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  1. Non, je ne suis pas de France.. mais je parle le francais courament alhdA. Vous etes du Liban j'imagine?
  2. Wahdatal Wujood Lie

    no, I am asking you! You started this thread claiming that Ay Shirazi was lying, so explain yourself.. or kindly stop saying things you have no idea about.
  3. Did The Prophet Practice Taqiya For 40 Years?

    lol! well informed! Mods strict orders, so I won't dwell. ** whisper: ** http://www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia/chapter6b/1.html
  4. Did The Prophet Practice Taqiya For 40 Years?

    Taqiyya is not to get your way out by lying. Taqiyya is a way to protect one's self, family, etc.. But taqiyya is also to not disclose everything.. you'll find that you do that as well.. Actually, right now, you're on shiachat with a pseudo name, an unknown location, etc.. So taqiyya? Well, you're deep in it! Anyway how would you define, or "methodologise" Taqqiya?
  5. Did The Prophet Practice Taqiya For 40 Years?

    lol! If only it was this simple... There's verses regarding taqiyah as well, which are difficult to contest... It is an interesting thought though .. The Prophet (s) did have an amazing character in the midst of a corrupt society @)
  6. Who Do You Think Has The Best Avatar On Shiachat?

    Amazing how this has turn into a contest of publicising one's own avatar! School of humility is enrolling.. anyone?
  7. Who Do You Think Has The Best Avatar On Shiachat?

    huh? :angel: Islamic salvation has a nice one .. Also, someone's go Ayatullah as Sadr which was good
  8. Salaam!

    Salaam.. welcome :) Italian? .. I remembered this, which will no doubt bring smiles to everyone:
  9. Salat Ul-layl... How To Perform It..?

    Here's a really good link on how to pray.. it uses the correct terminology which if you get familiar with, you'll understand the rest of the literature : http://www.ihic.org.au/news.php?id=22 All the best and may Allah have mercy on you!
  10. sorry, I was online but didn't see you ..

  11. Wahdatal Wujood Lie

    Firstly, don't over do it please, relax! Secondly, please don't jump into conclusion. The website defines Whadatul Wujood in three ways and says that the third way is the one in which no Faqih believes in. So who told you that the third way is the one Ayatullah Khomeini believes in? (PS: I'm not a shirazi, at all! .. however, I don't think it's nice for anyone to be insulted, especially out of ignorance)
  12. Hindus, Sikh, Christians, Jews, Muslims

    I'm sorry, how do you explain your belief? Most religion believe in opposite things so they can't all bear the truth. It's like saying if I say the sun is hot and you say the sun is cold then both of us are saying the truth, but with different colours :cry: :cry:
  13. Wahdatal Wujood Lie

    Please quote your sources before defaming people
  14. Everyone Going To Heaven

    Your thoughts about Allah (swt)'s mercy is very touching. thanks :) There's is doubt that man was created for paradise, so everyone should at the end of the day get there, inshA. And as the hadith says, it is surprising how man can go to hell despite the unlimited Mercy of Allah! However, as part of Allah's mercy is to created a perfect human being, with free-will! So, whilst you hope everyone goes to paradise, what about the one who doesn't himself want to go? Man can reach such arrogance that his state is a state of anger, evil and oppression. It this state, he doesn't like happiness, tranquillity, the rivers and the gardens. There are humans like there, minority, but they exist. They want Hell! Are you still going to give them paradise? no, of course not.. well, I'm not sharing my paradise with them (and may we all be in paradise!)
  15. Dinosaurs Do They Exist?

    I'm sorry but I disagree with that.. and so would any intelligent person who has studied the Quran. - As far as the belief system goes, there is no doubt that the book of Allah (swt) teaches the Truth, which is eternal - As far as the ethic system put forward, there is no doubt that man is born with perfect morality and ethics and hence the reminders that the Quran puts forward are relevant to any human, wherever he is in space and time. In any case, the ethical advise given the book of Allah draw man towards perfection, independently of time. - As far as the juristic system goes, Quran puts forward principles rather than specifics, which can thus be applied in any society, anywhere, any time. And since these rules are divine, they are perfect and ensure justice and equality - As far as the scientific content goes, Allah discusses in very brief but very exact, and so far, science has not disproved any of the science in the quran SO, kingpumbo, I urge you to rethink .. and reflect .. ÃóÝóáóÇ íóÊóÏóÈóøÑõæäó ÇáúÞõÑúÂäó Ãóãú Úóáóìٰ ÞõáõæÈò ÃóÞúÝóÇáõåóÇ [47:24] Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Nay, on the hearts there are locks.