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  1. Thank you very much sister, you are very helpful, Sorry for replying so late, now I have seen your message. You can also post and recommend links and sites or videos in our English section. Many Romanians are reading in English. It is good to have acces at any valuable shia material. May Allah reward you all bihak Muhammad wa ali Muhammad!
  2. There are some native Muslims here, the Tatars, in Dobrogea area. They are Sunnis. I heard they were about 70000 in Romania, but during Ceausescu's time, were under communism and persecuted for their religion so few of them remained religious and kept Islamic practices. After the Romanian Revolution the Tatar community, especially the young people, started to be again interested in religion and Islam, some of them graduated specialized studies in Arabic countries, came back, made associations and spread Islam. The Arabs who came in Romania for studies or bussiness married here with Romanian women and many of them converted to Islam. Now there are families with children raised in Romania, Romanian citiezens, but Muslim. Surely, we are not so many, I really dont know the statistics nowadays, I heard that beside Tatars are about 5000 other Muslims, not sure of the information. I am an Iraqi married with a Romanian Muslim girl, but the girls translating and working on the site and forum are Romanians. That is all I know about Muslims in Romania, I will ask more info if you are interested.:) I forgot to tell you that Tatars came in Romania in XIII century and stabilized here in XIV-XV . So they are quite old. It is true that nowadays most of them are assimilated to Romanian culture, they borrowed stuff from Christianity and keep some Tatar traditions. The young generation and Romanian converted Muslims are quite strong in their belief.
  3. As salam alaykom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu, we are a small group of Shia from Romania. The majority of the Muslim population in Romania are the Sunnis, few wahhabis, some sufis and we, the Shia. We are not so many, as a matter of fact there are more Shia Arabs living in Romania, but only a few Romanian Shia Muslims. We succeded in creating a forum and a site for Romanian Shia Muslims, alhamdullilah, 3 months ago. We have some very devoted reverted sisters who are translating and helping us, may Allah reward them for all their sincere work. However we weren't able to get in contact with all Romanian Shia Muslims, we know there are more of them out there. We ask your permission to post here the link for our site, which is still to be updated, and to our forum. The name we chose was Poarta Cunoasterii, meaning The gate of knowledge. here is our facebook page Poarta Cunoasterii Islam Of course, they are in Romanian language but we have an English section on the forum. We are attacked quite often by the Wahhabis and even Sunnis, they got scared we became visbile and active in Romania and they are accusing us of doing Shia propaganda. They accuse us of the clasiical lies: we have another Quran, we consider imams higher than Prophets, we worship stones and pray to the graves etc. We are trying to answer to them, to translate more in more in Romania but we need more persons to get involved. If there are any Romanian Shia Muslims on the forum, you are kindly invited to be active on our Romania forum, too. Also the Shias who can write in English are welcomed to our English Section. We are trying to unite the Romanian Shia Muslim, to know each other, organize themselves better, translate and publish form the wisdom of our Islam, Prophet sawas and Ahlul Baiyt as. You can suggest to us any means of approach or debate or fight back accusations. We thank you all, may Allah help you on your way, ma salama! [MOD NOTE: Links no longer work and were removed. The Islamic website was taken over by a Japanese debt consolidation company.]