saying truth, then he/she should follow the best one. "Who listen to the Saying (and) so closely follow the fairest of it. Those are they whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones endowed with intellects."39:18
  12. I have thought like yours about marriage and I have negative view point about men as well. I decided to not get married, but unfortunatelythe society I live in is against what I decided. (I live in Iran) personally, I don not care to the society much. people just talk and talk no matter what you decide, but my problem was that my parents didn't support me to decide about my life as I wanted. they think a single woman will suffer so much and she can not live alone. it has been said that : "open your eyes before marriage and close them after getting marriage" which means you should be careful about everything related to marriage before saying yes to the guy who has proposed andonce you say yes to him, you have to tolerate the flaws of him.some may say that a wife and a husband , both have to be patient about flaws equally, but as I have observed women are oppressed more in some societies.getting divorce and living as a single woman are not accepted in these kind of societies. To be honest I think After all you face hardship in your life and you should learn the happiness is above these hardships.your happiness should not be dependent on marriage or not getting marriage, one should learn that the source of happiness is above all worldly events. it is what Allah has said :"For indeed, withhardship[will be]ease" . if you believe in this verse of Quran, you never run away from hardships. I hope and pray you get over your fears and you be free to decide what is good for your life,whether your choice is living alone and accept your decision's consequencesor getting married andtolerating your husband!
  13. What Have You Watched Recently? [Breaking News]

    Yes, I had forgotten about these movies you mentioned. I have watched them, they are Meaningful and deep movies, specially turtle can fly. It was really a sad movie.
  14. Celebrating 11th February doesn't prove anything. even in North Korea people have to do many thing and It doesn't mean they agree with government. I know many people among my friends who pretend to be Iranian Revolution supporter only because they are afraid of losing their job. I have lived all of my life in iran and There is no reason to tell you people lie about what I am observing in Iran since it has no benefit for me.