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  1. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Still Have Posting Limit

    Wut? N00bs are now classified as Advanced Members with a mere 75 posts? Flippin' heck. This is diabolical. Where is the cut off point between basic, the intermediaries and the real advanced? There needs to be proper hierarchy here. Like were this Edo period Japan, OP would be a leather tanner or peasant farmer and I'd be like...a samurai. I shall be typing up a strongly worded complaint to the powers that be.
  2. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Exercising With Male Instructor

    And why not? That's when pheromones are released, what you refer to as being smelly. See, a sweaty bloke is just downright gross, don't get me wrong. However, a perspiring female is most attractive. A funky fragrance is just a bonus.
  3. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Uk Experts Calls For Age Of Consent To Be Lowered

    God save the Queen
  4. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Exercising With Male Instructor

    Getting sweaty whilst doing physically demanding exercises in the presence of a testosterone ridden, warm blooded male? What's there to worry about?
  5. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Saudi Hit With Rare Floods, Especially Riyadh

    "Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets" - Travis Bickle
  6. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Food From Hindu And Buddha

    You know as much as I am into Jap culture, I've never had sushi..raw fish doesn't appeal to me, but I suppose I should stop being ignant and see what all the fuss is about. I do like bento boxes just minus the fish.
  7. Propaganda_of_the_Deed


    You any good? Been a while since I played a random stranger over the interwebs.
  8. Propaganda_of_the_Deed


    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tQa7oQ_FTkM I never thought to youtube search Shiachat, can't say I missed much.
  9. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Who Killed Mokthar Al Thaqafi?

    Mukhtar's uprising was crushed by Ibn Zubayr's governor of Basra. Mukhtar clashed with the Zubayrids as well as the Umayyads although the latter to a lesser extent. Anyway many paint a romanticised image of Mukhtar, when he has been deemed to be an opportunist who took advantage of the turbulent situation in Kufa. Although he is credited for having slain Ubaydallah ibn Ziad. He was not a 'shia' in the strictest sense, given that he claimed he was acting on behalf of and under the authority of Muhammad al Hanafiyya, who was a descendent of Imam Ali but not in the line of imamate. Mukhtar believed Hanafiyya to be the imam. It is said there is no record of them having met eachother either. Hanafiyya's son Abu Hashem, according to Abbasid claims would go onto passing legitimacy to their leadership. Mukhtar's revolt is very pivotal though, as his movement seems to have been linked to the later Hashimiyya movement, which overthrew the Umayyads.
  10. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Malcolm Shabazz Was Assinated

    I just realised it is Friday/Saturday and that would only explain this adolescent outburst excuse of a thread. I need to stop arguing with kids online.
  11. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Malcolm Shabazz Was Assinated

    Good Lord, I find myself in the odd predicament of having to agree with you. Let's hope this is a one off, I'd be terribly vexed if I find we are on the same wave length.
  12. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Malcolm Shabazz Was Assinated

    I am deaf, dumb and blind to what? The Truth? If you are referring to the context of surat al baqara I could be mistaken, but you are passing takfir on myself aswell now? Well that escalated quickly. As far as I am concerned Allah swt knows what is in the hearts of men. In your arrogance (and ignorance) you have self appointed yourself as a "true muslim" yet we can only hope we are guided by Allah, hence why we ask Him to keep us on the Straight Path daily. You have pre-supposed that you are one with certainty and that you know who is and who is not a true Muslim. The more you post only gives further credibility to the fact that you should not contribute to our human race in the near future.
  13. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Malcolm Shabazz Was Assinated

    I have it, it is a minor part of the bio, however Marable's work is the most indepth bio,very well researched and really puts the flesh on bone of the great man, warts and all. The auto-bio, as a modern classic as it is,is obviously biased and only contains partial accounts of certain key moments in his life. We find out a lot more of his early life, the notorious Harlem era etc. We also read up on the strains on his marriage as you can imagibe with X not being present as much as he'd like, given the on the road demands as a minister with the Nation. I actually sympathised with Betty and it certainly is reasonable to see how she was affected. It is not a sensationalist biography, and as I said it was only mentioned fleetingly. Allah is the best of judges, however at the same time one should give the book a read instead of getting so emotionally worked up. He was a fallible like the rest of us after all. His influence and inspiration goes untarnished as far as I am concerned.
  14. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    Malcolm Shabazz Was Assinated

    You slander him because you are intellectually challenged...it is the most polite way of describing you at this juncture m'lady.
  15. Propaganda_of_the_Deed

    No Woman, No Drive

    Cheers and no I didn't, you should read A History of the Arab Peoples by Hourani. You will find that most Arabs who are clued up about the history of their own civilisation would know the difference between Qa7tani Arabs and 3adnani Arabs anyway, this isn't groundbreaking history, it is widely known and often important for recording lineage of tribes, etc. For a bit more on the Lakhmids and Ghassanids you can read The Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad by Barnaby Rogerson, although it is mainly about the roots of the schism between Sunni and Shia, there is a detailed account of the early Islamic conquests in the Rashidun era, and he mentions how these two Arab kingdoms essentially served as buffer zones and proxies for the two dominant empires of the time, Sassanids and Byzantines. Also for a history of Shias in Iraq read The Shi'i of Iraq by Yitzhak Nakash - it has an interesting section on the ethnic make up of Karbala in the early modern era, and also points out that Iraq was a Sunni majority until the the late 19th century when many Sunni tribes in the south converted to Shia Islam in significant masses.