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  1. Salaam 'alaykum all. Hope everyone is well? It's been a while since I posted here. Basically I have been forwarded objections to the Imami school of thought from a Sunni/Ismaili viewpoint. Though alot of the things do seem easy to reply to, I'd ideally like a comprehensive set of answers Inshallah. Please bear with me, as the post is slightly long... Remember: Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.w. was told by Allah till you do not do public nuss over Ali a.s. all your efforts till date as Prophet will go wasted. And when nuss was done, Allah sent aayat, now the religion is completed. Mola Ali a.s. did public nuss over his son Imam Hasan a.s., so did Hasan over to Hussain a.s., indeed he even did in writing (reference: in agreement between Imam Hasan a.s. and Muawiya, both agreed that after latter death the caliphate will be passed to former successor Imam Hussain a.s. ibn Mola Ali a.s., during the Moharram speeches it is always recited that Imam Hussain a.s. declared nuss over Imam Ali Zainul Abideen. So 'nuss' (the official public declaration) is the must for appointing next Imam. And Hz. Hasan Askari sahib didn't do any nuss over his son. No nuss-a-jali done by Hz. Hasan Askari sahib - [1] Was Al Mufid 'masoom'? No. Was his work vouched by Imam Mahdi (Imam of his time)? No. Is he subject to all human errors, bias, etc? Yes. So to rely on Al Mufid as the primary source to prove "Nuss-a-Jali" by Imam Hasan Askari to Imam Mahdi is in itself a weak premise. [2] There are two types of 'Nuss': (1) Nuss a Khafi and (2) Nuss a Jali, former is secretly said and latter is publicly declared. Example) Every time Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.w. declared Mola Ali a.s. as his successor before the event of Gadheer-a-Khum it was 'nuss-a-Khafi' (indicative declaration of successor) however, nuss-a-khafi is insignificant as Allah told to Mohammed s.a.w.w. that should you not declare Ali's nomination publicly (nuss-a-Jali) then all work of Prophethood will go waste. Despite Prophet s.a.w.w. declaration of secret/private 'nuss' on Ali several time before Gadheer event still Allah consider all such efforts as waste until the public declaration is not made. Further, even in work of Al Mufid there is no tradition that says about 'nuss-a-Jali' by Imam Hasan Askari to Imam Mahdi. [3] Al Mufid writings are IMPLICITLY proving the Imamate of Imam Mahdi. But there is no EXPLICIT tradition that says that Imam Hasan Askari made the 'nuss-a-Jali' over Imam Mahdi. [4] You say indication is given in Usool-a-Kafi, but Sunnis also say that the Prophet s.a.w.w. did indicate that Hz. Abu Bakr is the next authorised person. Do all Shia's accept such (ishaara) indications? No! So 'ishara' (indications) given in Usool-a-Kafi on Imamat is not equal to the facts of having 'nuss-a-jali' done by Imam Hasan Askari to Imam Mahdi. [5] Bakir Majlisi categorically said, that majority of traditions in 'Osool-a-Kafi' are fake/false! So traditions in reference to indications are true or false is marked with doubts. [6] "Walayat" of Mola Ali a.s. is the single most important matter for any Shia but there is not even one chapter on Walayat in Osool-a-Kafi. So one cannot even remotely expect this book to validate the declaration of next Imam by Imam Hasan al Askari. [7] The chain of narrators 'raawi' quoted in Osool-a-Kafi most of them have names of enemy of Shia Imams. They proudly says that unlike Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim their book of traditions Osool-a-Kafi is distinct as it quotes Shia's narrator than Sunni's. However, the Kafi was collected 200 years after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain a.s. and all the then Shia knew of the tragic event of Karbala. So any true Shia will not keep the name of their wards after the name of 1/2/3, Mawiya, Yazeed, Hurmula, Shimr, etc - but many-many of the narrator in Kafi have these names - how can they be Shia's?!!! [8] Some regards Osool-a-Kafi is the only book on traditions to be vouched by the Imam Mahdi (a masoom) - but see the state of affairs of this book in point# 4, 5, 6 & 7 - no where does it proves the nuss-a-jali done by Imam Hasan Askri to Imam Mahdi! [9] In event like marriage at least two male witness or four female witness are required. The matter of Imamate is much superior than matter of marriage. We assume that they have quoted the best example from Bakir Majlisi, so this best example speaks of just one witness! It may be consider as 'nuss-a-khafi' but certainly not 'nuss-a-Jali' this proves there is no tradition proving the 'nuss-a-jali' even in work of Bakir Majlisi. [10] To conclude: There was no reliably categorical, clear and loud tradition that proves Imam Mahdi was declared next Imam by Imam Hasan Askari by means of nuss-a-jali.
  2. A Deeper Look into the Thighing Fatwa

    A baseless defence really with all due respect. The fact is that the scholars made such a filthy statement and fatwa. It doesn't matter how we try to explain it or if it's in theory or practice, it should never have been written as it only bring harm to the path of Ahlulbayt (as).
  3. Tatbir scene in Bollywood film

    Saw the film, didn't have a problem with the Zanjeer scene really. If people don't agree with it then fine but don't attack people who do it. Everyone to their own. If people can simply understand that this has been practiced throughout India/Pakistan for centuries then it's not really shocking for someone who originates from that part of the world.
  4. Post Your Voices!

    @Khadim uz Zahra I highly recommend to post your voice ;)
  5. Firstly, with all due respect to Ammar, why does he talk about this stuff if he's not going to back it up when challenged by someone from the opposing faction? It makes us Shi'as look like a laughing stock. It also seems that most Shi'a clerics in the west are too busy nowadays on the unity brigade rather than actually stepping up to defend our faith when needed. Where were the representatives of Agha Khamenei or Agha Sistani when all this was going on for the past couple weeks? Need I say more... Luckily enough we do have some gems within the community who are able to engage in such polemics. Whatever people may think of Sh. Hassan Allahyari or Al-Habib, the fact of the matter is that they defend our faith and beliefs against nawasib left, right & centre when it matters. Anyways, I hope the debate does go ahead and that it is an enlightening sincere & academic discussion where the masses can also benefit from InshaAllah. For those who don't know, Asrar Rashid is a well known debater in the 'Sunni' circles here in the UK. He recently debated the Salafi scholar, Ustadh Abdurrahman hassan (Teacher of 'dawah man' Imran bin Mansur) on the issue of Mawlid which is also up on YouTube.
  6. Planning to go see him tomorrow InshaAllah.
  7. What is the Best Muslim Country to live in?

    Well I'm originally from India. Although Iraq & Iran are Islamic countries with very large shia populations...they are quite racist towards non-arabs/Iranians to a certain extent. Economically, security & politically wise they are bad and how about someone seeking good employment opportunities?
  8. What is the Best Muslim Country to live in?

    Asides from the UK, not sure of too many Muslim countries I'd consider. Switzerland, Canada and UAE are the ones I'd consider relocating to. Iran/Iraq is a big no. And yes, Switzerland and Canada are mentioned because in practice they follow islamic principles way more better than some 'Muslim' countries do!
  9. Is the "UK TV License" a huge scam?

    This is very true, I also remember back in Uni days, living in halls we got sent letters asking us to pay but like that was it. Nothing else happened...
  10. Salam Alaikum brother

    Apologies for not having sent you an Eid mubarak message. I hope the following makes up for it, inshAllah

    Iltemase Dua


    1. silasun


      Sorry for spoiling MOTD for you. I just wanted to say that one of the results was 3-0. Not sure about which teams were involved. I think that the losers were just the Premier League riff-raff.

  11. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Also this date milkshake was just superb!
  12. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    IHOP breakfast in Dubai was just awesome. Full on breakfast with blueberry and cinamon pancakes topped with whipped cream alongside vanilla milkshake & vanilla tea mmm....
  13. Question as above. I only found out recently that Vanilla extract actually comes from alcohol..is this true? If this is the case, does it make almost most vanilla based products haraam??
  14. yasser al habib

    Br. Tawheed & others, please watch these 3 videos. He talks about the stance of Sheikh al-mufeed during his time in depth: